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Top Free Web Tools and Services to Boost Your Creativity

Web Tools and Services

Gone are the days when building your own website and maintaining all the content was a task which only skilled professionals could undertake. With the web, designing becoming more and more popular and even the smallest of industries looking to create a digital footprint online, it is only evident that the internet would give the users tools with which it is easy for them to create and then manage their own website. 

Now, there is no need to describe and illustrate the importance of a website for companies and businesses. These days with a majority of the audience accessing the information on the IoT, it is only a must to have a digital presence in the online world through a valid and reliable website portal. In the earlier days, people needed coders and HTML experts who could help them by designing their website and working on the back end systems as well. But, today with the help of easy to understand and operate tools, each one of us can master the art of website creating and designing. 

If you are someone who is on the verge of setting up their very own website, then compiled below is a list of tools and services that you can use. Please note that most of the web tools and services that we will be provided on this list have two versions that can be used. One is the free web tools and the other is the paid which comes with better options and services on the back end.

List of Web Tools and Services to Help You Create Your Own Website

  • WebFlow (free to $35 per month)

Since we all know how important it is for individual business owners to reach the masses through their very own portal, the first name in the list of web tools and services is of WebFlow. One of the best tools available online which offers customers an easy to use interface to design and host their own portal. The USP of this tool is that along with the designing and the hosting element, it also provides an inbuilt CMS system through which you can open communication channels with your audience. Now, get your very own website up and running by being the boss and deciding the content, structure, and color scheme and that too without having to deal with even a bit of coding. 

  • (Free and paid) 

Another master tool in the list of web tools and services is the portal With over 150 million users worldwide, Wix has gone on to become one of the most popular web tools when it comes to website designing and creation. The best part of Wix is that it allows people to create websites that can be accessed on both the laptop and smartphone devices as well. This tool is also such that you can easily operate without having the knowledge of coding and programming language. They have a wide variety of inbuilt designs that you can use as per your liking and you can further customize your page by easily adding animations to your pages too. 

The one con of using this tool however is that once you decide to go with a certain theme or layout for your website, there is no way you can change it without starting from scratch all over again. If you use the free version all the basics is something that you can do with ease, but if you decide to use the paid version the pricing start from $11 per month. 

web tools
  • WordPress (Free and paid) 

The world of websites and portals is incomplete without the mention of the website master which is WordPress. Right to their motto they feel that people on WordPress don’t just build a website but build an entire movement. WordPress by far is the most popular tool that is used by people worldwide because of the ease of services and additional services that they offer in both their free and paid versions. As a website hoster, you have the complete freedom to manage the content in your own way, and this is the biggest perk that WordPress gives. They also have a large pool of themes that you can use and a collection of some 55k+ plugins which can make your website topnotch and attractive. The basic structure and the designing of the website can be accessed easily on their free tool, however, if you want the more advanced setup, then you can choose to pay for the services at a cost of $96 a year. 

  • Weebly (Free and Paid) 

Weebly has completely 12 successful years and has provided a website niche to more than 50 million sites globally. This just goes to show that Weebly is also a very popular and powerful tool when it comes to website designing and creation. They offer a wide variety of templates that you can then tweak and redesign as per your liking. Most of the content that you will host through Weebly will be SEO powered since it has an inbuilt SEO tool as well that helps your page rank on the search engine. 

If you are looking to create a professional website almost all the elements can be found on the free model of Weebly. However, if you are looking for the paid version you can pay $12 per month. 

  • Squarespace (Free and paid) 

If you are an artist or a photographer and are looking for a website that can display your portfolio attractively, then this tool is the best option. This tool helps you design and form a website in the most artistic manner. The best USP of this portal is that it allows you to work on your website even through your mobile. This eventually also means that you can create websites that can be accessed through all smart devices. 

Any change that you make offline will be saved and implemented on your website the moment you go online. Most of the basic functionality and designing can be got on the free version of this tool, however, if you are going for the paid version you will need to pay anywhere from $12 to $40 per month. 

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