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Want to Build a Multilingual Ecommerce Website?

ozisti wpml

A multilingual eCommerce website in more than one language opens up a flood of opportunities for you. Why limit yourself to a local market? Let your business go global and attract users from all around the world. But don’t get yourself wrong. Don’t think of it as a one with a translation feature installed. Instead, it’s the one that has separate localized sites for different languages.

If you’re just starting out and look for a great solution, Ozisti should be on top of your list. Ozisti is a revolutionary multi-concept WordPress theme compatible with the WPML plugin. It’s a perfect match for multilingual eCommerce websites of any kind. So, no matter your niche, selling online through a multilingual site brings you more profit.

Flexible and easy to use, Ozisti is compatible with the Elementor page builder. As such, it allows you to skip a lot of the time-consuming site-building work. It means that you can not only add as many new page layouts but also translate every part of the Ozisti theme using the WPML plugin. So, let’s get started to see how to take your business global with Ozisti.

Getting Started

Ozisti WordPress theme

Once you activate the Ozisti theme, go to the Appearance -> Themes page. You’ll see the list of plugins there:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • WPML String Translation
  • WPML Translation Management
  • WPML Media Translation

Now, activate them. Once you’re ready, it’s time to move forward.

Translating Pages

The beauty of WPML is that it enables you to translate any type of content on your site. Pages and posts are no exception, too. Enjoy the full Getting Started Guide to make the best of your eCommerce site. You can also use professional translation services if needed, indeed. The WPML Translation Management will come to your aid.

How to Translate Pages Built with Elementor

Elementor is compatible with the WPML plugin, so you won’t face any issues while translating your site. You have three options to choose from when translating the content. First, you can do the translation yourself. The second option includes the translation of the content by sending it to translators. At last, the third one offers you to translate your content through a professional translation service. All three options are available without leaving your WordPress dashboard. You can learn more about your options in this Guide.

How to Translate Team Pages and Categories

Translating team pages as well as categories doesn’t need to be a headache too. Important to follow the same steps as for translating any other types of pages. Go to the WPML -> Translation Management page to send content for translation. In case you are the only person who translates the content, click the plus and pencil icons next to your content and translate. For more information visit the full Guide on Translating Contents yourself. When it comes to translating Team Groups, go to WPML -> Taxonomy Translation page. Then, make sure you follow the next steps:
  • Select the Team Group from the drop-down menu and see a list of categories to appear.
wordpress dashboard
  • Next to the category click the plus icon for translating it for the respective language. You can also use the dialog box that appears for adding the translation.
taxonomy translation

Now keep in mind that every change in translation you make will be updated everywhere – translations of categories are universal.

How to Translate Texts from Ozisti Theme, Plugins, and Other Places

Indeed, posts and pages are not the only content a user sees on your site. Chances are the texts coming from other places is what a user expects to enjoy. That’s where the Guide on How to Translate Texts with the help of translating strings will come to your aid. Here’s what you need to do to translate the footer copyright text:
  • First, go to Theme Panel -> Theme Options. Next, click the Footer tab and start editing the text in the Copyright field. Once you are ready, click the Save Options button;
  • Now, navigate to WPML -> String Translation and search for the copyright text. Once you click on the translations link, it’s time to add your translated text. Make sure the Translation is Complete and click the Save button.
string translation

How to Translate Menus

Menus, as well as any other contents, need to be translated. As such, you have two options – to do it manually or synchronize it with WPML. To do it yourself, go to Appearance -> Menus. Translate it and click the plus icon to the other languages. As a result, you create a new menu, which serves as a link to the translation of this menu. To use WPML menu sync, go to WPML -> WP Menus Sync. Here’s WPML will show what to do, what to add or remove from the translated menus. Once you’re ready, click the Sync button. For more information use the menus translation tutorial

How to Translate Sliders

Compatibility with the Slider Revolution plugin comes as a nice extra to promote your best-selling items or services effectively online. To make sure that they are also translated, visit the full translation Guide.  The process is quite simple and takes several steps to complete the task. First, go to the slider editing screen and click the General setting button. At the bottom, you’ll see the Use WPML Settings options and click the Save button. Go to the Slider Options -> WPML -> choose the default slide language -> click the Save button. Now, go to the Slides menu item and click the duplication icon. Choose the slide you duplicated and translate its content. Now, go to the Slide Options -> WPML. From the Slide Lang drop-down menu choose the language you translated into and click the Save button. To use WPML menu sync, go to WPML -> WP Menus Sync. Here’s WPML will show what to do, what to add or remove from the translated menus. Once you’re ready, click the Sync button. For more information use the menus translation tutorial

How to Translate WooCommerce Elements

To make this happen, make sure the WooCommerce Multilingual (WCML) plugin is downloaded.  Now activate it. Just because you need to translate different elements like products, categories, shipping classes and the like, it’s recommended to follow the dedicated Guide on How to Translate WooCommerce Elements using WCML.

Still, Need Help?

No matter how skills you are, things happen. In case you need expert assistance, get it from the Translation Support Forum or Technical Support Forum. The support is ready as six days a week to come to your rescue.

Need Help with Building Your eCommerce Site with Ozisti?

Before shouting out loud for help, get your hands wet in web design with Ozisti. Worry not, just because Ozisiti was chosen by WPML as one of the best WPML ready WooCommerce WordPress themes to build multilingual sites, it means a lot. On top of that, Ozisti comes with Augmented Reality integration which can add extra points to your site. Whether it’s fashion, interior, clothes or designer online shop, Ozisti fits the bill. There is so much inside, that you’ll be spoiled by convenience.

Haven’t you experienced Ozisti yet? There is a good reason to give it a try, so begin to expand your business to new worldwide destinations.

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