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What Software Solution is Worth Trying?


Nowadays, providing a company with modern software solutions is very important. One of the interesting solutions that you should definitely take advantage of is Unleash. How can it help increase conversion rates and what tests, such as split testing, does it allow you to perform?

  • Why is it important to act in software development?
  • Why should you use the services of Unleash?
  • What is A B testing and multivariate testing?

A modern company must have customized software to suit its needs. What solutions are worth implementing to develop your brand?

Why Is It Important to Act in Software Development?

Excellent software, created specifically for the needs of modern companies moving with the times. The right platforms can guarantee faster growth and ensure a place at the forefront of business, alongside the brands most popular with customers. It is worth noting that modern solutions are for the benefit of everyone. Thanks to them, employees can manage their work in the best way, organize it and control their progress.

What’s more, the software can also provide options tailored to the company’s profile and provide tools, allowing them to work more easily. Customers can benefit from convenient applications for online store for example.

For these reasons, it is definitely worth betting on the most modern technology solutions. Improving and acting on the software can allow it to better fit the company’s needs. For this reason, brands that are serious about business should make sure they are constantly developing.

Why Should You Use the Services of Unleash?

At you can find excellent solutions, offered by a professional company. Among other things, the brand provides professional feature management. A flexible platform like Unleash is a chance to tailor finished products to individual needs and preferences. It is also worth noting that thanks to canary release you can target features to any subset of users. It is also extremely important that Getunleash is an open source feature management solution. The platform is extremely convenient to use and at the same time modern. What’s more, it’s worth noting that it places great emphasis on security for all users.


What is A B Testing and Multivariate Testing?

A/B testing is a kind of experiment in which two versions of things are tested. The sample size can vary. Multivariate test, on the other hand, is supposed to give test results for more items. This way is used, for example, to study user behavior under certain conditions. This can be used to improve marketing campaign, to better target audience, improve the conversion rate or make landing pages more attractive. It is worth noting that the same web page can often be used in different ways.

The statistical significance obtained from the above example test can suggest what and how to change.

For example, whether it is more attractive to have a page to log into, or whether there should be a specific element on the landing page or any other web pages.

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