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What Are the Best Social Media Analysis Tools?

social media analysis tools

You might often have seen people shrugging their shoulders when talking about social media analysis. However, it can be an essential part of your marketing strategy. If you aim to increase your ROI, reach a new audience and promote your brand, you need to primarily consider social media analysis.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become important aspects of the everyday activities of our lives. Moreover, for businesses, a huge share of their audience and potential customers is present on these social media platforms. With the best digital marketing agency in Kanpur, get hold of what it is and what social media analysis tools are the best.

What is Social Media Analysis?

Social media analysis can be defined as the procedure of extracting valuable data from different social media platforms. Further, the collected data is studied and analyzed to draw conclusions for business plans and strategies. With the help of the finest digital marketing company in Kanpur, you can powerfully harness its benefits.

Through social media analysis, you can get the most out of your previous campaigns and plans. Businesses can gain useful insights which can be further leveraged and implemented in further plans and strategies. With this, you can efficiently develop a successful social media campaign that will hit your target audience at the right time and right place.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools

Social media analysis can be a time-consuming process. However, if done with the right tools and expertise, it can be exceptionally beneficial for businesses. From the best digital marketing company in Kanpur, explore the top social media analytics tools which are as follows:

Google Analytics

google analytics

Not to be considered as a social media analysis tool solely, Google Analytics provides one of the best mediums to track your social media campaigns and gain useful insights. Also, you can effectively measure your social return on investment.



It can help businesses in bridging social media performance with business and revenue growth. Businesses can effectively report on the excellence of their social media strategy across every channel and platform. It also allows comparison of different social media channels.

Here’s the HubSpot pricing.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Allowing cross-channel social media analysis provides deep insights into the strategy performance. Also, it has easily understandable and ready reports for presentation as well. It also offers a template and customizable reporting alternatives where you can include or not include the required metrics.



Through TapInfluence, as an analytics platform, track influence marketing has been made efficient. The platform provides different analysis metrics like engagement rate, reach and price tag among others for any influencer. Make it work out even before outreach.



With every other brand trying direct social selling, Curalate provides a hybrid storefront and analytics tools for businesses. Through this, sales on Instagram can be maximized. Also, a business can understand its product performance and insights.


Running social media contests and giveaways, picking a winner can be a daunting task. ShortStack makes the process a cakewalk by precisely analyzing the engagement and picking the winner(s). Also, it helps in long-term campaign performance as well.



Through BuzzSumo, businesses can gain and analyze the social media engagement precisely for any content. Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter whichever platform you want, you can extract useful business data.

With the expertise of the finest digital marketing agency in Kanpur and the best tools, the business holds the power to establish and execute successful social media campaigns. The power of social media shall not be underestimated and neither should be of social media analysis and the tools used.


Heepsy helps brands and agencies find the right influencers for their social media marketing campaigns. The platform provides search engine capabilities for finding influencers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. It also offers on-the-spot analytics, so you can start analyzing influencer profiles immediately.


Sotrender is a go-to social media analytics tool which enables you to access all strategic data about your organic and paid performance. You can also compare such results with competitors to build up your marketing strategy. On top of that, your social media reports can be generated within a minute and adjusted exactly according to your business preferences.

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