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How to Increase Your Vacation Rental Blog Traffic Efficiently

Vacation Rental Blog

The vacation rental industry has become a great success story globally these days. In 2019, this industry had been valued at around USD 87 billion. We can also expect this industry to grow massively in the next few years.

People have started choosing vacation rental properties over hotels due to multiple reasons, the first reason being affordability. Adding to that, many of these properties provide facilities that many hotels do not offer.

Managing and marketing these agencies can be a real task. Some apps and websites look after the digital marketing department for these vacation rental homes. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to promote agencies.

These blogs mainly function on the ideas of web presence and rental blog traffic. These factors help determine the popularity of these blogs.

The following steps are necessary to increase the vacation rental traffic significantly.

Running a Professional Vacation Rental Blog:

The first and foremost thing required is to possess a vacation rental blog. To decide what content should go up on these blogs, the blog owner often consults with digital marketing platforms like Magnetic Strategy and others. These marketers also suggest the layouts and patterns be included in the blogs. 

This helps to maintain the desired web presence and increase blog traffic effectively. They look after continuous developments of the blogs as and when needed. 

What might suit a particular rental blog might prove to be detrimental for another. The marketers manage these factors well as to what and how everything should be presented on online platforms.

Magnetic Strategy

Making a Good Use of Social Networking Channels:

In recent times, social media is one of the most effective platforms to promote an idea in general. These platforms can bring huge traffic to your blog. 

It is very important to get unlimited visitors to your vacation rental website. Below we have mentioned some of the very popular social networking sites.

  • Facebook Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase blog traffic on Facebook. Mere uploading of posts might not incur the same results. This happens because many people are sharing posts and expecting organic traffic, thus leading to massive competition on the feeds.
  • YouTube: Publishing video content relating to your blog on YouTube can effectively increase blog traffic. Also, this is a budget-friendly option. Attaching videos on blogs is a great idea to hold the readers’ attention. The videos should be crisp and might act as a summary for a topic or the blog.
  • Instagram: Adding the blog link on your Instagram bio can be very useful to increase the blog traffic of your vacation rental agency. Investing in ads is a feasible option too. Influencers often can help you boost your blog, as they can attract a huge audience base. You might also find URLs to videos posted.
  • Pinterest: This is an excellent platform to drive blog traffic. The algorithm of Pinterest is not as complex as that of other platforms. You can look for popular keywords that are searched often by users and use them for your pins. These pins should be unique. The blog owners can also use Rich Pins.
  • LinkedIn: You can write posts related to your blog on LinkedIn itself. The potential audience should find the shared links and content relatable. Joining relevant groups can also help to increase blog traffic on your vacation rental blog. You can also choose to create your own group and make related posts.
  • Twitter: Tweets made should be creative, short, and crisp. It is also preferable to share statistical data along with the tweets. It might be more effective to follow a proper schedule to post tweets. “@mention” should be included too to drive the blog traffic. It often leads to a greater number of retweets.
social media

Using E-mail Campaign:

E-mail marketing is an effective and professional way to promote your vacation rental blog and increase blog traffic. You can use Email signatures so that readers can contact you instantly if needed. Also, an email signature gives a better impression on the reader. 

One can use autoresponders that are created to automate replies. A particular script for the replies has to be selected. Direct mails can be sent that would contain the basic information of the blogs. 

If a reader subscribes, you can also send blog-related updates through newsletters. After sending these digest emails, you can also keep track of engagement statistics and make changes accordingly. 

Often the targeted readers might ignore mails due to many emails in the inbox. To avoid such a situation, the blog owner should be able to connect to the readers. 

The subject line should be catchy and appealing. One should be as transparent as possible, and there should be some creativity and uniqueness in the body of the email.

You can also opt for old-school techniques of networking that were mostly based on personal networking. It might be a bit more time-consuming but is quite reliable.

Podcast Marketing:

Nowadays, so many people are into podcasts. The podcast should be crisp and intact. It should contain a kick to it that will attract a potential audience. 

You can also add a podcast playlist to keep your listeners from getting bored. The content should be simple so that it is easier to comprehend.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting or guest blogging means writing blogs for someone else’s websites. It helps the websites grow because these professional bloggers know how to increase your blog traffic significantly. 

Guest posting is a counterproductive activity. You can mention all the requirements for our blog, and they can bring out a creative piece.

Local Radio Channels:

local radio

You can always promote your vacation rental blogs through a local radio station. It can be considered a part of old-school networking. Like podcasts, listeners can listen to radio channels for quite a long time while finishing other chores. 

Hence, it is highly likely that they would pay attention to the mention of your blog. This might lead to a rise in blog traffic.

Sponsoring Travel Bloggers:

Several people do travel blogging. They talk about the destination, places to stay, food to eat, and everything about the trip. 

You might consider sponsoring them so that they can promote the vacation rental blog. They have a consistent set of audiences that makes it more likely to cause an increase in blog traffic.

Using Business Cards:

Business cards contain all the information of the owner including the business or occupation they have. It also has details required to contact them. 

This might be considered under the category of personal networking, where you can hand over your business cards to people to reach you if interested and increase the blog traffic.

Influencer Marketing:

You can contact influencers who have a decent fan base. They can promote your blog, and you might experience some surge in the blog traffic of your vacation rental blog.


Vacation rental blogs can be a real difficult task to maintain and promote. Often you might not get positive results immediately, but the content on the blog should stay consistent. Sooner or later, catchy content always attracts readers. 

The blog should not look boring at all. The layouts, designs should match the theme of the blog. Various activities like polls can be included to hold the readers’ attention to the blog.

The main purpose is to increase engagement on your blog. There can be a space where the readers can ask questions or queries regarding the blog or a property. 

We can conclude that consistency is the main key to maintaining blog engagement and increasing blog traffic.

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