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9 Ways to Continue to Grow Your Side Hustle in Isolation

With the world still coping with the uncertainties of a global pandemic, you may have a lot of time on your hands while self-quarantining. Maybe you were laid off, or your workplace is temporarily closed, and you are seeking a way to stay busy and financially stable. Many of you may be fortunate enough to be working from home during all of this and are looking for a way to make a few dollars on the side. 

Whatever your situation, there are many ways to earn a supplemental income while you are in isolation. From downsizing your personal belongings to launching an E-learning program, your side hustle is only limited by your imagination and willingness to put yourself out there.

Here are 9 ways we found that can help you make some side cash from home.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Businesses globally have had to restructure their operations. Sometimes this means downsizing, and sometimes this means bringing in extra help. A business owner not used to managing everything from home could  benefit from recruiting additional manpower to their existing team. 

Enter the virtual assistant:

As a virtual assistant, your responsibilities could range from customer support to website design. Assess what your skills are and do a Google search for openings that match. Don’t let a lack of experience or skills dissuade you, though. The key to becoming a successful virtual assistant is to maintain a high degree of motivation, great communication abilities and a desire to learn and grow. Your positive attitude and eagerness will help you stand out from the rest.

Book a Gig

Have you heard of the phrase “gig economy?” It’s one that’s been floating around for the past couple of decades and refers to independent contractors and online platform workers. This method of working has become increasingly popular recently with sites like Fiverr and Upwork taking a lot of the guesswork out of finding a gig.

These freelance sites provide gig workers (i.e. you) with career specific job listings detailing everything you need to know, from pay rate, deadlines, and more. 

The entire process of gig work is perfect for today’s social distancing age. You meet the client remotely to discuss the product, you create the product remotely using whatever skills are required of the task, and you receive your pay remotely, as long as your gig accounts are linked to online business bank accounts. Having the piece of mind that your job prospects are coming from a trusted website helps weed out the suspicious job boards and build confidence as you embark on your freelancing journey.

Make Deliveries as a Personal Shopper

So, maybe you’ve been stuck at home a little too long and you’re ready to stretch your legs a bit. Consider becoming a personal shopper or delivery person. Some extremely popular services right now are delivery apps like Postmates and Instacart. These apps and ones like them provide convenient pick-ups and deliveries of groceries and local food from restaurants. 

 If you’d rather handle non-food items, becoming a personal shopper could be what you’re looking for. Not only do you get the satisfaction of helping others find their inner fashion but it helps you build relationships with clients. After spending a couple of months in complete isolation, having some form of human interaction is highly recommended. 

Make YouTube Tutorials

Do you have a hobby that requires a step-by-step knowledge of the process? Maybe you are fluent in a couple of languages and want to help others learn one, too. One great option to share your expertise is through creating YouTube tutorials

Video is the perfect way to convey information with 72% of customers more willing to learn about a product through video than anywhere else, according to HubSpot. With that in mind, just because you are creating a video does not mean you need to be a professional videographer to create a successful product. Get creative and make the most of what you have available.

Start an E-Learning Program

If you’d like to share more than just a straightforward video, you can always write an e-book. Sharing your thoughts in an easily digestible format, like an e-book, is a great way to reach a broader audience and make a few extra bucks. You don’t have to worry about writing a novel or anything too extended for an e-book to be successful. Keeping it short and to the point will draw in more readers. 

If you’re looking to go a little bigger than just a video or an e-book, then launching an E-learning program could be your next adventure. While the process may seem daunting initially, once you’ve broken everything down step-by-step you may find the overall process much more accessible than you thought it would be.

Tutor Remotely

Full disclosure: creating an elearning course may not be for everyone. What happens if you only want to share your knowledge in a one-on-one atmosphere rather than a digital lecture hall? With students receiving much of their education via an internet connection, a new window of opportunity has opened for educators.

This site helps those educators who are eager to earn their TEFL certification and teach abroad. Other local schools offer openings for remote instructors or assistants. For the freelancer, though, the best way to reach and teach through technology is by tutoring. Check local schools or message boards for anyone in need of tutoring. With digital tools like Zoom and Skype it’s almost like you are in the room with the student in need.

Downsize Personal Belongings

Now that you’ve had some time to be at home you’ve probably noticed that you have some things sitting around that you haven’t used for a while. Maybe it’s an old sun dress that doesn’t quite fit like it used to, a box of unwatched DVDs, or that piece of furniture you inherited from your old roommate. Regardless of what it is there are always a few things we should probably let go of.

Sites like Poshmark and Letgo serve as a digital garage sale for you and others in your community. Even Amazon and E-bay provide easy to use platforms from which you can sell a few things on the side. Before you get too excited with online auctions, though, it is best to assess the value of your individual items. Once you’ve done that, you can list them on the best corresponding site. Here are eight sites to get you started.

Fill Out Online Surveys

One thing about social distancing that has become painfully true is just how easy it is to sit on the couch for extended periods of time. While it may be easy to lose track of time scrolling on your mobile devices, there are a couple of positive ways to make all that time add up to extra cash in your pocket.

Paid surveys are a great way to kill some time and earn a few bucks, too. Typically each survey only takes a few minutes of your time and only has a couple of questions to either select answers or write a sentence or two. Some surveys require you to play a quick game or watch a short video of a product or even a movie trailer. Chances are you won’t make a fortune doing this, but if you’re going to be on your phone anyway you may as well make some money.

Run Small Business Ads on Social Media

You’ve thought about your side hustle options and you’re ready to get some clients. What is one of the fastest ways to reach people today without leaving the house? Social media advertising is an easy process that is guaranteed to earn you some additional income, as long as you structure your ads properly. 

Facebook, in particular, has a great field of play for those looking to dip their toes in the social media marketing pond. This guide details the ways Facebook can help you reach a wide audience and acquire more clients. It may take a little time to gain some traction, but, just like everything else on this list, if you stay determined and goal-driven you’ll find yourself with a profitable side hustle in no time.

Whether you’re strapped for cash or just looking for something to do, the market is loaded with side hustle possibilities. Take advantage of the latest tech trends designed to help you find your perfect gig and connect you with the right people to make it happen. The freelance journey can be overwhelming, but as long as you gather your tools, your skillset, and your confidence and put your best foot forward you’ll find your perfect niche.

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