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Top 10 Features That WordPress Security Plugins Deliver

WordPress security measures are one of the safest website platforms to keep your content safe from spammers and malicious hackers. It is a misconception by the small and medium enterprise owners that the hackers will go for the big shots only. They will attack the websites associated with the giant multinational companies, but the reality is on the contrary.

Hackers are not only trying to steal personal data, but also intend to attack your personal data and customer information to mistreat the data. WordPress Development Services guard your data from malicious attacks. Installing different WordPress security plugins will secure your online business and rankings from the destruction caused by hackers.

We will explain a couple of features of WordPress Security plugins which are useful for the online safety of your business: 

Firewall Protection

Firewall Protection

One of the key features of the WordPress security plugin is the firewall protection from unnecessary attacks from hackers.

Sucuri is considered the industry leader in terms of WordPress security. This plugin is better in quality and tested for efficiency by the industry professionals. It is available in the market as a free version, providing security to the fundamental aspects of your website by scanning your online presence and protection from common threats. The recommended one is the path of paid plans providing the real value for your money. This paid plugin comes with satisfactory WordPress firewall protection. The firewall is useful in blocking any brute force and malicious assaults in getting access to WordPress. 

The firewall protection is the premium feature of the WordPress plugins. It scans for any adverse effects or visitors before it reaches your server. They provide additional support by serving static content from their CDN servers. Moreover, it is used to give you a tremendous user experience and enhances the performance of your website. It provides a smooth interface and repair in case the website was affected by malware without any extra costs. Sucuri is important to protect our websites and analyzes their systems for performance evaluations.

Swift Security Plugin

Swift Security Plugin

WordPress is a popular platform for hackers. In order to protect all the data in advance, experts suggest installing a swift security plugin which is an advanced method to hide the WordPress details. It tricks the hackers by hiding the WordPress element and they can’t recognize the WordPress site. Key characteristics of this plugin are hiding the essentials of login URL and file structure. It has IP-filter which limits a malicious login even if the password is stolen. The installation of this swift security is easier than other plugins. On the contrary, the premium account is outdated and doesn’t attack the niche users of WordPress security. 

Website Scanners for Threats



Wordfence is one of the examples of the WordPress protection plugin. The free version of the plugin is available with a powerful malware scanner, enhanced detection, and evaluation of threats in real time. The promising feature of this plugin is to scan your presence robotically for shared threats,, but you can also launch an additional full system scan at any time. It will give you a roadmap to fix the detected signs and symptoms of the security breach. It is also available with the built-in firewall. This firewall only runs in case of loading your server. It is considered a less high-quality product in comparison with the firewall of Sucuri which provides the DNS stage firewall. 

Security Auditing

All In One

All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin

All in one WordPress plugin is used widely for security auditing purposes. This is also one of the promising features of WordPress plugin that it monitors the overall security of the system. It enables you to use superior security without any difficulty as it is a user-friendly proposition. Some of the core features of these products are anticipating brute pressure attacks, file integrity monitoring, and consumer account scanning. It is fascinating to see that this plugin comes with a basic firewall as well, which detects suspicious patterns and block them accordingly. 

Backup Security



One of the features of WordPress plugin to save the user data by creating a backup file. Plugins like Backupbuddy and iThemes are used to offer the best and easy consumer interface with a number of options. Some of its additional functions are to restrict any suspicious login attempts, 404 detections and sturdy password enforcement to keep your data safe for a longer period of time. 

Anti-Malware Security

Anti-Malware security is also one of the striking features of WordPress Plugin to protect your data and interrupting any malware activities. It is very useful in covering the tracks and detects the common errors. It seriously scans your website for any malware, different patterns related to security breach and backdoor’ss from where hackers are attacking. The good news is that this feature is free of cost with top class services of data protection. One of its drawbacks is that when it is tested, it comes back with a lot of false positives which is simply a lot of work to match them with the work product. 

Login Protection

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security

One of the plugins used for login protection is Bulletproof security. It is a little bit outdated as compared to the new plugins introduced, but it has a tremendous set of beneficial features attached to it. It can provide you assistance in case of safety logs email notifications and get signals when the consumer is locked out of their profile. It is available with a malware scanner which upgrades the security features of your system and checks to maintain the integrity of your personal files. The settings panel includes additional links and significant documentation and aids you in apprehending the origin of your hackers.

Double Layer Security

The two-factor feature of WordPress allows a positive interface to block any hacker attack. It shields your website with dual safety layers. Some of the specifications of this Plugin are authentication at a multi-dimensional with landlines and mobile phones. It is customized to be used by more than one consumer. It provides users with a variety of authentication methods which are more than 15. One of the advantages of this plugin is that it gives the choice to the users for remembering their login details for any future reference on the same gadget. Push notifications, soft token and QR code scanning is some of the key features of this protection plugin.

Hiding WordPress

Some of the premium security plugins in  WordPress have a preferred option of hiding WordPress from hackers. It is so popular with a 4 plus rating amongst the user reviews. It is constantly working on revealing the glitches and weaknesses in your current security systems. It dodges the hackers into believing that they can breach the security as the WordPress security plugins are not visible to them. Hiding WordPress gives an added advantage to the user to browse the data in a secure way without worrying about the problems of attacks by hackers.

Customer Data Protection

The attackers on your website will try to gain access to your customer’s data which is a great loss for the business and can expose you to lawsuits on consumer data protection. One of the plugin VaultPress is used to ensure that the data is not lost and prevents hackers from copying it on their own device. Some of the pros of this feature are that it is the first choice and trusted by developers of the websites. It regularly updates the data algorithm. It also enables you to back up your data in real time and you can migrate your data from one place to the other with just one click. It is used in social sharing and giving user statistics as well. 


The WordPress security plugin has revolutionized the way we used to secure the integrity of our consumer data. Some of the striking features of these plugins have boosted the number of downloads and 4 star user reviews in the last year. You will be able to safely run your online business endeavors without worrying about the hackers and the menace of a breach in the security of your data. The additional feature is that they are updating their plugins for regular program glitches so that the security of your business is not compromised.

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