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The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

video marketing

Do you want to launch a video marketing campaign but don’t know what to start from? We have a solution to promote your business effectively.

It may seem challenging to create an engaging piece of content that converts. But with this step-by-step guide, you will find all the ins and outs of making stunning marketing videos.

Read on and explore the concept of video content marketing, its popularity, and easy steps to start your marketing campaign using videos. 

What is Video Marketing and Its Importance?

Video marketing is a business promotion strategy that helps to reach the audience engagingly or educationally. You can advertise your products and services by creating different types of marketing videos, including product demos, how-tos, explainer videos, about-us videos, testimonials, and more. A marketing video aims to connect closer with your customers and build brand awareness. After watching this video, people should be encouraged to find out more about your company and buy your products and services. 

Video marketing is a popular strategy to attract an audience, and many marketers benefit from it actively and report great results. According to the statistics, 92% of marketers value video as an “important part” of their marketing strategy. It’s reported that videos boost engagement, raise brand awareness, increase sales, boost ROI, generate leads, and more. 

Video Marketing

Moreover, using videos is an effective marketing tool because it grabs the audience’s attention and stays in their memory longer. It’s interesting that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when reading text. So once you have an idea of video marketing and its role, let’s explore how to launch your marketing campaign.

7 Easy Steps to Launch a Video Marketing Campaign

Video creation is not easy, there are many aspects to consider and information to learn to make a successful marketing strategy. Read these useful tips and stand out with your fascinating video. 

#1 Set the Goal 

Before you start making a video, you should clarify why you need this content strategy. It’s essential to set clear goals, like more sales, more website visits, brand awareness, more social media followers, etc. Once you know what you want to achieve, it’ll be easier for you to choose the type of marketing video and hosting platform. 

#2 Know Your Target Audience

Another crucial aspect is understanding who will watch your marketing video. You should research your potential customers and generate content that meets their needs. It’s important to build trust, so tell about your brand and showcase products reliably and confidently. Do not try to deceive your audience and exaggerate your advantageous features. You should be honest with people to establish a trustworthy connection. 

Choose a keyword rank tracker that tracks all of yours, and your competitor’s domains.

#3 Decide Who Will Make the Video

The biggest dilemma is to determine whether to make a video on your own or find an agency. Hiring an outside team will save a lot of effort and time but be ready to spend a lot of money. Expert video makers don’t know how you showcase your brand and tell your story the way you see it. You will have less control over the process, and the result may be different from your marketing video vision. 

In this case, you can use royalty free videos which is best to use in social media Ads.

You can always try to create your video with a high-quality phone camera and editing software, like FlexClip. There are many useful tools that will help you add sound to video, create voice-over, add captions, music, effects, etc. Find what video type you want to shoot, prepare for filming, paying attention to lighting and sound quality. Be consistent and tell a story with your video. 

For creating natural sounding voice overs you can try text to voice software to make your videos more compelling.

#4 Create Interactive Content

A short, engaging video featuring your employees, the process of product creation, or a tutorial on how to use it is fine, but what about viewer engagement? The simplest solution is to enable commenting on your videos and live streams. Besides, it’d be great if you prepare a separate Q&A video answering all their questions. It sparks their interest and encourages them to explore more and come back. When you add interesting hashtags to your videos on social media, people can share them too. Launch challenges and giveaways and collaborate with influencers so that the audience not simply watches the video but interacts and promotes it. 

#5 Choose the Video Platform

One of the most crucial steps in selecting a video hosting platform. These may be your website, social media channels, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, webinar providers, live streaming services, etc. Each platform has its video requirements, and you should adapt your content. Videos on Youtube, Facebook, and LinkedIn should have a length of up to 10 minutes, while Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter videos — from a minute to five. 

#6 Promote Your Videos 

It’s not enough to generate engaging content, as your marketing strategy will not work without proper promotion. Optimize your videos for search engines, adding relevant keywords and captions. Social media videos get more views when you collaborate with influencers, add hashtags, and advertise videos. You can also share videos via email. 

#7 Analyze Your Performance 

You should also measure the performance of your marketing video to understand what to improve. The platform of your choice can have analytics tools, and you track the metrics you need. These may be view count, play rate, completion rate, click-through and conversion rates, etc. Determine what type of videos get the most views and consider this information when creating future videos. In the beginning, you set the goal, and in the end, you will have to analyze where it was met. Count the number of followers, views, popularity, sales, and revenue to see if the strategy works.

Final Thoughts

By creating a marketing video, you make your brand voice more vivid and make it more trustworthy. We hope these tips will help you generate a captivating marketing video that will attract the audience. We wish you good luck and high sales with a successful video content marketing campaign! 

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