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Qwery 3.0 – Free AI Support Update Has Been Released!

Qwery 3.0

Everyone knows our best-selling QWERY WordPress theme, which keeps on getting more advanced and usable. With about 7,000 downloads (only on ThemeForest), it’s one of the top-trending WordPress themes, offering impressive collections of designs and tools to help you create an outstanding website. The creative ThemeREX team releases regular updates for Qwery. This time is no exception. We proudly introduce you to the latest free AI support update for the Qwery theme. 

The freshly released feature is a stunning addition to the collection of AI-powered tools the Qwery theme has on board. Before the latest update, the theme’s functionality was expanded with the Multilingual OpenAI Prompts, letting you make AI-powered texts and images. Qwery enables you to make AI content without leaving your website’s admin panel. You can create premium-quality images worry-free using the AI Engine or AI Helper. Now, the AI Assistant has been integrated into the theme’s toolkit. 

The AI technology is here to stay. It’s rapidly becoming an essential part of our lives, facilitating and enhancing how we work and search for the answers to different questions. When building a website with a theme, how often do you refer to the documentation for instructions? We bet often! When considering the improvements we can add to the Qwery theme, we considered how we could facilitate your experience by addressing the documentation and online support. 

And bingo! We have integrated the Qwery theme with an AI support assistant free of charge. Using the AI assistant, you can get prompt answers to questions related to customizing your WordPress theme. You can easily access it right from your website’s admin dashboard.

To access the AI support feature, navigate Theme Panel > Theme REX Addons > AI Helper. In the settings menu, ensure the assistance toggle is switched on. It will allow the AI assistant to display in the admin area. After you finish adjusting the settings, save the changes. When you save the changes, you will see the chat widget in the lower right corner of the admin dashboard’s area.


Using ThemeREX AI Assistant, you can quickly ask any theme-related questions and customize your website. To start working with the AI assistant, click the widget, type in your request, or choose quick prompts. The AI assistant will respond to your request in a few seconds, either with quick instructions or a ready-to-go solution based on your request.

For example, the AI Assistant lets you hide the mouse helper (a trailing dot that chases your cursor). To do this, click the “hide mouse helper” prompt and send the request. That’s it. The AI Assistant will do the rest of the job for you. To check the result, simply update your website’s preview page.


Besides using quick prompts, you can ask the AI Assistant some questions. For example, if you need to change social media links on your website, simply send the respective support to the AI support. In a few seconds, you will get an answer and a link to the socials tab, where all changes can be made. Next, it’s your turn to add all links to the social media profiles that you have. Do not forget to save the changes once you’ve done so. That’s easy! 

In rare cases, the AI Assistant may not provide you with a correct answer for your request. In such cases, you can contact the official support center.

Try the AI support feature the latest Qwery update has delivered! How does it feel? Let us know your opinion! 

More stunning releases will be published shortly. Follow our updates to be the first to discover new Qwery features!

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