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Reviews About iMind: a Universal Tool for Video Conferencing in USA


The iMind is a high-quality service eliminating the geographical area as a barrier to meeting face-to-face. It is a seamless communication and video conferencing platform for humans and workers alike. And it helps support workflow and balance working interactions within all staff members. Numerous surveys of show that users often use video conferencing and chat for business.

Main Features of iMind

What features does the iMind platform offer?

There are many useful features and possibilities with the iMind video conferencing software. Key among them are:

  • plan free of charge;
  • the option to create up to 10 rooms for free;
  • concurrent screen sharing;
  • high quality video;
  • background noise suppression function;
  • simple room creation: you enter the name of the room and get the link. Then you simply copy it and send it to the participants;
  • an easy way to join the meeting: just click the link;
  • volume setup for participants;
  • ability to record a conference;
  • recording of multiple meetings at the same time in different rooms in the Pro plan.

However, the licenses a user can obtain vary depending on their subscription:

  • Free Plan: free, forever. No credit card required.
  • Pro Plan: up to 99 licenses per account.
  • Business Plan: up to 999 licenses per account.
  • Enterprise Plan: from 1000 licenses.

Pros and Сons of iMind Сonferencing Platform

As the best cost-based meeting platform on the market in the U.S., gives you access to a wide range of video conferencing tools for companies. It offers major benefits:

  • great security;
  • simple to use;
  • appealing and clear user interfaces;
  • simple and precise functions.

To set up a meeting room, you need to register on iMind or log in to your account. After that, you will be redirected automatically to your account dashboard. There you will be able to control your meeting rooms: see your current ones or make a new one.

With, this is a highly underrated application that more organizations should take benefit of.  One thing some users will probably mention in the U.S.A.  is that it can be quite expensive on a per year basis, after the free stuff. It can occasionally lag when there are lots of participants in attendance in a room. Overall, though, it works well for the sittings.

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Which iMind Plan Would Be Optimal for You?

The functionality and optionsi for subscription have been described above. As you can easily guess, a pro subscription expands these options in the following aspects:

  • additional participants you can invite (100 max.);
  • larger number of people with enabled webcams to participate (12 max.);
  • no limits on creating rooms;
  • simultaneous recording of the conference (for several different rooms);
  • create not only personal but also collective rooms;
  • on-line chat for business.

Larger enterprise plans offer even more features. 

So you must choose your plan based on your personal goals.

What are the Reviews of Users about in the USA?

Lots of users leave positive feedback and talk about iMind. Many users write about the great features, useful features and the best way to communicate through online chats, video conferencing and meetings. It’s also convenient that you don’t need any downloads or installations. No need to register just to chat.

So, in the United States, iMind is one of the leaders in the video conferencing industry. It is a smooth and advanced voice and video conferencing service for personal and business communication.

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