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Basic Information about Free Editable Newspaper Templates

newspaper templates


In this article, we will briefly tell you about the basic points related to customizable newspaper templates. What they are, what they might look like, where such templates can be used, what the main features are, and many other helpful aspects. We’ll also show you some examples of newspaper templates in Google Docs format. In addition, we’ll show you how you can get free newspaper templates in Google Docs.

There are many websites that offer a variety of templates, and in particular, newspaper templates, which are characterized by various designs, colors, the information that the template contains, the use of different backgrounds, fonts, etc. In addition, there are lots of helpful articles, collections of handy editable free templates for various purposes and tasks, and many other useful materials that can help you find the most optimal templates.

And now, let’s talk about newspaper templates a bit!

NB! Please note that this article does not contain comprehensive descriptions, complete characteristics of newspaper templates, or, for example, step-by-step instructions on how to get a free newspaper template in Google Docs. 

Our goal is to provide you with basic information and recommendations based on our years of experience, working with Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets templates. It is always recommended to study the topic in detail and thoroughly and practice a lot.

newspaper template

What is a Newspaper Template?

Newspaper templates are very popular nowadays, as they are really multifunctional, practical, trendy, and user-friendly. We know what a typical newspaper is this is a piece of paper, a kind of a relatively thin book, in which you can read the news, some facts, and other important information. 

And here, you can read about the newspapers in more detail.

People still buy and read printed newspapers, while some people prefer to read electronic versions of newspapers. If we talk about newspaper templates, they are very convenient because ready-made templates can be easily printed out and replicated in the required quantity. And you can leave the newspapers in electronic form, too, or, for example, if necessary, make a printed version as well as an electronic one.

So, why might you need newspaper templates?

It could be a small print shop or publishing house that produces newspapers and need layouts, for the designs of which templates may come in very handy. 

One more possible example: a school may produce a newspaper and need to create a beautiful, stylish layout design for it. And here, you can also use templates. 

Or perhaps, a company wants to produce its own specialized newspaper for training and professional development of the employees. 

Or for instance, a student needs to present a project, be creative, and design a modern newspaper dedicated to an important topic, an issue, etc. For example, environmental protection? And lots of other topics, issues, ideas, and so on!

And why not add a little bit of vintage to a restaurant or cafe and produce your own newspaper menu or hang a newspaper on the wall, for example?

And you probably need a user-friendly template for your project, and the newspaper template is great in all respects. Why not, if it’s a creative assignment?

And there are many, many other ways and areas of usage of newspaper templates. As you can see, there is a vast, countless number of uses for newspaper templates. And that makes this template option one of the most popular and valuable. That’s perfect!

NB! So, we can’t make a completely exhaustive list of all the cases and ideas for using newspaper templates. Everything is quite individual. If you have a specific assignment, you need to clearly follow its points and instructions for implementation. And if the assignment is creative and you can show imagination, then it’s time to get creative. 

In any case, it all depends on what tasks and goals you are pursuing — we recommend you to study every single detail carefully, think over your assignment in detail, consult if necessary, and start working on your materials and practice.

newspaper template

Key Features of Newspaper Templates

So, what are the basic characteristics of newspaper templates? Let’s define and briefly describe some fundamentals.

  • Newspaper templates are multipurpose and can be used in a number of areas and for the implementation of a variety of tasks and ideas.
  • Since newspaper templates are very popular and often used in a variety of areas (businesses, industries, establishments, etc.), there are a vast number of free ready-made newspaper templates that are easy and free to customize. Of course, you can also use premium templates (you mostly need to pay for using them), or you can, for example, go to professional designers or design studios. If you’re not considering such options at this stage, there are plenty of unique, stylish, and free templates in various formats that will help you create great newspapers.
  • You can choose the necessary and most convenient formats of newspaper templates according to the requirements for your particular assignment, your goals, objectives, ideas, etc. For instance, there are newspaper templates in PSD, PPT, Google Docs, Google Slides, and more and more. Choose exactly what you need!
  • Editing newspaper templates is easy and fun. You can customize the design to your liking according to your goals and ideas. That’s super!

NB! And this is not an exhaustive list of the characteristics and advantages of newspaper templates. This list can be continued indefinitely because newspaper templates are really convenient, modern, relevant, and stylish!

newspaper template

Some Samples of Free Customizable Newspaper Templates

As we have mentioned above, newspaper templates are available in a variety of formats. And we have also mentioned that there are lots of resources where you can get beautiful templates and collections of free newspaper templates in Google Docs.

Where you can find a wide variety of stylish newspaper templates in Google Docs format and read their descriptions. If you are interested in certain templates, go to the page of a particular template by clicking on the “Edit Template” button under the template preview image. You can customize these templates easily and completely for free.

NB! Please remember that you can find a large number of various websites where there are a lot of great templates. Professional designers constantly develop new unique, customizable template designs on multiple themes and for various tasks. In particular, and a large number of stylish newspaper templates, too. So, you can always select the templates you need!

How to Get a Newspaper Template in Google Docs Easily and for Free?

google docs

Depending on the format of the template, the process of editing it is different. Below we will try to briefly explain and show you how you can find a newspaper template in Google Docs format. 

NB! Please note that here below, you will see some ways of how to find a suitable newspaper template. In this article below, there will be a randomly chosen newspaper template with the purpose of showing you the basic principles of how it works. And after selecting the most optimal templates, you customize them based on your specific assignments, tasks, goals, ideas, etc.

You can find any templates you need. There are a considerable number of websites on the Internet where you can find both free and paid templates. For example, we will now enter into the Google search “newspaper templates in Google Docs“, and we will see a huge number of websites. For instance, let’s go to one of the first websites that appear here now. As you can see, here, you can find unique, beautiful templates on any theme and for any purpose. That’s great! Let’s go!

google docs

So, how to find newspaper templates here?

  • If, for example, you just go to this website directly, you can then go to the Newspapers category by selecting this category in the drop-down list or by writing this category in the blank line, for example.
  • And you can also, for instance, go to the “Templates” tab at the top left of the page and then find the category “Newspapers” in the TOP section, as well as in the “Education” section.
Google docs

As you can see, there are many options on how and where to find newspaper templates on this website. The sequence of templates may vary depending on which way you go, but in general, the interface is almost identical. Let’s look at the screenshots below!

  • We can also choose the desired template format. Here now, on this page, there are options for newspaper templates in Google Docs and Google Slides formats. Let’s choose, for example, Google Docs now and then an absolutely random newspaper template. For instance, we select “Modern Newspaper”. And you choose the formats and templates that you need. So, we click on our selected template. 
  • On the new page that appears, you can see preview pictures of the selected template, and if this template is suitable for you and you want to customize it, click “EDIT TEMPLATE“. So, we click “EDIT TEMPLATE” and go on.
  • Then a new window opens, and we choose the template size. In this case, it is the only option here — A3. We click on A3.
  • We go to the next page, and the download will start automatically in 10 seconds
  • If something doesn’t work as planned and the download of the template doesn’t start after the set time, please click “CLICK HERE“.
  • So, we wait 10 seconds, everything works correctly, and we go to the next page.
  • Here we click “Make a copy” and go on.
Google slides
  • This opens a copy (“Copy of A3”) of this template in Google Docs, which is already on our Google Drive. And now, we can customize this template.
google templates

NB! Please note that we have listed and shown you only a few options where you can find the necessary newspaper templates on the random example of the websites with templates. You can use different resources like flipbook software to create digital newspapers from templates and choose the best possible materials.

Summing Up

We really hope that this article and our recommendations and instructions will be useful and relevant for you. We constantly replenish the collections of templates, which you can use absolutely free of charge. We compile topical collections of templates that will help you choose unique, stylish templates created by professional designers

Practice and create beautiful materials! Good luck to you and unlimited motivation and inspiration! 

NB! And we are preparing new materials for you right now. Please expect them soon!

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