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Link Building for eCommerce – Ultimate Guide


Link building is an essential part of the SEO strategy that focuses on getting other websites to link back to your eCommerce site.

To constantly grow and be competitive, you should ensure a constant flow of quality backlinks from trusted websites. The stronger your link profile, the better your site shows up on search engines.

You need to get creative with your link building strategies to improve your website’s rankings in search engine results pages, get more customers, and increase profits.

In this article, you’ll learn seven proven eCommerce tactics to build links from trusted websites in 2023.

Let’s go! 

Product Reviews

Feedback from regular customers matters. In 2023, FinanceOnline created a comprehensive infographic that confirms that users watch online reviews before making a purchase.


As you can see, most people rely more on negative reviews to choose the best product. But at the same time, they appreciate the positive comments of former customers.

To gain excellent reviews and valuable links to your website, you should:

  • Find the best review sites relevant to your niche, such as Shopify or Tripadvisor;
  • Motivate customers to leave feedback via email follow-ups, discounts, and personalized messages;
  • Respond to negative and positive reviews;
  • Leverage social media as a review platform.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the most popular link building strategies for eCommerce that helps obtain high-quality backlinks and enhance website visibility in search engine results. 

Writing valuable blog posts for authoritative online resources will still help your SEO and is unlikely to hurt it.

You can use Google search operators to find blogs with “write for us” pages or find platforms for guest posting effortlessly using Collaborator. It is a PR distribution platform that will help you easily find the most suitable and reliable sites to get backlinks in a couple of clicks.

Collaborator offers:

  • 21,000+ sites that have already been checked and are ready for placement;
  • Convenient site filter that will help you select sites by topics, ratings, prices, and more;
  • User-friendly interface helps to understand the features and settings of an account and communicate with website owners;
  • Low fees and insurance from deletion for 3 months.

It means that all you need to do is regularly publish guest articles, and you will get high-quality links and attract organic traffic.

Unlinked Brand Mentions


Do you know all websites that can mention your brand name without linking to your site? 

There are millions of websites and blogs where your brand or product can be mentioned. It is your chance to grab some quick links using automated tools to find online mentions of your product and contact the webmaster for link building opportunities.

To find such references, you will need one of the following tools:

Just enter the name of your brand or product, and any of these and other platforms will show the list of sites where you were mentioned.

Next, you only need to gather more information about each website and write to these site owners to request them to add a link to your website. 

Resource Pages

Aira says 24% of link builders and SEO professionals use the resource pages strategy. 

A resource page gathers helpful industry resources, tools, products, websites, services, and more. 

The goal is to have your website included on these lists as a reputable source of information.

Follow these steps to build links from resource pages:

  • Find resource pages in your industry. 
  • Check the pages. 
  • Reach out to the site owner to suggest the inclusion of your page.

Additionally, you can build a resource page on your website that is useful, you may improve your website’s credibility and visibility. Within this strategy, you compile a digest of essential information tailored to your target audience.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a process of finding references with broken links. It involves finding a dead page and asking webmasters to link to a new page.

You should regularly check your website for broken links and promptly fix them. It’s like juggling; you’ll be successful when you control the elements in the air and your hands.

To find broken links, you can use: Ahrefs,MOZ, Semrush

For example, check the broken backlinks with Ahrefs Link Checker.

Broken Link Building
  • enter the URL to check;
  • get the results;
  • recover links.

Unique Statistics

Content creators (journalists, bloggers, and writers) often rely on facts, statistics, and graphics to back up their articles. 

As an eCommerce brand, you can collect unique consumer data and use it to attract many relevant backlinks to your website. 

So, you need:

  • Collect TA data. You should clearly understand the target audience (gender, age, social status, etc.). Create unique statistics and get backlinks from high-authority sites such as Forbes
  • Determine the most popular online queries related to your product. You can do this with MOZ: put the keyword you want to research and sort it by Monthly Volume, Difficulty, and Organic CTR. It will help to understand the interest of your TA and choose a research topic.
  • Create your own statistics page;
  • Promote it on social media;
  • Reach out to the websites to replace outdated statistics. 


Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is another great link building strategy that connects reporters, journalists, and bloggers with industry experts. Respond to relevant queries and earn high-quality backlinks from reputable websites. 

It clearly shows the benefit of the win-win approach, as both sides get what they need:

  • Reporters receive unique material, text, infographics, and statistics;
  • Experts get backlinks from reputable publications, new leads, and loyal customers.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to register on the website:

  • Choose “I’m a source”;
  • Read and adopt the rules of cooperation;
  • Complete the profile.

Next, you only need to receive requests from journalists and provide valuable insights.

Final Thoughts

To develop your business in the eCommerce niche, you should create your unique link building strategy. To make such a strategy, regularly use the above tactics. Be sure to use the tools to make your path more transparent. You can develop your eCommerce business and be more successful than competitors.

You can also use the Collaborator platform to get quality links easier and faster. With it, you will find only reliable sites and communicate in a single place, without the need to search for contacts on the Internet. 

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