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7 Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress Errors

WordPress, a software that is often the holy grail for many web developers, website designers, and bloggers across the globe. And why wouldn’t it be? It is convenient, comparatively easy to use and offers you a plethora of options to customize your website or blog. But it seems that saying no one is perfect also applies to WordPress. Despite it being amazing software, it also throws up errors at you occasionally which can be a frustrating experience. But fret not, we are here to help you with the 7 most common WordPress errors and how you can fix them.

White Screen of Death (WSoD)

The name in itself sounds pretty dangerous and probably it suits the cryptic nature of this error. This error basically leaves you with a white blank screen and more often than not it often makes you frustrated because you don’t know where to go from here. There are no error messages, no advice on further assistance, just a blank white screen. Now the issue with this error is that it can happen because of multiple reasons and since the error message it not shown, you wouldn’t know what must have caused this. So this might require you to follow multiple troubleshooting steps till you actually get to the faulty part.

So you may want to disable your plugins, your theme, clean your cache, activate WordPress debug mode, increase your WordPress memory limit. In all probability the blank screen would have happened because either of these issues and doing these steps should get you through the problem. But in case it doesn’t , you may want to contact the support team of your hosting provider.

Error Establishing a Database Connection

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t come across this error while working on WordPress because this error is fairly common. If you can access your database, your site will be done for.

To fix it, access the wp-config.php file of your site. Once you do that, view the file and confirm of all the credentials on that file are right or not. Especially do check if the hostname, username, password, and/or database name in the file are correct. Correcting the error in that file should solve the problem. But in case it doesn’t, you would want to activate WordPress’ automatic database optimization tool which would help to amend the corrupt databases.

Inability to Login

WordPress Errors

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Connection Timed Out Error

This is an error that that is not only common on WordPress but also when we are trying to load a new site or page. While this error can happen due to a lot of reasons, the most common one, is your site is having insufficient resources. Somebody else could be hogging on to your resources if you are availing shared hosting. But if you are not and you are seeing this error quite frequently, you might want to upgrade your hosting plan.

Optimizing your site for speed can also be a possible solution for this problem, so as to prevent excessive pressure on the server. 

Maintenance Mode

Usually it shouldn’t come as a problem, since the process is quite quick but it can come up occasionally. So maintenance mode is when WordPress updates itself and while it is doing that it temporarily disables your site. Now why this doesn’t come up as a problem much, is because as it has been said, it is a very quick process and in all probability you won’t even notice it happening.

But sometimes WordPress can sometimes get stuck in the maintenance mode and then it becomes a problem. To fix it , you need to access the root folder of your site by firing up your SETP and the you need to delete the file called “.maintenance” This step should definitely fix the problem.

WordPress Fails to Auto Update

Let us face it, most of us are lazy when it comes to updating our electronics and software. Remind me tomorrow option often becomes our best friend. However, that might not be the best option when it comes to WordPress. Updating WordPress is way more important than you think. Having an old version of WordPress not only means you are losing out on latest themes and plugins but it also means you are making your site susceptible to various bugs and hence cause security concerns.  While WordPress updates itself on its own, there might be some cases where it doesn’t do so and you will know that it has been not been updated because it will give you warning messages. In such scenarios, if your site is being hosted by DreamHost, then you have it easy, you can update it from the dashboard itself. But in case your site is hosted by other platforms, you will have to download the latest version yourself and installing. Always make sure to use the latest version of WordPress even if installing it takes a tad bit more effort.

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