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WordPress: What Is It?


What is WordPress? Today it is the most popular content management system. In other words, WordPress is a system that allows you to create a website and manage the information on it. With WordPress, you can add pages, posts, change the design of the site, add all kinds of materials (photos, video, audio, etc…). That is, working with WordPress you can create sites of any level of complexity (and the main thing is that it is very easy to do).

WordPress is especially attractive for editors, resource owners, and authors.

From this article, you will find out why WordPress is so popular and how you can use it to your advantage!

Why 34% Of Websites On The Internet Are Made On WordPress

Every third website on the internet is powered by WordPress. Do you find this surprising? In fact, there is a good explanation for this. WordPress is the most user-friendly platform for creating a website, a blog, or an online business. You can do anything on WordPress. Most likely, you won’t be able to create an online game using WordPress. However, a website for an online game is possible. The most ambitious ideas in the realm of website creation are achieved thanks to WordPress. And there are reasons for this.

Why is WordPress Such a Popular CMS:

Why is wordPress so popular?
  • WordPress is completely free. But, unlike other website builders, its functionality is huge, and you can create a site of almost any complexity with WP, thanks to the open-source and plugins!
  • Working with WordPress does not necessitate knowledge of programming languages. You may quickly create a website on WP without writing a single line of code! This is made possible through plugins. To clarify, WordPress was first released in 2003, and since then, independent developers have continued to add new features that make working with the site easier.
Plugins are responsible for extending the functionality of WordPress. Plugins are “compressed” pieces of code that are simple to install on your site and add new functionality. You can, for example, install a stunning slider plugin, a plugin that is responsible for booking the date and time, an online store plugin, and so on. In general, you’ll find a plugin to suit any taste and color, as well as any purpose!
  • Working with WordPress does not necessitate being a cool designer. It’s simple to customize the design of your site in WordPress and automatically adapt to any device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.). This is made possible by a large number of topics available.
Themes are website templates that come in a variety of designs. Themes are available in a variety of colors and styles, just like plugins. By the way, under the “Popular” section, there are more than 4.000 themes (all of them are different). Can you imagine how many options you have for the site’s style?
  • Due to the fact that this management system is so popular (well, the fact that it was launched in 2003, also plays a role), people have created a huge number of free courses to work with WordPress – it is many times easier to create a site. And this despite the fact that the WP itself is not difficult in usage!
  • Another significant benefit is the large user community, which will always help you if you have a question about using WordPress.
Speaking of the advantages, it is also necessary to mention the disadvantages of using WordPress.

The main disadvantages of the platform include:

  • a significant load on the server;
  • website loading speed is sometimes slow;
  • the quantity of themes available is impressive, however many of them are poorly created and contain errors;
  • search engines are biased towards sites created on a free service;
  • there is still a bug with duplicate pages and images.
As you can see, the disadvantages are quite minor. However, you should be aware of them before you begin. Keep in mind that your website will have extremely limited functionality at first. You’ll need to spend some time looking for and installing the right plugins. Besides, there is also What is the difference between these sites?

What Is The Difference Between And

On the Internet, you will find the site is a free WordPress blog service. The service makes its resources available for the creation of personal blogs. You cannot use your own themes or plugins with this service; all blog settings are made on the themes provided by the service. “Basic” services are provided by the service without hosting fees. But it’s forbidden to use advertising on free WP blogs. is the official website for the WordPress platform developers. The site contains the current version of WordPress for installation on the server, with any themes, plugins, advertisements, and direct access to the database. publishes news on a regular basis and hosts free themes and plugins. Additionally, you can use this resource to contact the WordPress developers and ask any questions you may have.


WordPress is great for creating blogs: personal or corporate online diaries where the owner shares information with his audience on a regular basis. Readers will be able to leave comments on blog posts. You can change the design of the site and add a range of technical “tricks” with the help of themes and plugins. The site will be easy to navigate, with forms for comments and feedback. And attractiveness and convenience for users are one of the main components of the site’s success.

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