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What is Web Hosting?

web hosting
If you want to understand the core concept related to what is web hosting? We all know starting a website is a complex process. Some questions that come to user minds are: which provider you should prefer for web hosting? Which type of hosting will be the best? Before going into technicalities, we will try to understand the basics.

What are a Website and Domain Name?

You all have used a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for your queries. You visit a site to get your query resolved. We have divided the website into three types for a clear understanding. 

  • Group Of Pages

Collection of pages that consist of information is also called webpages.  Displaying of webpages on the web browser in such a manner that they seem to be correlated. 

  • Web Application

Users can access apps directly on a web server without downloading. Individuals use web applications like Facebook, Instagram, and games. The web server accepts the request and delivers the desired result in the form of a file that is managed by the content management system. The browser displays the content to you.  

  • Content Management System

A platform where multiple writers write, edit, and publish their content. There are several blogs available for a single topic written by different contributors. The database store the information and fetched it by the web browser to display it to visitors.

Domain Name

Your website consists of a domain name through which users can access your website over the internet. The domain name is registered and each website has a unique domain name.

Are You Curious To Know What Happens At The Back When You Visit A Website?

There is a whole process that takes place when you visit a website. 

Read below: 

When you enter a query or a URL computer browser sends the request to the webserver.  Web server accepts the request and fetches all files, pages, or documents managed by CMS.

The Process Of Running a Website


Both computer and internet connection should be sufficient enough to accept the request and take the right action for responding. A computer consists of the powerful web server that stores, process, and deliver the file or data to users. 

For practical experience, you can run a website at your home desk but it is not a good idea. The home desktop was designed in a manner that it could not deal with more than one user. Buying a server is a better option because the server is capable of handling more users. If you have a short budget you can go for a Cheap web hosting option like Hostinger. Use Hostinger coupon code for the best prices on this hosting. 

What Are Features Of Web Hosting?

  • Speed

Speed is a backbone for a website because the faster the website loads the better will be the experience of users. Better user experience leads to the high quality of a website. Google also considers the speed factor while providing the overall score to a website. The speed of a website depends on various factors but a few factors rely upon the web host. Consistency in speed is also important for a website so check the reviews before buying. 

  • Bandwidth

It is a thread for transferring data from a website to the user in a particular period of time. It measures the speed of data transfer from the website to the visitors. The capabilities of the web host provider depend upon speed, network, connectivity, and system. Decide the width according to the number of visitors per day to your website. You have to pay a huge amount for exceeding visitors more than your bandwidth. 

  • Storage

The need for storage depends upon the size of images, files, and documents you want to upload. You need more storage when you have to upload high GB images or files. Suppose you want to have a blogging or eCommerce website then you need 2-4GB storage. Don’t choose high GB media hosting from your web host accounts because it is a waste of money. 

If you have to store huge data then going with storage VPS hosting can Perform better compared to traditional shared servers.

  • Scalability

Those planning to start a blog generally don’t have an idea about storage, bandwidth because the future is unpredictable. You need to find a capable host that handles high and slow traffic.

Various Types Of Web Hosting:

web hosting

Planning to buy a web hosting plan, you have seen web host providers offer a different type of types of hosting that made you confused. Don’t worry we have figured it what you need.

  • Shared Hosting 

We are discussing the most popular type of hosting. The single web hosting server host multiple sites making it pocket friendly. This type of hosting is for those who have low traffic and low volume sites. The company earns a profit because they allocate few resources. Small Business and Bloggers create a small website can go for shared hosting. A single computer is connected to multiple users making the hosting less powerful.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting 

Dedicated server hosting user has centralized control over computer/machine. A single user is connected to the computer that gives the power to optimize according to their requirements. This hosting is for large businesses and for those websites that have high traffic. Dedicated hosting provides high performance and security but expensive. 

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting

Most preferred hosting by users but do not have a physical server. The hosting is different from other hosting because it provides a virtual server.  This hosting has both advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting and dedicated hosting.  VPS hosting provides a stable and secure connection. The sites having medium traffic that exceeds the shared hosting limit but do not require dedicated hosting resources can go for VPS hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting

A large number of computers group together and gives a giant pool of computing resources for running applications. The cloud hosting maintains optimum performance in actual physical terms. This hosting can be preferred by those who want multi-stage development.

Difference Between Web Hosting And Domain Name

Domain Name

  • Domain Name makes it easy for users to remember the website. 
  • Domain Name is just a part of the website and developed because it was difficult to remember IP Address and connect to a website. 


  • Hosting host your website files on a web server. 
  • Hosting is the main part of the website because they store website files. 

Example: Domain name is the address of the house and Hosting is the actual home. 

Why Go For Web Hosting?

Setting your server is an expensive, complicated, and difficult process. You surely don’t want to face such problems. The web hosting provider has found the fix for the problem.

Providers make the set up for the running of the website by setting large computers with an ultra-fast internet connection. You can keep all your files in a single place on a web server that can be accessed by anyone when needed.

The reason to go for a web hosting plan is they provide you with tools that help in building, running, and managing your website. The collection of your computer

files exist in real computer and building. The web hosting company you choose decides the structure of the building and computer. 

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