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How to Set Up an Efficient Development Team in No Time

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Building a team that’s productive and capable of self-organizing might sound like a challenging task itself, but doing it when you are short of time is even more difficult. This article focuses on how you can entrust part of this work to third parties in order to save yourself costs and effort, with a focus on reducing the time that it takes.

Let Others Do the Hiring

Any team begins as a set of jobs waiting to be occupied. The search for fitting candidates can be more or less time-consuming depending on your goals and scope as well as the budget that you can afford, but it’s really beyond doubt that staying 100% involved at every stage will cost you too much time.

The truth is that most businesses looking to implement a project quickly don’t have processes in place that would enable them to build a team over a short period. Luckily, companies such as Sibedge are there to lift the burden off your shoulders. The idea is that you can delegate the staffing part to a dedicated resources manager, who will take care of the team’s makeup to ensure the best fit you can get.

Make It Clear What You Are Looking For

Don’t get anxious if you don’t like the idea of giving up control. With a third-party manager building a team for you, it’s still possible to thoroughly define your expectations and make sure you only engage people who fit into your corporate culture and the project itself.

Ideally, it’s the responsibility of the company you are working with to make sure you as the project owner are heard. This, however, won’t happen unless you are prepared to contribute. Your most valuable potential contribution should be a vision of who you want and, importantly, who you don’t want to see working for you. You will communicate and cooperate throughout the planning and hiring stage in order to build a team worthy of your approval. 

Grow the Team as the Project Develops

Grow the Team as the Project Develops

Starting small is a time-tried solution to many possible problems in business, and building a dev team over a short period of time is no exception.

It’s not uncommon to begin with several core devs and grow as needed.

There is a certain risk that comes with scaling; however, it’s generally safer than orchestrating an already clunky team that’s too big for whatever scope you have yet. If you delegate this to a third-party company, the manager or managers will ensure smooth growth over the project’s lifecycle.

Don’t Overcomplicate the Communication

Depending on how much control you aim at, it might be a good idea to entrust menial managerial tasks to a representative of the hiring company. By doing so, you’ll always stay aware of the big picture, which tends to become elusive when you focus too much on the details, and have more time for making key business decisions.

A sense of simplicity and straightforward, streamlined communication will benefit your team as well, encouraging them to self-organize and embrace the project’s goal. By contrast, an overcomplicated hierarchy tends to nip the inclination in the bud.

Delegating Part of the Work

No matter what business domain you operate in, chances are high that you will find it more beneficial for your project to share control with third-party professionals. Engaging a third-party company to staff your project will save you hiring time and spare you a lot of bumps in the road. This is especially true if you are already short of time and run the risk of building a mismatched team if you choose not to share any responsibilities.

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