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How Custom T-shirt Helping Business To Get Referrals

Custom T-shirt

It doesn’t matter what service or product you are selling; it needs to reach the public and not just reach but create trust with your company. Customers get highly influenced by referrals; they believe referrals are more than any other marketing.

Referral marketing with customized t-shirts allows your customers to become advocates for your company; they will promote your company by recommending you to their family and friends. We all believe our near ones more than social promotions, so a recommendation from a close network will impact your customers buying decisions more than anything.

Many companies are now using customized t-shirts with their company logo to endorse their brand among customers.

Promoting a brand with a customized t-shirt design is a great way to enhance brand loyalty and identity and stimulate your target audience’s interest. 

Here Are Various Ways for You to Get Referrals with Customized T-shirts:

Give it away to customers: 

one thing is sure, people love free stuff. What’s better if they subtly endorse your brand and bring you referrals. For instance, When someone visits your table at an expo or business event and finds a stack of free t-shirts with your company’s custom logo.

It will leave a happy feeling in their head. Not only they will take your t-shirt happily but also your company information subconsciously, imagine them wearing your custom t-shirt during a casual meeting, one will surely ask about your company.

Similarly, if you give away t-shirts with your custom logo to your first, say 50 or 100 customers, they will act as word of mouth for your company.

Goodwill is everything for business, and a satisfied and happy customer will always give a better impression of your company. 

 Use customized t-shirt as employee uniform: 

Unique customized t-shirt design for your staff ensures that your employees stand out, so your clients will know in the crowd whom to approach for inquiries. You’ll want your employees adorned in custom t-shirts that endorse your brand 24×7. Either try different custom t-shirt designs for each department or one common t-shirt design for all departments. For instance, for your sales department employees, an embroidered polo t-shirt will leave a good impression. If you’re buying customized t-shirts, make sure they work for all environmental conditions and have good moisture absorbent ability. You wouldn’t want your employees stinking. Now would you? Customized t-shirt design with your company logo as employees uniform is a powerful branding tool for referrals.

Think local: 

For a business, capturing the local market is crucial. Imagine dominating the local market; every other customer gives a referral to your company. It might sound complex to achieve, and using customized t-shirt design is one of the creative ideas. But how? Find out if you have any sports team in the locality, give them t-shirts printed with your company logo. You can sponsor local events and offer participants to wear t-shirts with your logo. 

Let influential people wear your company t-shirt: 

If You know about influencer marketing, you might know how a big influential personality can impact your customer buying decisions. Therefore, find a leader or someone significant in your niche, ask them, not literally. Make a deal with them to wear a customized t-shirt design with your company logo. The subtle promotion of your brand from someone influential will make a huge impact on customers. However, In this case, your customers need to focus on the t-shirt so, you can not use a simple solid t-shirt with the company logo. You need a creative and unique t-shirt design that will catch their eye. These influential people can be any blogger or influencer or tv celebrity etc. Ask them to wear during their casual Sunday outing and post pictures subtly. Or you can either try directly by asking them to specifically make a post on their social network concerning your brand. 

custom t-shirt

Start a t-shirt contest: 

How about customers promoting your brand? They will be more trustworthy and have a better word of mouth for your target audience. Start a t-shirt contest on your website or social media networks. Ask your existing customers to post a photo of them in your t-shirt with a custom logo of your company and use your company hashtag, tag your company account and stand a chance to win something. However, a reward should be worthy enough to put effort; no one wants to post a picture for some basic discount. You can imagine how embarrassing it will be for your company if no one participates. Think or reward with something your niche likes or will be eager to have if you want them to participate.  

This technique can be effective for your company as it can positively impact your audience when the world comes straight from real customers.

Use eye-catching taglines on a t-shirt: 

Let’s just say no one is going to notice your company logo at first; they need something that catches their eye. A simple solid polo t-shirt won’t work for you, even if it’s free. If you need referrals, you need to make sure customers or people talk about your company, and they will only talk about you when you give them something. Therefore, Some creative or unique taglines will work for you. You can either try something trendy and witty or classic and witty but remember witty taglines will make them talk, blend them in your company tagline. For instance, a witty saying of Nike company ” Just Do it even if it sucks’. Here They merged their brand tagline in a witty statement. Something like this will make it difficult to ignore. 

Sponsor sports team with your custom t-shirt: 

No! You don’t have to spend so much money on sponsoring national teams, but it can be a game-changer if you can. Pick out a sport that’s most popular in your country, sponsor Jersey for local groups or state teams and ask participants to wear a custom t-shirt with your company logo during their match and practice; this will catch a lot of eyeballs. People love sport’s players, and if they see them wearing something about your company, they will search for your company and talk about your brand. 

Sponsor or promotion in schools and colleges with a customized t-shirt: 

If Your company sells products or services that can be used by college or school students, then college or school is the place, you need someone to talk about your company. Sponsor their yearly event and ask all the participants to wear your company t-shirt with a custom logo, that will catch a lot of attention. You can even have your special desk during such events ask them to play the game and win a free t-shirt. Who will not love free t-shirts? For instance, ask school or college authorities for a gaming section during the exhibition, organize small games that don’t require extra effort, and distribute free t-shirts to the first few winners. That way, you can attract students and their parents to your brand and not forget such things or events can do wonders on social media networks. 

Bottom line:

These unique tools can be effective for referral marketing. If you want your customers to refer to your company, start using customized t-shirts, they can have a positive and powerful impact on your overall customer base.

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