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A Quick Guide to Remarketing: How Can it Save Your Business?


Have you ever researched a service online, or looked for a quote for something, only to have to put your email address in at the end? There are a few reasons for this; demographics and analytics, but, the main reason is so that the website (or service provider) can engage in remarketing. 

Remarketing is a tactic that enables websites and services to engage with past visitors, in an attempt to get them to convert to buying the service or product. However, if you are on the business side, and as remarketing is a paid tactic, it can seem that it is a waste of time. It isn’t, and here, you will be guided through how it can save your business.

Access To Past Site Visitors

When you have been working hard to get customers or visitors to your site, or you have used the help of a marketing team like Click Intelligence, you will want to get as much back as you can.

It should be noted that when a customer first visits your site, they may not be ready to engage with your brand, so it is worth giving them a bit of a push. Remarketing allows you to send out tailored ads to these website visitors, which, in turn, will reinforce their interest and get them to revisit your site. 

Recapture Lost Website Traffic

It is thought that website traffic alone is all that is needed to tick the digital marketing success box. Spoiler- it isn’t! Most companies will have people visiting their websites without taking action. However, remarketing allows you to recapture traffic that came to your site without doing or buying anything!

This can be in the form of targeted emails or adverts; as long as you provide site visitors with a valuable and personalized experience for these potential customers, research shows there is over an 85% chance that they will purchase your goods or services. Great!

Increases Brand Awareness

Research has found that as many as 42% of companies use remarketing to help spread their brand and to raise awareness of it. This is important to not only get brand recognition, but also to build positive associations between the brand and customers. 

When you use remarketing, you are doing just that. If a site visitor wanted to purchase a plant from your online store; they put it in the cart, but then leave. With the help of remarketing ads and emails, you can increase the chance of the plant being purchased and boost knowledge of your brand.


marketing team

Yes, remarketing is not a free service, but it is cost-effective, and, best of all, it is targeted at people who have already engaged with your site. Pulling customers in is unnecessary; you’ve already done that! You just need to spend a little bit more time getting them to engage with you positively. Then, all you need to do is provide the customer with a high level of service!

Target Audience

Remarketing can help you easily identify who uses your services or purchasing your goods. In the long run, this can help with organic marketing campaigns in the future and will help you get a better idea of the demographics that your business appeals to. It saves money in the long run and can help you identify untouched customer groups.

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