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How to Write 100% Unique and Quality Research Articles

content writing

Is content writing easy? Yes and no. Learning how to write can be very difficult. But once you have done that, it gets easier. Writing unique and quality work is a skill that can be learned. Our tips will help you learn how to. The rest is up to you!

What Is Your Topic?

The most important thing any essay writing service does is focus on the topic of order. If they don’t know the topic, then they can’t properly proceed with the order. The topic is the first thing to learn. Without it, you can’t proceed.

What is worse, you can get things completely wrong if you aren’t careful. Understanding your topic is the first step in a long writing process. How would you feel if you handed in a research paper, only to be told you had it all wrong?

Understanding your topic is the first step because it is the one thing you need going forward.

Look at Samples

How do you write content when you’ve never written anything like it before? Simple: look at writing samples. Good writing samples exist for almost every single type of writing out there. A good sample will give you some idea of what is expected.

Use Outlines

unique and quality research articles

When writing a good unique work, use an outline. This comes up in every list of ‘how to write content’ for a reason. An outline is a short document that lets you record useful information. What you do with it is up to you.

An outline can do any number of things. Many people use it as a way to experiment with essay orders. If you are unsure how to structure your essay, this is where an outline comes in handy. Each paragraph of your work should be on a specific topic. Put down a title for that topic in each paragraph, and then experiment. Your outline can be used for anything you want. Put down quotes that you particularly like; use it to remember your thesis statement. The outline is there to help you.

Do Your Research

The secret of how to write great content is this: do your research! Research is how you find things to write about in your essay. Research is the basis on which your writing is founded. 

Research is the only way to start. You can do your research in a number of different ways. It all depends on what works for you.

One of the best ways to go about things is to do some general research first. This lets you know about the topic and gives you some ideas on how to approach your work. Remember that each paragraph in your research paper needs to have its own argument. Broad research can give you cues for each of those individual arguments.

Research papers need to be unique in their arguments. Broad research can show you where other research is. You can see which area has been studied a lot, and which has been studied only a little. What you are looking for is the Goldilocks zone – you want a research area that doesn’t have too much research, but also doesn’t have too little.

Once you have found your research area, it is time to get more specific. Identify individual arguments you can use for each paragraph in your paper. This will get you all the research you need.

Read Around your Subject

content making

The best quality content writing comes from people who fully understand their subject. It can be tempting to just read what relates to your subject. Unfortunately, this will give you a one-sided view of things. To really understand a subject, you should read around a subject as much as you can. This will give you different perspectives on the subject. You might find a completely new argument to make as a result! Looking at things from a different perspective is always a good thing.

Write as Much as You Can

People come to an essay service with the question ‘can you write my essay’ all the time. They do this because an essay service is full of writers who are very good at what they do. To truly be good at writing, you have to write. It is the only way to get better. Write all the time, and you will improve over time.

On a smaller scale, this is why first and second (and sometimes more!) drafts exist. Even on that small scale, you will see your writing improve. Try and write at least one draft of every research paper before you write your final work. You will see a huge improvement.

Check Your Citations

Write 100% Unique and Quality Research Articles

The question of how to write good content covers more than just writing. There are so many different citation styles out there; it can be hard to keep up.

Depending on your subject, you won’t need to learn many citation styles. This doesn’t mean you should be lazy though! Writing a good research paper includes writing clear citations. The people who read your work will want to follow up on the research points you make. If they can’t, that will be bad for your career as a research writer.

Edit and Proofread

How many people think of reading and rereading documents when they wonder how to be a content writer? Probably not many, but that is a major part of writing good research papers. Spelling and grammar are very important. Bad spelling can mean that people won’t pay attention to your arguments no matter how compelling they are. 

Go over your work and check for any mistakes. Then go over it again. You’d be surprised just how many small mistakes people can make without realizing it!

Ask Friends for Help

People use an online resume service because they will get better work than they can produce themselves. You don’t need to go through the entire process alone – ask your friends for help if you need it.

Your friends may already have been through this, and so can offer help. They might know what books to read. They could know about editing sites to make spell checking much easier. Asking for help can bring you things you never knew existed. A solid support network is a big help, especially if you are just learning.


This article will give you the basics of how to write quality content writing articles. You will produce the best work possible if you stick to our tips when writing. Quality research and writing are just a bit of practice away, so go on! And good luck with your work!

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