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The 3 Best Practices To Use To Launch An App Quickly


Getting things to market as fast as possible is an age-old challenge. It’s always good to be able to beat the competition to get your product in front of your target audience before anybody else. This positions you well to take a big chunk of market share very quickly. Although you want to act quickly if you rush things just to be the first one to the market you do risk making some mistakes. 

There are ways to develop and launch the app in a way that is fast while also covering all the bases so you don’t make a fatal mistake early on. In this article, we will go over some of the things you should be doing to make sure that you can launch the app right away. 

Plan Out Your Route

Having a clear roadmap of the development from idea to launch is going to help you stay on track. It should be set up with plenty of milestones for all the teams so they can see what is expected and when it is expected. There are a lot of different platforms and software suites that will help you plan out the project and keep it visible to all the different teams. 

Once you have all the individual projects coordinated such as between the developers and marketers, then you can get ready to deploy the finished product. If you’ve used a common service data model (CSDM) to map things out and monitor the lifecycle of the project then you should know when it is ready to go. You can read more about how a CSDM system works at

Make Use of Wireframes

When car manufacturers are designing a car, one of the stages is to create a prototype. It’s a model of the car that shows the features and provides a blueprint of how it will be manufactured. The same thing holds true for an application. The prototype is called a wireframe. 

A wireframe is essentially the blueprint of the application so you can see all the various points within it. It provides a visual so everybody knows the route to take to get it from concept to delivery. Communication is improved since everybody can see how the project is supposed to go and avoids miscommunication. 

launch an app

Start on One Platform

Don’t try to cast too wide a net in the beginning by trying to launch on Android and IOS at the same time. They are so different that it can end up slowing down the launch as you work out the bugs of each. Instead, pick one and focus your attention there. 

This will help you fine tune the app for the platform you choose and perfect it before moving onto another challenge. Once the app is launched and you are working out the bugs then it can be rolled out on the next platform. 

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