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Top 5 Great WordPress Plugins for Writers and Bloggers

WordPress plugins

Are you a writer or blogger who needs to find useful WordPress plugins? If yes, then this article is going to assist you in the right way. As a writer, you will always want to enhance the WordPress blog and magnify the reach of content.

Auspiciously, there are numerous WordPress plugins for writers and bloggers that can give a boost to your writing. However, it can be slightly difficult for you to select the best-performing plugins out of hundreds. No fuss, we have short-listed the 5 most-effective WordPress Plugins for writers and bloggers to facilitate your writing and expand the content reach. Let’s check out add-ins that can aid in reaping the perfect benefits for bloggers and writers!

Visual Effects & Animation Kit for Elementor

Consider using the Visual Effects and Animation Kit plugin if you are looking for a versatile solution to spice up the look and feel of your site. It’s an all-in-one package containing a set of 6 fully editable modules.

Thus, the plugin lets you add mouse helpers, image hover effects, image mask, dynamic background, background text, background scrolling text, and background slideshows to any selected section or page of your site.

It is made to be fully compatible with Elementor. Right after you install the plugin on your site, all modules will be activated by default. You may decide o your own which ones you’d like to be active and which of them should be left disabled.

Yoast SEO

Do you always struggle in ranking your post in search engines? Say no more to headache. Yoast SEO is one of the most widely used plugins for bloggers and writers. It plays a significant role in making your post’s ranking better in Google and other search engines. The app has been created to enhance the content of your WordPress post. It optimizes your post’s Meta description, Meta title, sitemap, focus keywords, social media Meta data, and much more. The key benefits of the plugin can be summarized in the below points.

  • Receive more visitors from search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Improve reader’s engagement at all levels
  • Increase visitors from social media platforms
  • Test your focus keyword
  • RSS Header and Footer configuration
  • Get snippet previews of Google search results

The plugin comes absolutely free if you want to get the basic features.  However, the premium version can also be obtained to enjoy extra benefits. It lets you improve the readability of your content and also give useful suggestions for the potential SEO improvements. It offers a complete analysis of your content in the form of bullet points. Things that are fine come under green bullets, while the ones that need improvement come under red and orange bullets. You can make improvements based on the given suggestions by Yoast WordPress Tool.

Monster Insights

Getting correct insights into posts is a key element for any writer. You will always want to see visitors scrambling to reach the content published on your website. It is not a wise idea to switch back and forth to get insights from Google Analytics. The Monster Insights provides you complete insights into your posts in a detailed manner. You will see everything right from the dashboard of your website. The plugin works by connecting a WordPress website to your Google Analytics account. Fortunately, you don’t need any developer assistance to get this done. It’s simple and even a novice can easily connect the app with the GA account by following simple steps.

The Monster Insights helps you find out what keywords are being used by your readers to find relevant content on your website. Furthermore, it tells where in this world the visitors are coming from and which posts are getting the most traction. There are many other helpful insights that can assist you in planning your future content strategy. You will be able to write more productive stuff based on these findings. It is one of those WP contents plugins that play a crucial role in devising the best content strategy for writers and bloggers.

Wordfence Security

No writer in this world would like to allow the bad guys to breach his website’s security and cause an intolerable mess. Wordfence Security is a must-have plugin for any writer or blogger. It helps you protect your content from hackers’ vulnerable attacks. It is very easy to install on a WordPress website.

You don’t need to make any changes as its default settings are enough to take control of your website’s security. However, you can always edit to add additional fences as per your requirements. Running a quick scan should be sufficient to analyze the security status of your website.

There’s nothing to worry about if you see 100% protection after the scan is completed. On the other hand, you can address the warnings and cautions detected by Wordfence security. 

A writer spends hours on writing an eye-catching piece of content and he should never put it under risk. Sometimes, a website owner pays expert company website to write my essay au to avoid potential grammatical mistakes and writing errors. So it’s vital to protect your investment by building a reliable defense system against thefts. Installing the Wordfence security plugin gives you protection, freedom, and confidence.

WP Rocket

WordPress websites should never run without having influential cache plugins. They are imperative in improving website speed. Writers and bloggers put a lot of effort in writing valuable content for their readers. What if the visitor bounces to another website after waiting a few seconds on your web page? It hurts, right? According to recent research, websites taking more than 3 seconds to load are likely to lose 53% of visitors.

In today’s era of technology, everyone has smartphones in pocket. According to another research, most of the online searches are performed through mobile devices. People like to perform instant searches through their phones. Therefore, it is imperative for your website to load faster or else you’ll lose the potential visitors. Furthermore, the slow speed of a website creates a bad impression, which adds a negative impact to the overall performance of a website. 

The WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress extensions that help writers in boosting their website’s overall speed. It is an all-in-one solution to get rid of obstacles that cause slow speed. It is easy to install and takes a few moments to connect with your WordPress site. This one plugin is enough to tackle all speed-related problems. Eventually, the content of your website will get more visitors, with each spending more time on your web pages.

Co-Authors Plus

Sometimes, more than one writers need to collaborate on a single post. The Co-Authors Plus is a WordPress plugin that helps you add multiple authors to 1 post. You will also be able to assign manifold bylines or credits to pages, posts, and custom post types. It provides a healthy environment for writers to contribute to a single post. The plugin also allows adding writers or contributors as bylines without making new WordPress user accounts. All you need is to simply make a guest profile for new authors.


The right WordPress plugins for writers and bloggers can boost the overall performance of their well-written posts. That’s why it is imperative to install a useful range of WordPress extensions to get the most of your website content. You can install the hand-picked plugins mentioned above and enjoy the ultimate benefits of your write-ups. You can always contact their customer support team if need assistance with installation or operation. Most of these apps come with free subscription and basic features can be enjoyed without paying a single penny. However, you can pay for advanced features if something additional needed to satisfy your needs.

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