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CV Card


CV Card is a feature that lets you integrate resume and portfolio functionality into your WordPress website.

However please be aware that this feature is optional and its availability depends on the specific version of ThemeREX Framework used in the theme. You can find CV Card settings under Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card. As an illustration, we will discuss ShiftCV theme in this article. 

where cv card 2

It consists of 6 main sections, which are About MeResumePortfolioTestimonialsCertificates, and Contacts.

Let’s review each of them in detail.

About Me

In the About Me section you can showcase information about yourself.


You can find the About Me section settings under Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card.

There, you need to specify a page that should be used as content for the About Me section.


Surely, Resume is one of the most prominent sections in your CV Card. It allows you to display such information as skills, work experience, education, and services.


You can edit existing or add new resume items using the Resume custom post type.

resume cpt 2

Each Resume item has a type. It can be either SkillsWork experienceEducation or Services.

resume item type

When you add a new Resume item, you need to choose the item type in the Item Options box.

item options 2

Tip: If you don’t see the Item Options box, make sure you enable it in the Screen Options settings in the top right corner of your page.

In addition, you can find extra Resume settings in the Resume section under Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card.

There, you can manage the order of resume sections, number of posts to display, number of columns, and more.


In the Portfolio section you can showcase your works using the gallery layout.

Using the Portfolio custom post type, you can edit existing or add new portfolio items.

You can assign a category to each portfolio item, thus making it appear in a corresponding portfolio tab.

The Portfolio category is assigned via the Portfolio Categories box in the item’s edit screen.

You can adjust Additional settings for the Portfolio section in Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card.

portfolio section


Testimonials section is based off of testimonials custom post types.


You can find the Testimonials settings under the corresponding section in Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card.

testimonials cpt


Similar to Testimonials, Certificates section displays certificate custom post types.

For detailed customization of the Certificates section, go to the Certificates settings in Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card.

certificates cpt


After all, the Contacts section consists of a submission form and contact details, such as phone number, email, and physical address.


You can edit the contact information in Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> Contacts.

Additional Customization

Each section can be additionally customized by placing content above or below the original section content. In order to do this:

  • Create a new page (Pages -> Add New), and enter the %%CV_CONTENT%% tag, which would represent the original section content. You can place any custom content above or below the tag, including Visual Composer short codes.
  • Go to Appearance -> ThemeREX Addons -> CV Card, and select the newly created page in the settings of the corresponding section.
  • Lastly, save changes, and refresh your site. Now your custom content should appear above/below the section content.
testi ccustom 2

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