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Video Marketing: Top Trends in 2021

video marketing

Video has finally become an integral part of our lives. Even those who didn’t plan to create video content began to. We present to you the top video marketing trends of 2021.

If you were told ten years ago that video content would determine a marketing strategy or campaign success and be almost one of the main trends in marketing, you would hardly believe it. Who could have imagined that YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other similar platforms will replace TV, and 70% of people will watch videos on tablets and smartphones?

In modern realities, a well-designed website, a balanced pricing policy, and textual materials about the product or services are no longer enough.

We need a more powerful means of business promotion — video content, namely high-quality content. There have never been so many possibilities and video editing software for creating various types of video content. Video has never been so accessible to any business.

So, let’s take a look at the main video marketing trends of 2021.


Today, it has become easier to produce certain types of video content. Many services and online video editing software are regularly developing that make it easier and faster to create and edit video without losing quality.

Marketers are actively using services that include, among other various features, artificial intelligence technologies — when a video is automatically created from a ready-made elements database (according to a prescribed script).

While these services aren’t suitable for all video production tasks, they can simplify the video production process in many cases. And at the same time, such tools reduce the cost of the final product, which is beneficial for those companies who want to use video marketing trends to promote business.

Therefore, using such video editing software and some tips for marketers, you can easily create high-quality content.

Vertical Videos

vertical videos

Vertical videos are gaining more and more popularity. This video marketing trend allows marketers to increase the number of video content views because such videos take up more space in the feed, which makes them more visible.

At the same time, for different social networks, you need to search for the best size option. This can be not only a purely vertical 1080 × 1920 video but a square one as well. An appropriate option for Facebook is 1080 x 1350 pixels. In order not to confuse anything and accurately publish the desired video content on the required social network, use the social media calendar for marketers.


Today, animated video is one of the most popular trends in marketing and the most effective tool in sales, advertising, product presentations, and brand promotion in the mass media and the Internet.

Animated videos, one way or another, are associated with cartoons. Everyone loved cartoons in childhood, which means that they will only evoke positive emotions in adulthood. In any case, this advertisement won’t cause any negative for sure!


There are many types of animation, so if you are interested in your business promotion, creating high-quality content using top video editing software, then be sure to pay attention to this video marketing trend and learn how to make a stop motion.

Live Streams

Live videos continue to generate interest and remain in demand. The credibility of such video content is often higher than of other types of videos. Live streams act magically on clients.

Therefore, such video content on social networks or other resources is one of the most effective ways to increase reach and remains one of the top video marketing trends. You don’t need to edit such videos, you already have ready-made video content.

Video 360 and VR

Today we are getting more and more opportunities to create such videos. This video marketing trend allows marketers to multiply the engagement. 

Therefore, you can use such video content to promote your business, train staff for productive work, or make your products reviews, and much more. This trend in marketing enables us to convey more information to a potential client; to show something impossible to see (for example, manufacturing); to teach how to work on expensive equipment, and so on.

Be sure to consider introducing this video marketing trend into your marketing campaign and your business promotion.

Interactive Video

An interactive video is a video that the viewers can interact with. For instance, the story’s progress may depend on their choice. This opens up great opportunities for creating advertising and training videos.

Video content is an important and indispensable element in the brand-building process and interaction with the consumers. It needs to attract relevant potential customers and increase their engagement. Interactive video is a video marketing trend that will greatly help promote your business.

Video Storytelling

video storytelling

Storytelling is gaining popularity day by day. To create a truly effective video, it’s necessary to tell the viewer a story in many cases. Surveys show that most viewers want brands to advertise in the form of stories. Research shows that a well-told story plus a well-edited video increases the value of a company’s offer by more than 20 times.

Personalized Video

This is the future of video marketing and video content. What could be more effective than a high-quality video that speaks to you personally? And if it contains only the information that may be of interest to you? This will mean one hundred percent engagement in the message and its unprecedented effectiveness.

This video marketing trend has already begun to be actively used by leading companies, but there will be even more of them soon, and this trend in marketing will become more popular.


Your videos should be understandable even without audio. There are bound to be viewers among your clients who will watch your video content in a mute mode for a few seconds to determine if it’s worth spending their time on it. Therefore, you can’t rely solely on audio effects when you create and edit videos and must follow this video marketing trend.

Your high-quality video should be perceived even without sound. Mute the audio and see if the video conveys the message. Numerous users simply don’t take their headphones with them or have some hearing problems, so the best way not to lose potential clients is to add captions or subtitles. It will help draw viewers’ attention and get a reaction or feedback, even with a video without sound.

Once you’ve implemented a video marketing campaign, analyze its effectiveness from time to time and look for ways to improve it. To keep current and potential customers engaged with your brand, periodically post interesting, high-quality videos, and get ideas on Pinterest. Good luck in following video marketing trends!

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