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Top Instagram WordPress Plugins to Use in 2022

Instagram has become the biggest social network in the world, so why not amplify your site with all the useful Instagram WordPress Plugins.

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking platforms around the world.

Instagram has introduced many features that are widely used by the users. Audiences follow any profile as a story viewer, or reel viewer or just see the posts randomly.

There is not any business owner who can ignore Instagram in their digital marketing strategies.

Even if you have a great website, still, you need an account with a huge following on Instagram to keep in touch with niche audiences. That’s why many business owners try to buy an existing Instagram account from marketplaces like Social Tradia.

This way, they save time and find access to thousands of niche audiences instantly.

Of course, even if you have an account, creating, curating, and scheduling enough content for several platforms is not an easy task.

For example, many times, you have to provide the same content for your website and also your Instagram account. This can be really time-consuming as you need to prepare it in different formats.

A good idea in these situations would be to use Instagram photos and videos in your blog posts.

The question is how to include photos and videos that are posted on Instagram to your blog posts on your website.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of useful WordPress plugins that help you in this regard. Here are some of the top WordPress plugins you can use in the year to come.

Instagram Feed Pro

Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro is one of the greatest Instagram feed plugins out there. The plugin is used to build personalized Instagram photo feeds on over 1.3 million websites.

The plugin comes with a free version that allows you to quickly create a unique Instagram social photo feed.

The free version has a lot of features, but you can subscribe to the Pro version to get more, including numerous layout options like masonry grid, horizontal layout, carousel, and more.

smash baloons

Spotlight – Social Photo Feeds

Spotlight is a relatively new free WordPress Instagram plugin, but it’s already received some excellent feedback from users.

As the name implies, this plugin tries to make displaying images from your Instagram accounts on your WordPress website as simple as possible.

This free plugin should appeal to anybody searching for a quick and straightforward method to link their WordPress website with Instagram, thanks to its three-step setup process.

All you have to do now is link Spotlight to your Instagram accounts, create your feed, then embed it wherever you like on your website once it’s been deployed.

Spotlight has an interactive live preview customizer to help you get your feeds looking the way you want them to. This allows you to see how your Instagram photo feed will look while you work on it.

This plugin allows you to show your Instagram material in a beautiful manner and the ability to preview your feeds while editing is quite useful.



RafflePress is a WordPress giveaway and rewards plugin. You may use it in conjunction with Instagram to increase your following.

It’s extremely simple to put up a contest with RafflePress that encourages your visitors to do particular activities on Instagram. Visit your Instagram profile or look at one of your Instagram posts to do so.

RafflePress may, of course, be used to entice users to perform additional activities.

You might, for example, host a RafflePress giveaway or contest for your Instagram followers that requires them to visit a certain page on your website. To enter, you might even invite them to join your email list.


Feed Them Social

Not only does Feed Them Social function with Instagram, but it also works with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Feed Them Social might be the solution if you’d prefer to utilize a single plugin to show material from a variety of social media networks on your website.

You have a lot of choices with the free version of the plugin, which supports Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, albums, groups, and events, Twitter feeds, and Pinterest boards, pins, and the newest pins.

When you upgrade to Feed Them Social’s premium edition, you’ll be able to display material from YouTube video feeds as well as Facebook video feeds and carousels. There are a couple of additional Feed Them Social extensions worth checking out if you want even more alternatives.

feed them social

Revive Old Posts

old and fresh material on social media platforms, such as Instagram.

For your social media posts, you may create a unique timetable. You may exclude material from your blog by choosing a date range or omitting particular categories or tags if you don’t want to broadcast all of your articles.

This plugin also allows you to upload images from your media library to Instagram. You can even share fresh posts as soon as they’re published and tag your Instagram posts with custom UTM tags.

The plugin is also available for free, however, the free version only allows you to post information on Facebook pages and Twitter.

revive social

WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

The WPZOOM Social Feed Widget is designed to offer you complete control over how Instagram material appears on your website.

You’ll have access to a feature-rich widget that you can add to your sidebar and footer sections, as well as embed into articles and pages, once you’ve installed this free WordPress Instagram plugin on your website.

You may select between a one-, two-, or three-column layout for showing Instagram pictures on your site using the default widget settings. You may also use the widget in full-width mode to show Instagram content over your entire website in a horizontal banner.


Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a WordPress picture gallery plugin that is quick and simple to use.

With features like albums, lightbox popups, pagination, tagging, and more, it allows you to construct complex picture and video galleries in WordPress.

Envira has an Instagram Addon that allows you to import Instagram photos into WordPress and display them alongside your existing photo galleries.

It’s up to you whether you want to embed the photos in a lightbox on your blog or have them link to your Instagram posts.


Soliloquy is a WordPress slider plugin for beginners that allows you to construct flexible picture and video sliders.

It includes a Dynamic slider plugin that allows you to combine Instagram images, highlighted blog article thumbnails, testimonials, and other elements into a single slider.

You have complete control over what Instagram material you wish to utilize in your slider. You might, for example, include just images with particular tags.

You may also adjust the pace of your sliders and a variety of other options to complement the look of your website.


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