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Top 5 Reasons for Companies to Be Present on Google Play

Google Play

Having your app featured on Google Play is an unfair advantage for your business. This article dwells on the major benefits of being present on Google Play.

Mobile app usage has drastically risen over the last decade. Today an average user spends at least 100 hours a month on apps. This current trend in smartphone usage is indicative of considerable changes to user behavior. With more people opting for mobile apps, website usage is clearly on the decline. This is why new businesses entering the market tend to build their marketing strategies around a mobile app.

A mobile app is surely a game-changer, but a mobile app alone isn’t enough to stand out on the market. What is more important is that it should be present on Google Play to bring the most benefit to your business. The highest-rated apps on Google Play deliver the utmost customer engagement and allow for a quick brand extension.

Unless your app is published on Google Play, these are seven basic advantages that can make you consider publishing your app on this online platform.

Google Play

1. Better Visibility

First off, the presence of Google Play is a good way to increase brand awareness. Alongside similar apps, your chance of being noticed by potential customers becomes higher. According to statistics, the Google Play Store has more than 200 million downloads per day. Though one in three apps ends up being uninstalled within 30 days of a download, it is still a very high rate of retention. What may help you in this case is a one-of-a-kind brand design. A catchy icon and a simple but interactive interface are two things that affect the user’s decision to favor one or another app on Google Play.

2. Customer Engagement

If you target multiple markets, Google Play is an excellent platform to expand your business on a global scale. With over 1 billion active users, Google Play gathers a huge audience reaching out to which you can increase your customer base and become more recognized internationally. In particular, businesses involved with customer service are most likely to benefit from uploading their app to Google Play as their success is determined by the number of users who are aware of their brand. Thus, being present on Google Play opens up more opportunities to interact and retain customers that are interested in the kind of products and service you offer.

3. Direct Marketing Channel

All the apps featured on Google Play ranking tend to gain more users without making their owners invest in different marketing strategies as the platform always promotes the apps with high daily downloads. Getting your app listed higher takes months and sometimes years of hard work. But once you have appeared there, you can cut down on the expenses for social media ads because Google Play will help you retain and extend your influence. Being trendy on Google Play is always an unfair advantage over your niche competitors which maybe still trying to optimize their app.

4. Rise in Revenue

By enlarging your customer base through Google Play, you boost sales and revenue. The more your clientele grows, the more in-app promotional offers you can make to your customers. With a solid customer base built on this platform, your business develops a competitive edge and becomes less susceptible to changes in the market. On the contrary, you can lead the market and set trends once you’ve reached a point when your say is stronger than that of any other business player and as such make more money out of your customer loyalty.

5. Audience Categorization

Another reason why Google Play is the right platform to start growing a business is that it relies on extremely smart algorithms that segment the audience and lead users to the companies that are most likely to match their needs and live up to their expectations. So, being present on Google Play is at times sufficient to become visible to that part of the audience that is most interested in your business activity. With a good and precise categorization, every business is quickly connected to the right class of users whose profile corresponds to the characteristics of their target audience.

Mobile App vs Mobile-friendly Website

Some view a mobile friendly-website as an alternative to a mobile app. Though they have some features in common, a mobile website cannot be a complete replacement for an app. Both have customizable options and provide interactive ways to catch the user’s attention.

However, the appeal of a mobile applies also in its ability to work offline, deliver a better user experience which is a result of the support for some extra features like GPS, camera, location, etc. The mobile website’s main advantages are lower development costs and that users don’t have to download updates regularly.

About the trends in mobile vs website usage, the choice of mobile app design seems more reasonable and advantageous for any business.

If you aim to find the best app developers for your mobile app, try to consider outsourcing which can be a smart solution as it allows you to stay focused on your core business activity while having your app designed by a team of IT specialists.

Why Should You Be Present on Google Play?

Whether you own a small business or a large company, publishing your app on Google Play will help you improve your business performance. The mobile app on Google Play is a sure-fire way of establishing a customer base and cultivating brand awareness which will help you become more known at an international level.

At the same time, Google Play is a platform that gives you insights into the prevailing trends in the market. This knowledge is paramount to shaping your business strategies in a way that promotes brand loyalty and makes more sales. With regular updates and proper marketing campaigns, you will manage to get your app high-rated and grow your business fast, benefitting from all the perks that Google Play provides.

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