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Digital Marketing in 2021: What Have We Learned So Far

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing of 2021 revolves around two distinct conceptions: general humanization and technical optimization. General humanization revolves around fulfilling an individual’s needs of real issues like relevant content. While on the other hand, technical optimization comprises structured campaigns and SEO strategies.

Since Covid-19 has taken dominance over all the business, education, and industry aspects, it has also revolutionized the digital world. It would be okay to say that it has empowered the digital world by emphasizing on its benefits to the industry and businesses.

Brands and companies have now adopted key digital strategies to counter the losses faced during the stern times of Covid in 2019 and 2029. Digital marketing is greatly impacted by the outcomes of 2020 and has much to evolve in 2021 with strategies, marketing, and SOPs.

Let us explore the top trending digital marketing lessons of 2021, which you can incorporate into your company’s digital strategy for the coming year.

Relevant and Interactive Content

Although the demand for interactive content has been around for a while, it’s not being considered a priority and major SEO tool. It contributes towards user engagement, Google ranking, and the most vital user enjoyment. The benefit of producing interactive content is that it promotes user interest in your brand by letting them spend more time scrolling.

You can use this data in your algorithm and as a sub-part of big data for improvising your business and digital agencies. Example of interactive content:

  • Giveaways (probably the best way of engaging the audience; through coupon codes and promotional offers)
  • Quizzes
  • Poles
  • Surveys
  • Calculator widgets
  • Open-ended questions

It builds up a user-brand relationship. When a user interacts with the brand by participating in any giveaway or pole, they feel a personal connection with the brand. The brand can use the raw data to understand users’ needs and demands. It’s like contributing to the minor part of big data analysis.

Promoting Local SEO

Google keeps updating its SEO algorithms and protocols. If you are a local business with a local SEO, you need to counter-check your SEO strategies with the updates. It helps to boost your local SEO performance. Local SEO is more feasible for users than broad SEO as people when searching within a specific location are more likely interested in buying and availing the service. 

Get in touch with Google My Business and sign up for the verification. Your brand will get its appearance in Google SERPS. Google will allow you to share more of your brand’s details with the online audience.  As a part of local SEO strategy, you can use local target keywords, which focus more on your city and districts. You can use any claim to fame, landmark, or thing in your secondary keyword.

Visual Data

SEO supports visual search techniques, which has changed the overall outlook of SEO. You can search for content by using a reference or existing pictures or videos. With a surge in visual searches, you need to focus on standardizing SEO visual search protocols to capitalize on it:

  • Design a dedicated image sitemap
  • Mention alt text in your image descriptions
  • Share the images with the file name as SEO keywords
  • Use top-tier quality images; HD

Users now search for products by scanning the pictures and barcodes. To make your eCommerce brand flourish, start using Google lens as a plus feature.

A Fight with Ad-blockers

A fight with Ad-blockers

We agree on how irritating ads are. As soon as the ad arrives, we wait for the ‘skip ad’ option. To completely avoid the ads menace, ad blockers are being increasingly installed in laptops and mobile. Ads are, however, an effective way of marketing and generating leads. 

As per reports, 27% of the internet population uses ad blockers, making it difficult for marketers to approach their target audience. It will also lower the success rate of PPC campaigns. To avoid such damages, a brand will have to design a calculated strategy to share the ad with the target audience and in the target location.

It isn’t wise to compel people to watch your ads, let them go with their preferences. Instead of investing a substantial amount in marketing ads, reach out to sponsored social media content and influencer marketing. The young population usually hates watching ads while playing the game and watching videos, however, they are more interested in seeing and following the directives of influencers. Assigning promo codes to influencers can be another exciting way of practicing coupon marketing. It’s high time to decide which investment is worth the efforts: ads or influencer marketing.

Make Your Content Interesting by Using Featured Snippets

Make Your Content Interesting

Since the inception of SEO, it has been speaking loud about the importance of visibility on search engines. In 2021, it is prioritizing “position zero” which refers to google featured snippets. It’s a separate section of content which appears in the very first number of search engine and prioritizes the marketing of that specific page.

It is also called a no-click search where the user can directly read the relevant and summarized content, appearing in a small box, without the need to click. With the support of Google voice service, the featured snippets are also read aloud for the user. To design a relevant and informative featured snippet, make sure you elaborate the content in the form of bullets or tables, which are easy to read.

The Takeaway

These are a few of the significant trends of 2021, which have some connection with 2020, Oldies but goodies. With some updates and progress, these lessons can be game-changer for the digital marketing sector. Considering the negative impressions left by 2020 and Covid-19 consequences, brands need to seek urgent updates in their digital marketing strategy to overcome the losses faced in the starting months of Covid-19 arrival. Compiling 2020 lessons and digital urgency, many digital policies and standards are updated according to the need of the hour. 

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