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5 Ways How SEO Translators Can Help You Get More Website Traffic

SEO translator

It is hard to think of a more important aspect of website creation and promotion as the SEO tools. As a rule, things usually get even more complex when the website includes more than one language. Since the keywords or target descriptions used will be specific to a country in question, it is crucial to approach professional localization specialists or SEO translators who adjust the website to help it meet linguistic, cultural, marketing, legal, and technical requirements. In addition to that, localization of a website also aims to meet international business ethics standards, which is why it is vital to implement the best and accurate SEO techniques to increase the website traffic.

5 Ways How SEO Translators Can Help You Get More Website Traffic

SEO translation
  • Inclusion of translated slang expressions. Just like it is typical for any country, people always use odd or slightly modified ways to approach a search engine. When looking to buy a luxury car in Los Angeles, a person may type something within the lines of “cool L.A. car celebrity buy”, which will be a set of words that will not translate directly to a foreign language. For example, dealing with Arabic, SEO translators will pick relevant keywords and expressions that will work well with the search engine crawlers. Slang or not, localization specialists will explain what works! 
  • Incorporation of social media and the blog posts. Another important part of SEO translation is the correct incorporation of your active website content with social media platforms and blog posts. Such information type is constantly updated, so it is vital to use country-specific marketing techniques like mentioning the latest events, politicians, celebrities, or the reasons why a particular product is in the trend. Translating these things with the inclusion of relevant keywords is a hard task because there is always a risk of including too much. SEO translators, in their turn, know the right balance. 
  • Correction and linking of a foreign branch to your original web content. If you have a company’s or individual website that already generates high volumes of traffic, the creation of a foreign language version can either follow this success or become a serious obstacle. It is a reason why hiring professional translators for search engine optimization work helps since minor corrections in the original version and connecting two versions in between is a double-sized traffic generation method. A skilled SEO expert will see what helps to make the original version successful and will follow the same pattern in a foreign language. 
  • Preliminary SEO Analysis. The best part of working with an SEO translator for your website is a chance to conduct preliminary analysis and study what is popular in a target market. For example, a localization specialist may provide you with a list of keywords or phrases that are popular among users in Iceland or in China. Considering the country’s specifics, a translation expert will include these words in relation to your company and the products, so the search engines will catch this information and your target audience will be able to find you by using the most popular search queries. Since it is usually done during the translation stage, there will be no need to change a well-written text but only slightly adjust keywords to correct phrasing. 
  • Testing and correction of your existing translated content. If you suspect a problem with the foreign version of your website and get little to no traffic, it is time to hire SEO translation specialists in a target language and let them, the native speakers, have a look at the code and the text content. Even a minor mistake in translation can result in website traffic problems. If this seems too challenging, click for more info and see that it is not as hard as it sounds. It might not even take long before your website starts to generate more traffic! 

Essentially, professional localization is a complex process of content adjustment that lets it meet the marketing and social standards of a country among other things. According to standards mentioned by the best translation agencies, the SEO aspect is an important part that also takes place during a technical translation when adjusting keywords, menu elements, descriptions, feature image descriptions, CTA phrases, and more. Failing to provide relevant translated terms can result in a serious inconsistency of search engine terms and the local language of the website. While this mistake will not be fatal for the online presence, it may gradually decrease the number of website visitors, thus affecting the sales.

Is SEO Translation a Multilingual Copywriting?

SEO copywriting

It is hard to provide a definite answer because it will always depend on the original context and complexity of the original content. As a rule, the translated text will always differ by the word length and the use of specific expressions. Nevertheless, medical translations will have to provide a precise interpretation with the inclusion of legal reminders and safety measures. In a certain sense, such translation can be compared to copywriting with a technical background. 

Speaking of social media content, foreign language translations must meet all the socio-cultural aspects, which is why good localization specialists often include an extra paragraph or provide a detailed explanation of something that is already clear for the other countries. The key is to talk to people in a language that they understand and take time to study the local market that is always changing. Turning to SEO translation is a process that takes time, which is why it is not something that you only do once. If something does not work for you, see the website’s statistics and contact the experts to let them analyze the situation and make the necessary changes. 

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