The Importance of Layout in Graphic Design

Layout in graphic designing refers to the arrangement of elements such as image, text, and style on a page. The layout bridges the gap between your target audience and your brand. The success of a graphic design depends on the arrangement of the elements in the proper sequence and position. The improper layout can act as the nemesis of your brand. At the same time, the right layout is just enough to attract your potential customers. 

In this blog, I will highlight the importance of layout in graphic designing. I will discuss how the layout can make all the difference between a successful and failed graphic design. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a pamphlet and receiving no profit in return only because the layout wasn’t attractive enough for your target audience! 

Horrifying, right? Take a look at all the advantages of the right layout in graphic designing to avoid a similar situation in your career.

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Adds to the Unity in All the Elements of Your Design

I have always assumed graphic designing to be similar to making music. What if each member of a music band played a different tune? All you could hear would be nothing but meaningless noise instead of melodious music. Similarly, all the elements of your graphic design layout should fit together and have a strong unity. It is only through unity that the layout will be a unified piece and communicate your brand’s message. 

Take a look at this wonderful image of a raccoon below:

raccoon mem

Do you think the background image, the raccoon’s image, and the text belong there? Does this appeal to you? No, right? Why? It is simply because the elements are disjointed, and it does not contribute to the design. 

Many of you may think that color is the only way to establish unity. Well, experiment! Try using shapes and proximity to put unity into practice. Make sure whatever you are trying to convey is getting across to your target clients.

Easy for Readers to Understand the Message

Say you want to build a website or an online presence for your restaurant named ‘Woody’s Barbeque.’ What if you decide the logo to be baby pink in color along with a picture of a pigeon at the top? Will your target clients understand what your business is about from the logo? Trust me; they won’t. As a result, they will get diverted to your competitor’s business. Complicated or meaningless graphic designing layouts can take a toll on the growth of your business. 

The first step in creating a solid brand identity is using a proper layout for graphics designing. From the logo to the banner, everything should reflect what your brand is about. It should convey your essence and be flexible enough to evolve with your business. 

Here is an image of some of the world’s famous yet simple logos.


All of them are simple and instantly recognizable. Even Coca Cola’s logo is just a straight line of text rather than a bunch of images. Simple layout for your graphic designing makes it easier for your target clients to understand the purpose of your business. They can also relive the positive experiences they had with the brand. Also, the simpler your graphic designing is, the easier it is to scale between mediums such as digital advertising and traditional advertising. 

Opens a Slew of Content Marketing Opportunities

content marketing

Graphic design is way more than just pictures and fancy fonts. It is the art of problem solving and communication through imagery. An interesting layout can help you engage with your customers and build brand awareness. You can also influence the customer’s decision-making process through amazing graphic design layouts. 

In content marketing, graphic design layouts act as the visual piece to guide your customers through your intended message. For example, consider CTAs or call to actions. Graphic designs can help you connect instantly with your target clients. The right layout can persuade your readers to execute the action you want them to, thereby, encouraging more interaction with your prospect. 

90% of information is transmitted better via visual means. People respond better to graphics and photos since they spark more interest and engagement. You can present the information more convincingly. Infographics are an excellent technique to draw attention to your content and drive traffic back to your website. 

You can also use blog post graphics to drive more engagement to your website. Always remember that before your audience begins to read your content, their opinion is shaped by design. Blog graphics illustrate the point that you try to make through blogs. Appealing images and designs attract the attention of your readers.

Increases the Bounce Rate of the Website

bounce rate

Bounce rate determines the time visitors spend on your website. Higher the bounce rate, more miserable your website design is. It is a major setback for businesses of varying sizes. For example, say your graphics designing layout is not user-friendly. Your target clients struggle hard to understand your services and products. Therefore, you can’t expect your bounce rate to increase, can you?

You may have high-quality content on your website. However, that’s of no use if the layout of your website is not interesting enough. No one will read your content if the page is full of random ads scattered all over the display. Your target clients will not be interested in your online assignments writers if the font or the color palette of the page does not match.  

At times, you may notice a surge of traffic on your website. Congratulations! But, high chances are the traffic won’t stick around for long since there are multiple competitors out there. To tackle the situation, you need to use visual imagery. Opt for a subtle color combination that will be soothing to the eyes of your clients. Use your brand colors throughout the page to persuade your readers to stay a little longer, read the contents and eventually you can transform them into conversions. 

Graphic designing is easier said than done. It takes a lot of practice, hard work, creativity and time to get your graphic designing on point. Graphic designing lessons are available online too. Hence, if you are not willing to spend money, you can try taking up those courses for free. Opportunities are right here around the corner for you. All you have to do is put some effort into achieving your dreams. Good luck!

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