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Why You Need Coming Soon WordPress Plugin [Review]

WordPress has an excellent management system – which is the main reason that people use WordPress for their websites. WordPress offers a variety of plugins – in fact, the selection of plugins WordPress offers is quite diverse, which can sometimes make the process of choosing the right plugin for your website a bit problematic.

‘’Fortunately, there are some WordPress plugins which can make your life easier, especially if you are in the process of building a website. Such is the Coming Soon WordPress plugin.’’ – says Rita Tour, an expert at BestEssays.

Simplicity at Its Finest

Sometimes we underestimate the time it takes to build a website from scratch. We expect the website to be done in a few hours, or a few days, when in most of the cases it takes weeks. This is where the need arises for a “coming soon” page. A semi-finished website is unlikely to gain the favor of its visitors – it can give off the impression of passivity or lack of commitment. That is why it is important to have a “coming soon” page in order to avoid backlash from your potential website visitors. Setting up a “coming soon” page will provide you with more time to make your website perfect without being pressured to do so in quite a limited amount of time. For these reasons, WordPress introduced the Coming Soon WordPress plugin, which offers a fast and straightforward way to create “coming soon” pages.

The most important thing about a “coming soon” page is its appearance. With that in mind, WordPress offer 50+ themes for a variety of online and offline businesses, which can help set up your “coming soon” page in five minutes’ time. You have the option to customize page setup; however, that is entirely up to you, for the themes are self-contained. What is more, the plugin also offers 400,000+ free images with which you can give your “coming soon” page an awesome look. All in all, WordPress have provided a minimal “coming soon” page, which has a responsive design and stylish layout, which will save you a lot of time.
selection of themes

Coming Soon Pro

The Coming Soon Pro plugin comes with excellent options and features for your website. It is the plugin which covers the majority of the features WordPress offers. The Coming Soon Pro plugin is a real time-saver when it comes to setting up your website. All of the themes provided by this plugin are ready to use and professionally designed. The option to customize them adds to the endless variety of possibilities for your “coming soon” page. WordPress offers a preview option of all the themes that come with the plugin.

What is more, you can activate a theme directly from the plugin, which will save you time since extra downloads are not required in order to do this. The multitude of themes is an advantage of this plugin for it avoids uniformity, as well as similar looking “coming soon” pages by different parties. With this plugin, each separate party will have its own stylish looking website, with their unique ideas and layout designs.

Over 400 Thousand Free Images

The Coming Soon Pro plugin provides a multitude of high-resolution images which can be directly accessed from the media library of the same plugin. With over 400 thousand images, anybody can find the appropriate image for their webpage. And even if you cannot find a suitable image for your webpage from the plethora of photos provided, you have the option to upload your own photo. Taking these options into consideration, it can be said that the possibility of two different websites using the Coming Soon  WordPress plugin to look similar to one another is close to none.

Furthermore, with the Coming Soon WordPress plugin, you can search the gallery for specific images, as well as image themes. You can search images by keywords in order to narrow down your research and find your potential winner image. The Coming Soon WordPress will display all results connected to your image and keyword search, as well as provide you with a variety of choices ranging from static image backgrounds to animated video backgrounds. In addition, you can further customize your chosen background in the sense that you can tweak the image’s dimensions so that it covers the entire screen, or so that it is displayed in its original size. The settings of the Coming Soon WordPress plugin provide nine predefined positions for your chosen background image, as well as the option to choose a background color in order to replace an image.

Ease of Access for Clients

The default settings of the Coming Soon WordPress plugin allow for the website visitors to see the Coming Soon page, not your regular website. Only you, as a logged in member, would be able to see your regular website. Nevertheless, you can let your clients view your website if you share the Secret Access Link with them. This way, your clients will be able to see what is happening behind the curtains, that is, behind your Coming Soon page.

Another way in which you can let your clients see your regular website is by adding their respective IP addresses to the whitelist. By adding the IP addresses of your clients to the whitelist, they will not be able to see the “coming soon” mode – instead, they will be able to see your actual website. An important thing to note is that you need to write one IP address per line, as well as to inform your clients that they would not be able to access your regular website if they change their respective IP addresses, that is, if they are using IP addresses other than the ones which had been added on the whitelist.

What is more, with the Coming Soon WordPress plugin you also have the option to arrange the social media preview of your webpage. If you do not want the page preview of “coming soon” to be cached by social networks such as Facebook, you can enable the option “send no-cache headers”. This way, when you switch to your regular website, so will the social media preview. This option is very advantageous since the users will not be able to notice any differences before and after.

Excellent SEO Setup

The Coming Soon WordPress plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins related to Search Engine Optimization – or SEO. This plugin has various features which enable you to analyze the current SEO potential of your website. What is more, these features can give you input on the ways in which you can improve the rankings of your website. The most useful functions of the SEO part of the Coming Soon WordPress plugin are:

Google Analytics Tracking ID

With this function, you can monitor, as well as measure the performance of your website with the help of Google Analytics.  

  • SEO Snippet Preview

With this function, you get a real-time preview of the manner in which your website will look in search results in Google.

  • Social Preview Image

With this function, you can see the preview of your website in the way that it is displayed on social media networks.

  • SEO Analysis

With this function, you have the ability to run tests on different aspects of your search engine optimization, as well as get advice on how to improve your SEO. This function provides you with suggestions on keywords, as well as suggestions on meta descriptions.

  • Favicon Image

This function shows a custom image in the browsers of people.

  • Exclude Search Engines

With this function, you can show your regular website to search engines even though you have enabled the “coming soon” mode.

  • Block Search Engines

With this function, you can block search engines completely. Enabling this function will send a “503 Service Unavailable” response to the search engines.

More Features of the Coming Soon Pro Plugin

Besides all the awesome features described above, the Coming Soon Pro plugin has a variety of other features which provide simple and efficient website optimization to their users. For instance, there are plenty of design features included in this plugin, which allow for creativity on the side of the user, such as headers, content, maps, logos, page layout, and many more.

The users can choose a page layout from the plugin and then customize it themselves, which will make their website stand out. One of the Coming Soon Pro features enables the user to animate the content on their website. For instance, the title or the logo can bounce, which is quite interesting. What is more, the Coming Soon WordPress Plugin comes with emailing services, subscribe forms, as well as auto-responders. In addition, this plugin has a built-in support system which can troubleshoot for potential problems. For these reasons, a lot of people deem the Coming Soon Pro plugin the simplest and easiest to use the plugin for websites in development.


You can try out the free version of the Coming Soon  WordPress plugin to start. If you are the owner of a single website, you can pay 69$ once and you get a lifetime access to the plugin. For owners of more than one website, the price is 199$ for a lifetime access. You also have the option to pay 19$ a year in order to use the plugin when you are in need of it.

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