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6 Common Mistakes in Writing a Technical Description for Project

A good crafted technical description of the project makes it easy to read and understand the concept and context of the project in its entirety. Project description writing is mainly done by the project manager and his/her deputy after identifying the concept, objectives, methodology, results and other crucial information and a well-thought-out and complete manner.

Many a time, there are mistakes that the team makes while writing the technical description for project unknowingly or due to lack of information and guidelines. In this post, we will list some of these common mistakes as shared by John Roadman, a technical writing expert at EssayWritingLand.

What Is a Description of a Project?

The aim of the project description is highlighting some important things concerning the project. Among them, you may find the issues that the project is aimed at addressing, the goals the project is going to attain, the whole project objectives, and the responsibilities of each member of the project team. Other important information that you need to include in the description of the project is the location where the project, how long the project will take and the results that you hope to achieve eventually.

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Writing Before Thinking

technical descriptionThis is one of the common mistakes that project managers commit. You embark on writing without planning your project document beforehand. Without considering who the reader of your document is? You should take some time to learn who your audience is, what knowledge do they have about your project? What factors should you include in your project description to make them take action? Remember to do it while at the same time using the right language.

Not Going Directly to the Point

A good description of the project is one that does not lose its meaning in between. Note that you are writing it for a particular reader and you want to put all the details without wavering. So, you need to stick to relevant facts so that your readers can understand what you are trying to drive home. Note that some readers will not go through your document word by word. They will scan the entire document to see whether your facts are pertinent.

Abuse of Jargon

technical description of the project

Technical people use numerous languages on matters to do with terminologies on specific fields. It is true different fields have different languages that require the particular level of skills. The only mistake that project managers make is to assume that everyone is an expert when it comes to dealing with technical terms.

It is advisable to use simple and easy-to-understand terms that even a reader who has little or no expertise in a particular industry can understand or is familiar with. In fact, this is the best way to ensure you the description of the project can be ready by a wider audience; which makes it easy for them to give feedback and suggestions.


This is an important factor when it comes to writing a technical decryption project. Many people make a mistake and write the description that uses complicated and unclear words. This could make the document to look more complicated as a result of using confusing words and vague instructions in the text. To avoid your document looking ambiguous, you need to write using simple and unambiguous words.


Another mistake is when you write a description that is not complete. A complete description should entail everything that concerns and deals with the project at hand. While it is advisable to keep the document concise, it is good to ensure the content if 100% complete for the intended reader. So, you must ascertain the document incorporates every important aspect that is essential for the audience to understand the project and its context.

Failing to Proofread and Edit the Description of the Project


Do you think that technical documents are exempted to proofreading? If this is how you think then you should think again. Many people think that the only documents that should be proofread are those that you may use for academic purposes. However, the technical description of projects should also be read not once by twice or thrice. How many times have you come across the word “technical” typed as “technician?”

Note that the slightly misspelled words sometimes are not easy to see when you go through your description once. The best thing is to use ensure your document is scrutinized by two or three people before you submit it. You can also use some software so that you can track all the misspelled words and phrases.


There you have it; 6 mistakes that could make it hard for your description of the project to be understood by your intended readers. While it may be difficult to avoid some of these mistakes; practicing every time could minimize the likelihood of making them so that you craft an excellent and understandable technical description of the project.

Any other mistake you know? Put it in the comment section below!

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