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Common WordPress Development Issues and How to Deal with Them

WordPress Development Issues

Did you know that WordPress turned 20 years old in 2023? Yes, you read it right! The open-source content management system powers more than 455 million websites around the globe. That’s truly incredible! 

However, have you ever come across a white screen while adding new plugins or themes? Or did you ever try to update your WordPress website but fail? Well, you aren’t alone in having come across such issues! 

No doubt, WordPress offers several benefits for website development. However, there are certain issues you might experience during the development process. 

In this article, you will learn about the most common WordPress development issues and the ways to deal with them. Let’s explore! 

WordPress Development Concerns and Ways to Handle Them

White screen of death 

Have you heard about the white screen of death? As the name suggests, you will be able to access the website but see nothing but just a blank page. It is a true nightmare for the developers. 

But why does it happen so? The most common reason behind it is compatibility issues with a specific theme or plugin. However, the lack of sufficient memory can also be a potential reason. 

To resolve this issue, you can simply disable all the plugins. If it fixes the issue and you can view the content, it means plugin incompatibility was the cause of the problem. 

On the other hand, if the problem still persists, you can try disabling the theme. Moreover, you can even increase the memory limit of your website to the maximum by editing the php.ini file to resolve the issue. 

Failure to upload files & images 

In the competitive world, attracting more traffic to websites is quite tough. A website with only content can appear to be monotonous and boring to visitors. Therefore, adding images becomes crucial to grabbing the attention of the target audience. 

Have you ever tried to upload images to your WordPress website but failed to do so? Well, it is another common WordPress development issue that people sometimes face. The potential reason behind this issue is incorrect permission. That means the site needs to know whether it can access or add images and can also bulk upload files to WordPress websites. To deal with this problem, all you need to do is check and update the file permissions correctly.

WordPress themes

WordPress email issues

Are you failing to send emails from WordPress? Do not worry; it is a common issue people experience. A potential cause behind it is that the hosting server of WordPress isn’t configured to use the PHP mail () function. 

However, at times, your hosting may be configured to use the function. But email service providers leverage various tools to prevent email spam. Such tools aim to determine whether the emails are actually coming from the locations they claim to be from. 

Email broadcasts from WordPress often fail this test. As a result, the messages are likely to end up in the spam folder of people. 

Leveraging a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is an ideal solution to handle this problem. It uses proper authentication and helps enhance email deliverability rates. 

Missing Stylesheet  

When working on WordPress development, an error message may pop up telling the user that a theme requires adding a style. This issue usually occurs when the WordPress database fails to find the CSS file. The presence of the CSS file in the wrong directory can also trigger this issue. 

Installing or uploading the theme correctly can help resolve this issue. Moreover, uploading themes from the WordPress dashboard can also effectively address this problem. 

Auto update is dysfunctional 

In order to ensure that your WordPress website works optimally, updating it at regular intervals is vital. The best part is that WordPress websites with hosting plans do not need any manual updating. However, this option may fail to function effectively when something goes wrong. 

A potential glitch between the server and WordPress files can give rise to this issue. The failure of the auto-update feature can result in a white screen of death.  

Are you wondering how to fix this issue? Well, it is simple and easy. All you need to do is manually update your WordPress website by downloading and installing the latest version.  

Stuck in maintenance mode

At times, you might be making some changes to your WordPress website, and you will find a message stating that your site is not available due to scheduled maintenance. Well, WordPress websites often get stuck in maintenance mode during an update. It mainly happens when you are trying to update a bunch of themes or plugins. 

Any interruption during the update process may result in your site being stuck in maintenance mode. As a result, it locks WordPress websites and makes them inaccessible or unavailable. 

However, do not worry. It is easy to fix this problem. All you need to do is delete the. maintenance file and take your WordPress website out of maintenance mode. 

The connection timed out

Connection timed out is another common error with WordPress websites. It occurs when the server from your website is overloaded and fails to complete the request of the browser. 

To address this issue, you will have to deactivate your WordPress plugins first. If it resolves the problem, you can try activating the plugins one by one. It will enable you to easily find out which plugin is actually creating the issue. 

However, if your current theme is likely to create the problem, you can try activating the default WP theme. Moreover, you can also increase the PHP memory to fix the issue conveniently. 

WordPress password and security issues

The security of your WordPress website is something you cannot compromise with. Using outdated plugins and nulled themes can give rise to security issues. The best way to get rid of the security issues is to update your WordPress website regularly. 

The updates come with critical security patches. It can strengthen the security of the websites and deliver seamless experiences to their users. 

Especially if you are using third-party plugins to facilitate payments and other functionalities, you must be well aware of the latest updates. It can help avoid technical glitches and ensure the optimum security of websites. 

Error establishing a database connection 

Many times, WordPress websites experience issues while attempting to access the database. A problem with wp-config.php can lead to this issue. It mainly occurs when the database details are entered incorrectly.  

Thinking about how to resolve this issue? Well, all you need to do is locate wp-config.php and ensure all the database details are provided correctly. It includes username, database name, password, database host, and more. 


WordPress continues to be the top choice among developers when it comes to web development. Therefore, they are continuously working to make the platform more convenient and user-friendly. However, there is no denying the fact that things can go wrong at times. 

By now, you must have an idea of the common WordPress issues and the ways to deal with them. So, without worrying about them anymore, leverage WordPress to build appealing and attractive websites to drive more traffic for your business.  

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