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How to Create a Website in 3 days: a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


The good news is that one no longer needs lots of money and months of continuous work to launch a website. This post offers a step-by-step guide both for beginners and experienced developers how to create a website in 3 days, with no steps left out.

We opted for WordPress CMS as its market share proves how user-friendly and flexible it is for various purposes, starting from a blog website ending with a fully-fledged online store. No doubt, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be.

Step 1:Choose your Domain Name and Hosting

Best Web Hosting for WordPress

Choosing a a good domain name and reliable web hosting provider is crucial for your future site. Therefore, make sure to check the following article.

Step 2: Pick the Theme

wordpress themes

The theme for your website should be both aesthetically pleasing and industry appropriate. If you have not made your choice yet, have a look at ThemeREX Portfolio, a power elite author on Themeforest. You do not need to be an IT geek to manage the content on the site and customize the style. These themes were designed with the end user in mind – incredible easy-to-use and light-weight. To save your time and effort, we have filtered themes by categories:

You will see that you are not forced to pay through the nose. There is a good balance between pricing and features included in each theme.

Step 3: Installation


First of all, WordPress should be installed on the site. If you are not familiar with the procedure, please check the following post. Then, you can proceed with the theme upload in Appearance -> Themes. Each theme has a setup guide in online documentation, please follow it to a T to avoid any possible issues.

For those who are short of time and want to have the theme installed in a timely manner without any hassle, installation service can be ordered. ThemeREX professional developer will set up the theme within one business day. Please follow this link to get more details and get started.

Step 4: Customization

All you need now is to login to the Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize to upload your logo image, change a website name and adjust the theme color scheme to match your corporate colors and logo.

To save your time, we have the following services:

Replacing Logo and Company Name

Color Scheme Customization

Step 5: Upload Content

26. ContentSnare-min

The final phase is to replace the demo data on the site with your content. Each ThemeREX premium theme has a website builder included in the package – Elementor or WPbakery Visual Page Builder – allowing to manage the content in visual mode.
If all website content is ready and you want to spend less time building a website and more time building your own business, you may utilize Ready-to-Use Website service and have the website created for you. This service includes:

  1. Theme installation on you server
  2. Replacing logo and website name.
  3. Google map set with your address.
  4. Replacing content and images up to 6 pages.
  5. Creating 6 posts with your content and images.
  6. Replacing Revolution slider images and text.
  7. Removing elements you do not need.
  8. Social icons set (without changes theme layout).
  9. Color scheme customization.
  10. Yoast SEO plugin installation.

Step 6: Publish Your Website

eCommerce sites

As soon as all customization and content work is done, you can launch your website online. To be on the safe side, test your website in different browsers to see if everything is fine. Website speed is one of the focal points you should also pay attention to. Loading time depends on many factors like server response time, CDN usage, caching and other configurations. In case you do not want to dig that deep, you may order Website Speed Optimization service comprising minification of files, image optimization, caching, .htaccess file settings and many more.

Taking into account the steps mentioned above, you can size up how intricate and at the same time straight-forward it is to set up your own website. ThemeREX Customization Studio is ready to give you a hand with that and make your dream website come true in a few days.

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