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Free WordPress Code Generator

As WordPress theme developers, we’re always on the lookout for tools that can help us cut down on the time spent on development. This is possible with WordPress theme development since a number of code chunks are repetitive across different projects and can easily be generated without input from the developer.

We’ve recently discovered Nimbus Themes’ WordPress Code Generators and highly recommend them if you’re looking for an easy way to speed up your next WordPress development project. They allow users to input a few parameters and generate custom code snippets to add functionality to their WordPress themes.

WordPress Coding Made Easier

WordPress Code Generators

The WordPress Code Generators are powerful tools designed to help you add both basic and advanced functionality into your WordPress themes. For instance, if you’d like to activate WordPress core functions into your theme, then you can use the Add Theme Support tool to help you out. Instead of going through endless lines of code, you can simply select which features you’d like to activate and fill out its parameters. Pretty cool, right?

There are 20 different WordPress Code Generators that you can use to generate custom code snippets for your theme. If you’re a seasoned WordPress developer then these tools will help speed up development. However, if you’re just starting out with WordPress development then these code generators will help you create standardized code that follows WordPress’ best practices. It’s a win-win for everyone!

What’s Under the Hood?

Each one of the 20 WordPress Code Generators will help you tackle a specific function. Let’s step through one of favorite (and most used) code generators: Register Custom Menus. This particular tool allows you to generate code to register and display custom menus in your WordPress theme.

Register Custom Menus

The code generator presents a simple interface that’s split into different tabbed sections. It kind of looks like a form. All you have to do is fill out the fields that are marked required and it’ll automatically generate a custom code snippet for you. And we say custom code because it all depends on your theme’s slug and choice of parameter values.

Going with our example, the Register Custom Menus code generator is split into six different tabs – General, four Menu tabs, and the Code tab. You can generate code for up to four menus with this tool!

Within each tabbed section, you’ll find that each parameter has six elements associated with it:

  1. Item. This is the parameter’s name. It’ll tell you which parameter you’re supposed to enter.
  2. Input. The input field depends on the type of parameter you’re supposed to enter. It’ll be a text field, radio button, checkbox, etc.
  3. Req. When the Req. field is red, it means that the field is required and you haven’t yet entered a value for the parameter. It’ll turn green when you enter a value.
  4. Valid. The Valid element is gray by default. When you enter a value, it’ll check to make sure its valid, syntax-wise. If the parameter’s value is valid, the check mark turns green and if it’s invalid, it’ll turn red.
  5. Notes. If you’re unsure about what the parameter is simply hover over the Notes column. It’ll give you a brief explanation of what you’re supposed to enter in that input field.
  6. Codex. The Codex column (when available) redirects you to the parameter’s page (or section) in the official WordPress Codex for more information.


Each code generator comes with a detailed article that explains how to use that particular tool and why it’s a good idea to add the functionality it offers into your WordPress themes.

If you’ve mostly just been writing code from scratch then you should definitely try the WordPress Code Generators out for yourself. What we love most about these tools is that literally anyone using WordPress can use them.

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