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9 LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business


If you want to connect with high-quality contacts, generate valuable leads, boost your brand’s awareness, and increase sales volume and revenue, you should consider creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy.

With over 830 million users, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for digital marketing. Unlike other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, LinkedIn users are professionals, so you will likely build and maintain more meaningful business relationships. Read on for nine LinkedIn marketing tips to find new customers, build better relationships, and ultimately scale and grow your business.

Create Your LinkedIn Company Profile

Creating and completing your profile on the platform is the first step to a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign. A complete company profile on LinkedIn will likely attract 2X more visitors than incomplete page accounts. When creating an account, ensure your profile consists of:

  • The company description
  • Company logo
  • Company type
  • Company size
  • Website URL
  • Industry
  • Location

To complete your profile, log in to your company’s page and click overview. You will then be directed to the info page, where you should add all necessary details. The following are tips to help your LinkedIn profile stand out:

  • Complete the About Us section to provide your target audience with more info
  • Ensure your cover image captures your brand’s essence
  • Add a high-resolution logo

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page for Search

Creating a great LinkedIn profile is not enough. You need to help your target audience find you, and this is where search engine optimization comes in. Consider researching descriptive and relevant keywords to your business and include them in your company’s LinkedIn profile. This will improve your visibility on search engines like Google, increasing traffic to your profile.

Publish High-quality Content

Content marketing is the lifeblood of all marketing strategies, and LinkedIn is no exception. Your content marketing efforts could yield the desired results quickly on LinkedIn because most users on the platform are professionals in the quest for information and knowledge.

Instead of sharing promotional or salesy messages, publish high-quality content that informs, educates, entertains, guides, and inspires your audience. This increases the chances of attracting a broader audience and getting them to engage with your posts. Quality content also establishes you as the go-to page for industrial-related information. Be sure to also reach out to leaders in your niche who are active in the platform and encourage them to contribute to help you build your network.

To improve the success of your content marketing strategy, be sure to include eye-catching images, hashtags, descriptive captions, and bonuses, such as bullet points, emojis, and questions. 

Create a Consistent Posting Schedule


Give your followers a reason to keep returning to your profile by posting content regularly. According to LinkedIn, posting at least once every month can enable you to get new followers six times faster than companies that do not. 

Be sure to post rich content such as video content, infographics, blog posts, and actionable content at least once weekly to maintain traffic. With that being said, manually maintaining a consistent posting schedule can be time-consuming and exhausting. Consider investing in the best LinkedIn automation tools to automate the entire process to make work easier.

Get Your Colleagues and Employees Involved

Your employees and colleagues are your brand’s most significant and reliable advocates and can play a vital role in strengthening your network on LinkedIn and expanding your company’s reach. For this reason, you should encourage them to be more involved in your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Request colleagues and employees to link the company page to their personal profiles. This does not only turn them into followers. It also boosts your company’s profile visibility on the platform. Incorporating the company’s page in personal profiles also enables employees to engage more with the company’s content and updates, which they could share with their networks. They could share round-up posts, articles, and posts to enable you to tap into their connections.

Join LinkedIn Groups

Participating in active LinkedIn groups is an effective strategy to increase your followers and views. It also helps you connect with other professionals and companies in your niche, especially those not already part of your connections. Being active in LinkedIn groups can also establish you as a leader or expert in your industry.

Leverage the search feature on your LinkedIn homepage to discover groups that align with your goals. If you do not find a group with relevant material to your page, consider creating your own group, then invite your followers and other professionals in the industry.

Obtain a Customized LinkedIn URL

A generic URL is often generated when you create your company’s LinkedIn URL. However, it does not convey your brand directly, so you should consider personalizing it. A customized URL enables your LinkedIn profile to appear on the first page of search results. It also makes it easier for your target audience to obtain more information about your brand. 

To claim your custom URL, click “Profile” at the top of your homepage. You should then tap the “Edit Profile” button. You will then see a URL link below your profile picture. Hover the mouse over this link, then tap the “Settings” option. Next, select the “Edit” button and modify the URL to suit your brand. Finally, click save to obtain a new LinkedIn URL.

Promote the Company Page Beyond LinkedIn


Enable your business to realize maximum growth by implementing cross-promotion strategies. You could link your LinkedIn page to your blog posts, email signatures, social media channels, or website. This enables more people to access your profile and read and share your content, which broadens your reach and sets you up for long-term success.

Track Your Performance

Tracking your performance is an excellent way to evolve and improve your LinkedIn marketing campaigns to foster business growth. It helps you determine where you are succeeding or falling short, enabling you to strategize your next steps. Some key performance metrics that can allow you to gauge your LinkedIn marketing results include:

  • The average order value
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Customer retention rates


LinkedIn connects you with the right potential customers, professional bodies, and resources fostering business growth. Create and complete your profile, publish high-quality content, join LinkedIn groups, optimize your page for search, and track your performance to devise a LinkedIn marketing plan that enables your business to achieve its bottom line.

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