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Social Media Trends in 2021: What Do the Experts Predict?

Social Media Trends

In the extract, we discussed how social media has undergone a lot of changes. You Cannot ignore the fact that Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn have become a part of our lives.

Whatever happens with us, we upload it on social media. It is an indirect way of communication. Social media has played a major role which affected our views, life, and status. In the article, you will learn about what are the trends and their effect on our lives.

As the global emergency came into the limelight, we are completely dependent on social media.

Social media trends are changing day by day. You cannot ignore the fact that social media made our stay at home during covid-19. The app developers added various new features in the app so that more and more users engaged in the app.

We have halted the meeting of friends, relatives, and schoolmates, and everything is done virtually.

Seeing such opportunity, various apps developed during a pandemic. Existing ones updated their features to engage their existing customers. As per Statista, The rate of social media engagement has increased drastically. There are almost 3.6 billion social media active users in 2021.

It is expected that figure will go up to 4.41 billion by 2025. The rate of social media active users increased by 49 percent in Jan 2020.

Social media has changed the way we shop, live, and expose. Nowadays, we are deeply affected by user-generated content. Whenever we shop we first check its online existence.

Even if we are going to join a company, we always check whether it is on LinkedIn or not. Now healthcare app development companies and developers are becoming aware of the latest trend to integrate into their apps. So in this article, we will talk about some trends we are going to face in 2021. Let’s start.

User-Generated Content

UGC content

We are deeply affected by content generated by users. Users give their own views about any incident or brand. They express the real experience of a particular thing. So before going to transact, we always check the content about it over social media. The user-generated content took the place of reviews and ratings. The brand has made its online presence from scratch which directly influences the users. 

Memes 24*7

Memes have become one of the hottest trends of 2020. It is a kind of communication where you express your feelings which can be felt not written. You have seen so many memes over social media which tell of the old life, new styles, and so on. Memes told us how far we have come. It is a kind of indirect communication expressing truth. 

Marketing Nostalgia

Nostalgia word describes the event that happened recently. It was popular during the 1920s and now in the 2020s. The nostalgia marketing told us how valuable freedom is. Nostalgia marketing is famous among the audience and is found among youngsters. Brands can make their campaign using nostalgia marketing. 

Conversational Marketing

It is not compulsory to only send messages. Several brands now engage customers through comment sections where you humanize your brand. Personalization and engaging with customers through customers are new normal marketing strategies. Through conversational marketing, followers feel important and being heard. 

Social Gaming

The gaming industry has become the most popular industry of this decade. Users now play video games, record screens, and upload on social media. This is a new normal to promote gaming videos over social media platforms. A big target audience attracts and engages with the video content. 

Old-School Marketing

The users love easy and simpler ways of communication. The strategies like voice search, podcast, voice search, and talk to text are preferred by a large group. Such a strategy helps to market your brand through old-school marketing tactics. Not everyone likes advanced methods, some just want to be heard through easy mediums. 

Dominant Social Platforms

social networks

Some platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,, and so on are still dominant. No matter how many new applications come into the market, some platforms are still famous and preferred by a large target audience. The audience of Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will not be shifted to other platforms no matter how pretty the platform is. 

Digital Disinformation

The problem is there are lots of followers who did not check the news but are reliable on social media content. Mostly to generate more likes and comments, some fake accounts generate negative views about any particular brand, influencer, celebrity or anyone. Sometimes, other users also get trapped in such web and social media becomes the part of misinformation. 

Socially Conscious Audience

Now youngsters are most socially conscious rather than in real life. Users are very protective of their social media status. They made them perfect over social media and very conscious about their pictures, comments, likes, and followers. They create a virtual life that disturbs their real life.

Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing

Instagram has changed a lot since TikTok was banned in India. Now Instagram integrated reel which has short video content. Now users over Instagram can make reels, add stories, IGTV videos, and notification bell icons. Instagram has changed the messaging method like you can select a message and reply to it. 


It is not Instagram but also Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp which have updated their platforms. Now you can add stories over WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well. The WhatsApp messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. Linkedin has become more and more conversational and also scam accounts are also there. Facebook has also added IGTV video features to remain active in the competition.

Facebook has an integrated marketplace where eCommerce owners display their merchandise. Facebook has integrated separate group options where you can upload your content without messaging. The platforms have updated in numerous ways which made your 2020 very different. We have discussed everything in detail, hope you find the article informative. 

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