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Exploring 8 Top Photo Cropping Tools

Photo Cropping Tools

In this article, we introduced eight selection options for photo cropping apps, software, and websites, along with one photo editing software capable of creating comic-style effects and removing noise. Whether you’re interested in creating composite photos, editing travel or food pictures for stylish social media posts, this article is a must-read to fulfill those needs.

What is Photo Cropping

“Photo cropping” refers to the process of cutting out the background of a photo to remove it, leaving only the main subject. This technique is commonly used when creating composite or collage photos. The cut-out background is made transparent, allowing the subject to be placed like a sticker, making it useful for creating various goods or designs.

It’s typical for purchased smartphones or computers not to have a built-in photo cropping function. In such cases, software developed by companies or apps can be used to easily crop and design freely. These tools roughly recognize the contours of people, animals, etc., in the photo and automatically perform the cropping. So, in this context, I’d like to introduce eight apps, software, or websites that can be used for photo or image cropping.

Photo Cropping Apps

Here are some recommended photo cropping apps:


PhotoDirector is a photo editing tool equipped with AI technology for photo management, correction, compositing, and layer editing. It offers a free trial and a paid version starting from 373 yen per month. This tool automatically identifies and allows adjustments of people, animals, etc., within the photo. It’s not limited to just an Android and iPhone iOS app but also has software for Windows and Mac.



PicsArt is a free app mainly for iPad and iPhone users. It includes features like background removal, collage creation, text overlay, compositing, and filters. You can easily manipulate cropping using the background removal and compositing features. PicsArt also has a social sharing feature, allowing users to share their edited photos with friends, making it a very handy app.


Background Eraser

Background Eraser is a free photo cropping app available for both Android and iPhone users. This app automatically recognizes boundaries and allows for transparency. It’s ideal for removing elements like sea, sky, or buildings by recognizing similar colors. Additionally, it provides the option to fine-tune specific parts using an eraser tool.

Background Eraser

Photo Cropping Tools for Computers

Here are some photo cropping tools for computers:


  • System Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  • Price: ¥3,960/month
  • Key Features: Photo cropping, creating composite images, converting black and white photos to color, removing unwanted elements from images, etc.
  • Japanese language support

Photoshop is the most well-known photo editing software. With Adobe’s software, you can easily create composite photos, adjust colors, add color to monochrome photos, and quickly erase unwanted elements, altering backgrounds as needed. However, due to its complexity, it might be a bit challenging for beginners.



  • System Compatibility: Windows, Mac
  • Price: $9/month, $119/year, $149 one-time payment
  • Key Features: Enhancing landscapes, retouching portraits, removing unwanted elements, replacing skies while completely rewriting the scene
  • Japanese language support

Luminar, developed and released by SKYLUM, is an image editing software that offers intuitive operation even for beginners. Moreover, it integrates AI technology, allowing for easy and unique photo editing. It includes a cropping feature with an AI-powered portrait background removal function, enabling quick editing.

Photo Cropping Sites

Here are some recommended photo cropping sites:


PIXLR EDITOR is a free photo cropping tool that operates within a browser. It’s accessible without any installations or downloads, making it easy to use. By clicking “Open Image” on the website or using drag-and-drop, you can effortlessly upload and edit photos to design them as desired.



MyEdit is another free online image editing tool that works directly within a browser without requiring any downloads. It makes tasks like photo cropping and resizing extremely easy. Besides cropping at the pixel level, it accommodates frequent Instagram posting or cropping to fit YouTube thumbnail sizes, eliminating the need to remember individual image dimensions.



Iloveimg is a site offering free photo cropping and various other functions like rotation, compression, and size conversion. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, making it accessible for beginners as well.

While you might occasionally want to transform photos into stylish comic-like images for social media such as Instagram or Twitter without compromising image quality or removing noise, specialized software might be necessary. However, programs like Photoshop can be quite complex for beginners. Using apps might be more user-friendly for those who find photo editing software a bit overwhelming in terms of functionality.


UniFab enlarger AI - High-Performance Video Editing Software

Compatible Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8,7
Price: Free trial / ¥12,500

  • Resolution Enhancement: Upscale video resolution up to 4K (Ultra HD), significantly improving visual quality and clarity.
  • AI-Powered Enhancement: Leveraging advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze, recognize, and enhance video content for a more vivid and lifelike appearance.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various video types, including low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white films, home videos, animations, etc.
  • Automatic Processing: Simplifies the enhancement process by automating tasks, eliminating the need for complex parameter settings, and making it user-friendly.
  • GPU Acceleration: Utilizes GPU acceleration technologies like NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, and Intel Quick Sync, boosting processing speeds up to 50 times faster for efficient workflow.
  • Multiple Resolution Support: Capable of upscaling videos from standard 720p and full HD 1080p to 4K resolution, doubling the original resolution for exceptionally clear images.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Offers a straightforward user interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of expertise.
  • Enhanced Clarity: Improves the sharpness and overall quality of videos, enhancing the viewing experience.
  • Universal Model Selection: Introduces a universal model, streamlining the enhancement process without the need for extensive model selection based on video type.
UniFab enlarger AI - High-Performance Video Editing Software


This section introduced iPhone and Android apps, PC software, websites with photo cropping functions, and DVDFab Video Enlarger AI, a video editing software. For those with video editing needs, consider using these tools to select the most user-friendly one and create stunning images!

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