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Top WordPress App Builder Plugins 2020: WordPress to Mobile App

WordPress App Builder Plugins

Looking for ideal ways to convert your WordPress website into a responsive mobile app? Because nowadays, more and more people prefer cell phones, a perfect device to browse things on the internet or shop online. But using websites is a little tricky as one has to remember the URLs and doesn’t offer a convenient experience. On the other hand, using apps is a great way to deliver your content. It enhances the user’s experience as well.

We all are very well aware of the fact that smartphones are the most used gadget nowadays, and that’s the reason why they are considered the future of web browsing. According to a particular report, around half of the website hits come from mobile devices.

This statistic straightly points towards the fact that people are highly preferring using the internet on their mobile devices. So, converting your WordPress websites into an app is an incredible idea to increase the traffic as well as provide a better experience of browsing. Let’s discuss this topic more.

Why Should You Convert Your Website into an App?

In the above paragraph, we have discussed that converting your website into an app is an incredible idea as it enhances the user experience and acts as a convenient mode of availing of services online. Besides this, there are several other reasons which bring this idea into a priority list. Do you want to know what they are? Check out the below-listed points-

  • Convenience: the first thing which attracts a lot to apps is convenience. A mobile app declines several steps to engage your business. All a user has to do is to click on the app icon, and they can further enjoy its features. You don’t need to open a browser and type in the URL. 
  • Speed: Because apps load the content faster than websites, hence a user can enjoy a faster browsing experience with it. 
  • Better UI:  A responsive WordPress theme adapts the functionality as per the screen size, whereas a mobile app has tighter control over the screen elements, which enhances the user interface. 
  • Allows Access to Device Features: Yes, your app can access the features of your mobile devices such as camera, push notification, and other applications. 

If we conclude the whole concept of converting your WordPress websites into an app, then it is beneficial for the user who wants to have a superior experience that can capture traffic.

So, now you have a complete idea of mobile app benefits, so how you are going to fulfill this practice. There are several WordPress App builder app plugins that work best to convert WordPress to a mobile app. 

Top WordPress App Builder Plugins 2020: WordPress to Mobile App


If you have a content-driven website like a newspaper or blogging, then nothing can beat the Androapp plugin’s power. It’s a great plugin that features the news feed options and has a user-friendly layout to enhance the look of your app. The best part about this WordPress plugin is that it looks similar to your responsive website.

Not only this, but it also includes several functionalities like image zooming, viewing offline content, native social sharing, ease of sending unlimited notifications, in-line ads, deep linking & WordPress/Facebook comment support, unlimited scroll facility, and a line of custom themes & colors that suits the appearance of your website. 

Besides these advantages, the big downside of this plugin is that it doesn’t support Woocommerce or BuddyPress. Another downside is that the free version of the plugin allows the developer to show their own ads. 



The next plugin on our list is AppPresser, which is one of the most convenient plugins that features a dedicated WordPress mobile theme that helps you to create a user-friendly mobile app for your WordPress site. There is a misconception about the free WordPress plugin that they are unable to meet your needs, but that’s not true at all. It also holds some impressive features that make it a perfect plugin choice. 

From WordPress plugin and extension compatibility to the pull-out menu, custom page creation to push notifications, it holds everything that makes it an ideal tool for app building. But at the same time, it is not considered fit for non-developers as it includes a lot of work from scratch to make it work like an app. So, this plugin has a developer’s assistance. 



If you are looking for a free plugin that is also compatible with both the Android & iOS platforms, then Blappsta is an ideal one. Another reason for choosing this plugin is its unique feature of ‘Blappsta Preview’ that gives you a complete review of the changes you made. It gives you the ease of checking your app before making it live. And there are so many features of Blappsta giving a user several reasons to choose it. If we say clearly, the list of the features includes-

  • The facility of push notifications 
  • Deep linking indexing for Google
  • The facility of share buttons of various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Flexibility in organizing the content on your mobile app
  • Customize navigation 
  • Ease of customizing the home page design


The Mobile App Canvas is an impressive plugin and one of the best creations of MobiLoud that helps a user to create an app. It is considered the best plugin to convert your WordPress website into an app. Even while creating an app, you don’t need to create a separate theme. You can continue with the one that is offered to you. Mobiloud also gives the complete flexibility of choosing a different theme together. 

Features of MobiLoud include:

  • Wide range of themes for your mobile app
  • Ease of customizing the themes as per your preference.
  • Ease of adding a menu and animations to your mobile app
  • Automatic content updates
  • Push notification feature
  • Compatible with Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and tablets
  • Mobile advertising and monetizing
  • Complete control over your app’s design and content
  • User-friendly
  • No technical knowledge is required to create the app. Non-developers can also use it. 


The last WordPress app builder plugin is WPApp.Ninja is a quite impressive plugin that allows a user to create a mobile app for your WordPress website. You can handle the overall functioning of your app with its WordPress admin area. It includes several tools that help in uploading app icons, buttons, colors, translations, and more. Not only this, but it also supports Google Analytics, built-in caching, offline content, and a lot more all such ease are available on the same platform. 


Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have covered the best WordPress app builder plugins that help you convert your site into an app that further assists in fulfilling your business and SEO goals. If you ask us, then we would recommend you to choose AppPresser or Mobiloud as they perform best in converting your website into an app. You can check out several guides published in each plugin on different websites to learn more about these plugins. So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey today to success by kicking off the conversion of the WordPress site into an app.

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