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Latest Technology Trends That Are Evolving the Mobile App Development Industry

Mobile App Development

Is your mobile app fulfilling the purpose that formed its core? Do your customers still feel good using your mobile app solution? Do they feel that the mobile app has evolved with their needs?

There is a good sense in ensuring that the mobile app solution is not stagnant, and keeps evolving with time and changing needs. For instance, the Uber app included other modes of transport, when they saw a change in the customer needs or an evolution in the customer base. They started improving the app interface to suit the needs of their varying age groups.

This is just one example. There are several apps that have been offering this seamlessness in their solutions from day one, and it is quite a joy to watch them evolve.

Apart from the changing needs, it is also important for the mobile app solutions to consider the changing and evolving technology trends that can prove to be apt for the solution they have developed.

For instance, voice enabled search in apps has led to massive convenience for the customers who search a lot within the apps. Personalization through algorithmic analysis has led to increased engagement.

These are just a few to name. We will, here, talk about the various tech trends that are boosting the mobile app development, and should be considered by them.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is key to enhancing the experience of your mobile app. AI in mobile apps has become essential considering the fact that most apps have now included this technology. It could be in a small way, but the technology is creating a difference.

Let’s take Amazon for instance. The technology has improved the personalization efforts made by the app. The app recommendations are based on their learning of the user (data and past purchases and other relevant things) as well as their search history and what they could possibly look at (an educated guess). Amazon has in fact made the whole application personalized. So, your home page theme would be based on the personalization efforts made by the app. This is one way of using machine learning in your mobile app.

Voice assistants that help in resolving an issue or enabling search within the app is another way of using AI or ML within the mobile app. Lastly, virtual assistants that can take up your resource’s place, and offer immediate help to the users prove to be the final way in which mobile app solutions can leverage this technology.

Blockchain Technology


Not many app developers are using this app to unleash the hidden security and experience app potential through blockchain. In fact, this technology is yet to reach its peak. However, it is a pretty responsive technology, which can boost the effectiveness of the app solution, and render it secure for usage.

Currently, mobile app solutions tend to use wallets and other methods of payment, which make going cashless easy and payments convenient for the user. However, when it comes to reality, there are security issues that the user cannot ignore. That’s why you need Blockchain at the core. It will help protect the data, and will make payments through cashless mode secure and easy.

Apart from this, businesses tend to use mobile apps for payments across the border. In this case, Blockchain can prove to be useful, not just in reducing the exchange costs, but also enhancing the payment security.

In the future, this technology within an app solution can be used to boost Blockchain-as-a-Service or BaaS. It can also help with exchange of cryptocurrency and in ensuring anti-piracy solutions. Basically, the whole manipulation that exists in the different industries owing to poor record keeping and a lot of people involved will be solved with a Blockchain app.

It can also help with documentation. Currently, you use mobile app for everything, including document storage and sharing. To ensure the privacy and greater security of the document, you need to have a secure solution by your side. Blockchain technology will prove to be that security abiding technology solution for you.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

The need for speed is growing with the users, which is why mobile app solutions are constantly evolving to meet the user’s needs to be fast and engaging.

AMP is not just a Google’s product, which makes it popular, but has led to a good engagement and has improved the speed and performance of the mobile app. In fact, the viewability of the mobile app solutions have gone up with the AMP. It has also led to an increase in the number of visitors and the visibility of the mobile apps with time. The CTRs for the mobile app, and the end result i.e. the conversion have also gone up with this new trend.

The Design Approach

Today, when we are develop mobile app, the experience associated with the mobile app is also taken into consideration, as it plays a huge role in engagement and performance. The design approach is key to designing the experience for the users. It helps with finding a way in which you can display the content and the images in a way that attracts more users and makes the app efficient.

For example, if you look at Instagram and Pinterest, you will see that design approach has played an important role in ensuring greater interest and better engagement. It has led to an increasing experience. User interruption and partial engagement from the users need to be incorporated in your design approach so that you can include such users also in your engagement requirements. You can use the approaches such as layer cards based content and circular design patterns to complete the approach.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

The wearable technology is quite rampant and people are using it more. There are effective wearable solutions available in the market, and some of them are quite affordable too. You need to design app solutions that will match the different wearable technology, and help increase the performance of the user.

There is a range of opportunity available in the wearable market for fashion, fitness and healthcare as well as the other industries. It is important to conceive a novel idea that can help the users and design an app based on the requirements posed by the user.

You will need to study the consumption patterns of the user in this segment, and accordingly define solutions that can get you the right engagement and unleash proper experiences.

Summing Up

Mobile apps need to gear up for the change that is coming in the form of latest tech trends as well as changing consumption patterns. IoT is helping make the data available in real-time, which can be analysed and accordingly the mobile app solutions can evolve. Each of these tech trends is important for the mobile app developer to boost engagement and create an experiential future for the users.

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