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Social Media Strategy for Shopify Store


Today, everyone is present on social media and people spend hours on social media every day. Thus, it is a great opportunity to market your business. Social media offers a vast opportunity to brands, especially for eCommerce businesses. If you have an eCommerce site powered by Shopify Development then you must promote your Shopify store on social media

A good social media marketing strategy can help you to build an engaged and loyal customer base. These customers will contribute a big part to your sales. 

In the current competitive world, it is important to engage your customers and keep them happy. To engage customers, social media is the best platform. Thus, you need a streamlined social media marketing strategy for your business. Also, if you have a Shopify store, make sure to choose the Best Shopify Theme for Online Store, so that your store also functions well. 

You need to create a social media strategy that helps to keep you action-focused. If you are just a beginner, it may look very difficult to reach the top. Very often social media users like TikTokers may want to buy TikTok followers or other users like Facebook, Twitter users may want to do the same.

However, building a strategy from scratch can be a difficult task for you, so you can also hire a social media marketing company or a digital marketing company.  

In this post, we will also give you some tips that will help you to create a killer social media strategy for your Shopify store.

5 Pillars of Social Media Strategy

Reporting marketing statistics at meeting

Define goals for your marketing

Before creating a social media strategy, you must be clear about your goals. You must know about your goals and then invest your time and efforts. Without a goal, you won’t reach anywhere. 

Some of the most common goals of Shopify store owners are:

  • Increasing revenue
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Attract new customers
  • Build a long-term relationship with the customers
  • Increase the traffic

You may have other goals, but you will have some goals from the above ones. Deciding goals will help you to build a proper social media strategy for your brand. So, try to have a clear goal before you design the social media strategy for your company. 

Understand your target audience and use segmentation

Your product may not be suitable for everyone. So, you must know about your target audience. You must have an idea of which group of people is interested in your product or service. The more clarity you have about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to design the strategy. 

You can classify your audience based on their age, locality, gender, income, relationship status, etc. If most of the audience is millennials, then you must use a tech-savvy approach. So, you can customize your strategy as per your target audience.  

Use content mix for greater engagement

The content mix is one major aspect that can be rewarding for you. By choosing the right mix of content you can keep your audience engaged across all the different platforms. Customers will stay interested in your offerings. 

Context mix basically means using all types of content. It may include blogs, videos, promotions, podcasts, etc. These will diversify the content and engage customers. 

When you use a content mix, then customers will not get bored with your content.  They have an option to read interesting articles, watch videos, etc. 

Provide value to your target audience

The content you post should be valuable to your target audience. You cannot post anything and expect good in return. You need to dedicate your time and efforts to the content. For a good content mix, you need to plan in advance, then edit, and finally schedule the content. 

You must also motivate your customers to leave reviews on your website. Because reviews are also a type of content. And, most importantly, the reviews can help other customers to make a buying decision. 

The content posted by you on social media must engage your customers, entertain your customers, and provide value to your customers. 

Try to make a content schedule for social media where on a particular day, you post a particular type of content. For e.g., on Monday you post a promotional post, on Tuesday customer reviews, on Saturday funny posts, likewise. 

Use multiple channels

There are many social media platforms available that can be used to promote your business. Some of the major social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. We advise you to use multiple social media channels for your product promotion because different types of audiences use different types of social media channels. 

Also, using multiple platforms can give you a wide reach. You can reach a wide number of people. However you want to target a specific audience, then you can use the social media platform on that basis. Suppose, if you are into a B2B business, then using LinkedIn would be beneficial for you. If you are in a B2C business, then almost all the platforms can be useful, but Instagram would be best. 


In conclusion, we would say that social media is very important for a brand’s success. One should utilize social media in the best way to promote the business. You can use the ways that we have mentioned to design a successful social media marketing strategy for your brand.  

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