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Best Cryptocurrency Plugins For WordPress Website

Cryptocurrency Plugins

The current surge in the crypto market has increased the urge of building a WordPress Website in this field. It is due to some people expanding businesses to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments or to provide trading and consulting services on how to buy dogecoin in Texas

To create a crypto website, you should have appropriate plugins for WordPress. This blog is here to help you in determining the best cryptocurrency plugins according to your needs.

Cryptocurrency Plugins For WordPress Websites

Creating a cryptocurrency website is much easier than you actually think. With the help of appropriate tools, plugins, scripts, themes, and templates, you can customize the website accordingly. The list of WordPress plugins for cryptocurrency website are as follows:


CoinTable is a content management system that provides you with real-time information about cryptocurrency. It is the best plugin as it supports thousands of currencies, along with the information, using automatic updates 24/7. It does not require any manual work and completes all the work itself. It also has search engine optimization, Meta, Open Graph, and Twitter options available for use. Moreover, it enables you to share your social media websites with your visitors.


Cryptocurrency Charts

Are you looking for an interactive and customizable cryptocurrency for your WordPress website? If yes, then you should look for Cryptocurrency Charts. Using this plugin, you can create and embed your own crypto marketplace. First, you need to sketch out the chart you want to get from the appropriate WordPress admin panel. Then you can add it to any page or blog post by copying and pasting the code directly into the chosen section. The plugin contains more than 6000 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. 


CryptoWP is a real-time cryptocurrency market price on WordPress (Pro). it is not only the most attractive plugin but also the most reliable of all. It provides a wide range of processes to display prices in the cryptocurrency market. The other features included in this plugin are as follows:

  • Constitutes three themes 
  • Supports native CSS
  • Provide notification and real-time conversions
  • Offer real-time updates on cryptocurrencies
  • Fully customizable
  • Historical value charts

FAT CoinCap

FAT Coincap is a cryptocurrency WordPress plugin that enables you to add the latest information about Bitcoin and other 1300 cryptocurrencies using a simple shortcode. It is relatively effortless to add a chart, table, comparison, ticker, or leaderboard to your website. The critical features of FAT CoinCap are:

  • Effortless to display.
  • Constitutes widgets like boxtable, chart ticker, comparison of ledgers
  • Compare and view history for 1, 7, and 30 days. 
  • Supports more than 1300 plus cryptocurrencies
  • Display unlimited charts.
  • Filter results
  • Real-time updates


If you are new to creating your own trading platform with WordPress, Tradex is the best cryptocurrency tool for a quick start. You do not have to spend a lot of time and money in hiring a programmer, you can set and manage a cryptocurrency website effortlessly. With a straightforward function of buying and selling, it supports over 55 altcoins. Its entire process is fully automated, secure, and enables you to proceed with transactions immediately. It also provides a live trade view, coin wallet statistics, unique user dashboard, and deposit log to its users. 



If you are running an eCommerce business, you can include the functionality of taking payments from your customers in crypto. With Cryptoniq, you can easily integrate this mechanism into your online store. This WordPress plugin allows payment of the four most prominent cryptocurrencies, namely Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), and Bitcoin (BTC). It does not have a third-party service provider dealing between the users and the admin. The payment is processed and transferred from the buyer directly to the owner without the need for paying any withdrawal fees. It applies a decentralized payment method. It means that you just have to add your wallet address to the plugin settings and begin with the operation. 



Today, you cannot deny the fact that cryptocurrency is the reason for the rise in eCommerce stores. The emerging popularity has increased the need for WordPress plugins significantly. This list of cryptocurrency plugins will enable you to improve and renovate your cryptocurrency website effortlessly. 

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