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6 Audience Research Tools To Help You Raise Your Brand Awareness

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Content marketing today is considered one of the best methods for increasing your traffic and gaining new customers without any signs of slowing down. Nevertheless, new strategies emerge yearly, encouraging content producers to create engaging content each year. 

Traffic generation is one of the most important perks of successful content marketing. For new and growing brands, content is a way of helping you increase your brand awareness. First, however, you need to identify your audience to succeed in doing so. 

To successfully identify your audience, there are audience research tools you can use to help you raise your brand awareness. Here are some of them. 

6 Audience Research Tools You Can Use to Increase Brand Awareness

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  • Attest 

To better perceive your brand’s reputation, you can use Attest’s brand perception survey. Attest’s brand survey contains more examples that you can use for measuring brand perception. You may be asking why brand perception is important? Brand perception lets you know how your audience perceives your brand. 

Once you know how an audience perceives your brand, you can better understand who is interested in your product and service. Thus, it’ll help you identify which part of your audience you can focus on more. 

Moreover, it’s also helpful in identifying your brand image and fixing any issues you may have with it. After all, your brand image may be one of the biggest issues with identifying your audience. 

  • Gut Check 

Gut Check offers a more visual approach using infographics, webinars, and many other tools. With Gut Check, you get on demand results that allow you to gain insights from specific consumers based on their age, language, and location. 

Moreover, you can contact your audience and gain additional information based on the information you receive. Thus, the additional information will help you clarify who your target audience is and what you’ll need to do to better approach them. 

There is no public pricing information available on Gut Check’s site, so you must contact them directly to discuss pricing information. 

  • Reddit 

As a free research tool, we can claim that Reddit is among the best tools you can use to learn more about your audience. Nevertheless, they don’t call Reddit one of the most popular sites for no reason. 

Reddit has more than 400 million active users in more than 200 countries. Above all, this means that your audience most likely is there. So if it’s not 100% of them, it’s still many people. 

Above all, Reddit is a free platform with a group of communities you can join. You may also find Reddit promotions on UseViral to get your target audience faster. These communities include your target audience and allow you to read more about what they have to say, feel, and what kind of ideas they have. You can join the groups for posting or reading posts connected to your brand. 

To find out more about what you are looking for, you can search keywords and find discussions you want to read more about. 

  • Social Media Platforms 

If you want to learn more about your audience, what easier way than to use the power of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Social media platforms are something most people can’t avoid nowadays, and if they aren’t active on all of them, there is at least one that they will be happening on. 

For example, if you are trying to research more about your audience on Facebook, you can join Facebook groups, create a Facebook page, and more. If you have a Facebook page, you can ask your audience more about what they think about your brand. Try setting up a survey, post a question in your Facebook stories or something else you can think of. 

  • Survey Monkey 

Survey Monkey is a well-known platform many businesses have used to learn more about their audience. Survey Monkey allows you to connect with your audience in many different target options with more than 20 criteria options you can choose from. 

Pricing with Survey Monkey begins at around $100 for a ten-question survey that can get hundreds of responses. However, if you want to include more questions, the price rate will increase, but it also offers you much more queries and targeting options you can use.

survey monkey
  • Amazon 

Amazon may not sound like an ideal audience research tool, but it’s better than you think. It’s undoubtedly the world’s biggest retailer. Nevertheless, almost the entire market you have is buying from Amazon, and most people who buy on Amazon are providing feedback and reviewing purchases they make. 

From reading these details, you can learn more about your audience and read powerful reviews that may reflect your product or service. For example, if you are selling a product or service on Amazon, comments and reviews will give you a better picture of your audience and what they have to say. 

There’s no doubt that Amazon is a popular market, so considering that it’s the largest retailer in the world, it’s now time to take advantage of it and use the platform to its maximum capabilities.


Wrapping Everything Up

That’s about it for this article. These are the six audience research tools we recommend you use. Even though the recommendations we made don’t define one tool, like when we mentioned social media tools, it’s important you get the whole idea of what we are trying to say. For instance, you can consider using all social media platforms as an audience research tool. 

Above everything else, take advantage of all the other tools we mentioned and the internet itself. The internet has billions of searches each day, and it’s easier than ever to define your target audience and learn more about them. 

However, no matter what you do, we recommend you use the tools that you think your audience is most active on. Avoid trying to use too many tools at once, because you will suffer from information overload.

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