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How to use Psychology of Colors to Increase Website Conversions

According to a study, just by adjusting the colors of your website, your conversions can increase by as much as 24%.

Developing a new website is quite easy today. Content Management Systems like WordPress allows non-experts to create flawless websites. Likewise, creating custom websites through coding is not as complex as it was before. Although creating a website is easy in today’s time, bringing traffic to it is still quite cumbersome and tiring. For many of us who are running online businesses, bringing traffic and then converting that traffic into sales is never easy.

Businesses invest quite a lot of money in digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Yet, they are still unable to taste success. Today, we will be discussing something which many online businesses and website owners tend to ignore. While it is important to work on the visuals but what is more important is to follow the rules of color psychology while designing a website. This is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

What Is Color Psychology?

color psychology

Just as the name indicates, color psychology is all about understanding how different colors affect the human brain. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a branch of behavioral psychology and at the same time, it would not be wrong to say that it’s a little complicated.

According to research, the brain of a consumer takes a total of 90 seconds to form an opinion about a particular product and around 90% of that opinion is a result of the interaction with the color of the product. In a nutshell, it’s high time for developers and designers to understand color psychology because believe it or not, it really affects the website conversions and it can make a big difference.

Using the Right Color at the Right Place

There are no specific colors that can do wonders for your site. It is you who has to figure out what to use on what product. For example, if you are selling jumping castles for kids on your website, you cannot keep it all plain and black, right? In fact, you will have to make it as colorful as you can because, at the end of the day, that is what kids are attracted to. They want to see colors and that is when they will ask their parents etc. to buy them the castle. 

In case you are selling a product to a woman, you should not opt for orange or brown colors because they are a complete turn off for most women. In fact, in the case of women, either go for white and black or opt for colors like red that force them to buy your product.

Speaking of red, most of the manufacturers of famous companies use red in their products. For example, in Coke, they’ve used two basic colors that are black and red. You see, red is an aggressive color that makes people a little hyper and when this happens, people purchase things.

Now you can use the same trick for your website. If you want to attract people and increase your site’s conversions then try adding red in a way that it looks appealing.

Use Blue Color to Develop Trust

Most people like the color blue. Chances are that you never heard someone say “I donot like the color blue”. Well, this is because blue is one of the coolest colors and it’s a color that represents peace, loyalty, and trust.

This color creates serenity and calmness which is why you can use it on your website to gain a user’s trust. Believe it or not, this trick will work wonders for you. We are not asking you to make your whole site blue but just use it in a prominent way.

A good example to follow here is that of “Facebook”. They have used the color blue a lot to show their transparency and trigger trust among the users.

Yellow Is Not a Very Wise Option

yellow color

Look around, most of the warning signs and caution signs on the roads are yellow. This is because yellow is a universal color for warning. But on the other hand, there is another fact, which is that brands use this color to show that they are fun and friendly. Here is the tricky part about yellow that you need to understand. You can use it to add an element of fun on your website but if you want to show professionalism and seriousness, you should not opt for it.

For example, as a user, you would not like seeing the yellow color on the website of a law firm but if it is used on a clothing brand, it will be attractive for you. 

Black Is to Show Class, Value, and Luxury

black color

Are you selling something luxurious on your site? Do you want to add more value and class to your products? If yes, then black is the color you should use. Look at all the luxury designers and all the famous luxury car brands, you will notice how they have used darker tones and a darker color on their site. If used properly, black can communicate luxury, sophistication, and glamour.

Final Thoughts

These are just the basics of color psychology that we have discussed today.

The whole point of bringing all of this to you is that if you want to increase your website’s conversions, you have to work on the color theme no matter what. Nevertheless, there will be a lot of people who will claim that at the end of the day, these things do not matter. For them, the quality of the products or services you are offering is what matters most.

Although quality matters, so do the user experience (UX). You might be able to get a few sales from the quality alone, but in the long run, UX is equally important. When it comes to UX, the color scheme is a vital component of it.

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