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Short Videos Transformation From Entertainment Medium to a Marketing Tool 

short videos

The ways of communication have changed exponentially over the years, but the need for it has never changed, for it is an essential part of human life.

The digital disruption brought revolutionary changes in the way we communicate.

The speed and scope of the shift of our communication modes show that we have come a long way.

With the rise of the internet formed new communication platforms and social media was soon created.

Social media initially intended for just social interactions soon transformed into a powerful business tool and drastically changed the way brands interact with users. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc., became an integral part of life and changed consumer behavior.

This sudden change allowed organizations like YuppTV, an online streaming platform, to rethink and operate their business. Today, brands can be involved with almost anyone, anywhere and anytime, with short videos.

Earlier, short videos were meant for pure entertainment, but innovation and ease of technology transformed it into a powerful marketing tool. Marketing has YuppTV, an online website that becomes easy and fast with emphasis on reach and velocity of communication. 

User Engagement

‘User Engagement’ is always the critical aspect of marketing. All brands capitalize on this trend and engage the user with limitless creativity.

Organizations can reasonably prosper from making social media marketing an indispensable component of their comprehensive business policy.

Social media allows firms to connect with their consumers, enrich awareness of their brands, impact consumer’s behaviors, collect feedback, help to boost current products and services and increase sales.  

Social media rapidly replaced flyers as a form of marketing, and now business owners are infusing their time into marketing strategies to reach billions of social media users worldwide.

Also, social and digital marketing gives considerable opportunities to organisations through low cost, enhanced brand attention and improved sales with maximum user engagement.

Recent data shows that video content is one of the most productive aspects of marketing today. This is revamping the business world in ways most people could not have imagined a few short years ago.

These creations inch closer to highly normalised usage all the time across sectors and industries. As a result of this invention, transformation is arising quickly.

More recently, short-form videos have taken over social media platforms bringing maximum user engagement. 

Reel it to Feel it

Instagram Reels are important for businesses to build engagement and attract new followers. Reels are another way for brands to widen their stretch in 30 seconds or less. There are many ways to integrate short-form videos into your marketing strategy.

But no matter which tendencies come and go, they will always come back to your audience.

Go for a few techniques, analyse the data. Short-form video needs to take a more credible, human, and creative approach to the market.

It’s necessary to align with your content strategy or brand. Emphasis on catering to your niche and staying original first. Experiment anywhere because trends have to start somewhere! 


What’s Your Story

Stories are a great way to engage with your users and share content between your scheduled video posts, with photos and short videos. All content posted to Stories lasts only 24 hours. Stories are full-screen, short-form and offer all kinds of productive, customizable overlays, which means more ways to be valid and less stress to be accurate.

Despite being for a limited time, these stories will apprehend your audience’s intuition longer and more thoroughly than any other advertising medium.

Creating high professional-quality video is necessary to promote your business more dynamically, and you can leverage your brand in places where still images and text cannot go, just like a reel story. 

Keep it Short


A short video is the star of content marketing. Moreover, a short video is ideal for sharing on Facebook and Instagram.

This hits the social media target and gives a chance to share and boost your video on social media.

The key to being successful is to make it instantly engaging and to tell your story within a reasonably short runtime.  

Short video advertising saw a surge during the pandemic compared to print, which was hit hard.

The outlook of short video advertising also looks encouraging, and anticipates it to continue thriving in the coming years.

The smartphone emerged as the primary source of entertainment and productivity amid the pandemic, according to the study released by Nokia.

Short video advertising also held its own during the pandemic compared to print, which was hit hard.

The future of short video advertising also looks promising and predicting it to continue growing in the coming years. 

Study shows that people who often watch short clips are more friendly to advertising. About 84% of Gen Z and millennials watch short-form videos.

While the urban population is more addicted to content on social media, this trend is equally observed in the rural space due to economical mobile data charges and an increase in the usage of smartphones.

More importantly, those who watch short-form videos more than an hour per week have an above-average subscription rate.

Another important factor is that our attention span is getting shorter as social media is overpowering our visual experience and always pumping us with new information. Therefore, short-type videos can effectively capture users’ spotlight for the whole of the video.

Marketers can create hard-hitting, relatable videos that get straight to the point without spending vast production. If you think one hour per week is a lot? Think again.

TikTok users used to spend an average of 55 minutes a day on the app.

Should You Reject Long-form Videos?

The answer is no. Long-form content gives you extra liberty to frame a story and construct a choice for your brand. Marketers can use longer videos to connect with audiences and invoke emotional reactions.  

 Additionally, long videos will enable Google to place high in its search engine outcomes. This will boost your website strength and SEO view through long-form videos. 

Co-innovation, in which a business works closely with clients or other companies to develop new ideas, has become a key solution to this issue. It allows sharing of both risks and rewards, as well as the development of well-thought-out joint plans and greater chances of success.  As it said, small is the revolution and this change will propel short videos not just as entertainment but as an effective marketing tool too.

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