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How AI Can Help in Cyber Security?

cyber security

Cyber attacks have been considered to be modern warfare. Entities involved in cyber rivalry are equipped with the technology and means to launch attacks at one another from distant locations.  This is where Cyber Security becomes important for nations, businesses, institutions, and international organizations that thrive to secure their data and protect it from breach and attacks. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being considered as one of the Cyber Security enablers. AI and machine learning can help IT security professionals achieve the same. While the cost of security breaches is growing exponentially, the cost of the security spend on countering attacks and threats is also expected to boom. But, does this increase in the cost guarantee all the Cyber Security that one can expect?

One cannot overlook the fact that security threats are getting smarter and that encountering them requires an even smarter approach and a smarter system in place. AI has a growing impact on Cyber Security technology where it is capable of helping the pursuit of Cyber Security appear inclusive and take off the load from human cybersecurity engineers. If brands that can afford Cyber Security decide to lace in Artificial Intelligence as well, they will be adapting to change and transforming the security of their business. 

Understanding the Significance of Cyber Security & Artificial Intelligence

cyber security

Cyber Security is about protecting data, data resources and records, and data centers from possible cyber threats. This data can be of intellectual, financial, personal, and bureaucratic in nature or it might have a mass implication on the general public if triggered in a threat attack manner. These threats plague devices of the Government, the military of a country, a large scale financial organization, a corporate giant, medical organizations, etc. 

A robust and well-deployed security system for your Data is either entrusted with Cyber Security engineers or Cyber Security systems that run with a little human interference. All kinds of internal and external threats and brute security attacks can be countered with an AI-powered Cyber Security system. It is an imperative move for all new Data organizations well while they are planning a blog or business website for their reputed audience. 

Safeguarding sensitive organizational data is not an easy as it was in the years that went by. Ensuring the safety and optimum security of your digital infrastructure also needs a rightful system in place that lets the right individuals access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons; this is obviously the work of a smart AI enabled Cyber Security system. 

Cyber Security is a crucial compulsion to eliminate the damage in handling emergency security situations as swiftly as possible and in a manner that the impact of the attack is negated. To identify the threats and detect their kind; especially when the number of cyber threats is on a high and every second, a new kind comes into the digital realm, the system should be self-learning and updating. If your Cyber Security approach features a well-planned backup and recovery strategy, the impact of the damage can be overlooked in the first place. 

What AI and CyberSecurity Can Together Do?

cyber security

Now that we have explored how the implication of Artificial Intelligence can help strengthen Cyber Security in an organization that wants to protect the data, here’s how the two can collaborate and help us pursue security in a better manner.

  • Meeting Security Time constraints

AI is smart, without a doubt. Its self-learning mechanism can easily make calculations and take other data inspired decisions. If we compare it with the human brain, it will definitely be faster and more accurate. As per a report, every 4.2 seconds, a new piece of malware is generated. Going by the magnitude of threat generation in this scenario, it is very clear that human help is far behind in the follow-up and diagnosis. Eventually, updating the database of added threats will end up being a time taking process. AI can take care of these Cyber Security tasks in a jiffy. 

  • Updated Security Strategy

Like we mentioned above, security threats are quick to come up and thanks to algorithms, they are getting smarter than (without technological aid) humans can interpret. Whatever data is being stored in an assumed safe data center, can be easily tampered with. Hence, it is alright to say that your data is always vulnerable.

Since AI is self-learning, systems that run on it are smarter than traditional security means. It will probably keep adding new threats to the database, study them thoroughly and approach their quarantine. This AI enabled Cyber Security system then becomes a part of an updated security strategy that really needs to protect and secure their data. 

  • Countering updated attacks

Let it be known that organizations are spending a whopping amount of up to $100 billion on a wide range of security products, to protect their invaluable data because all that data is worth more than the spend. In spite of all this expenditure on ensuring optimum data protection, the results speak for themselves. 

With the morphing data threats at a rise, spotting them on the security radar at the right time is a task of an intelligent system that is probably AI-powered. It can aptly identify their code from the existing threat records, and stop them from morphing to enter the system through a disguise. 

  • Empowering human security professionals

The biggest advantage of an Artificial Intelligence laced Cybersecurity system is that it can empower human security professionals at work. It can provide them the leverage to work at tasks that machines cannot probably take care of and entrust the system to work on more complex ones. In case a security mishap occurs, an AI-enabled security system will be quicker to identify and neutralize the attack when compared to a team of expert security professionals. Together, the two can really bridge the gap where security threats are spotted and when they actually happen. 

The human factor is crucial when it comes to tracking real-time security awareness metrics because there is an absolute need for higher intelligence to keep a sharp eye on these metrics


AI’s relevance in achieving true control and security over Cyber assets is still a highly debated topic. With over 15% of the total enterprises leveraging AI, there is not a grain’s doubt about how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can work together for the protection of data and creating more opportunities in the respective fields. 

However, it also remains true that as 2019 is about to dawn upon us, we are still not very clear of the immediate implication of the two. There is a lot that remains to be explored by AI and Cyber Security professionals and experts about harnessing the potential when it comes to cautiously putting them to use, for a secure future that doesn’t shrink at the thought of invasion by robots or machines. 

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