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8 Essential Things to Consider for Your Web Design

web design

Thriving business owners and companies gain more benefits and advantages when they have websites, which potential customers can visit. Your website is the one that represents your business in the online community of Peth and other places. Your website gives off a lasting first impression, which may impact the visitors’ thoughts about you and your business.

For this reason, it is prudent to employ the services of a professional, dependable web design Perth agency to develop a fitting website for your business. Your website can provide you with an opportunity to introduce your brand to the world, what you can offer, your goals, and other important things that you want to impart to your visitors.

During brainstorming with your chosen team of developers, there are certain things that you need to consider when building your website. Keep in mind that you need a website that can help boost your reputation, entice your audience to come visit regularly, and take a look at the things you offer.

1. Consider the usual behaviour of customers when browsing your website

Online and in-store customers share the same habits when visiting a shop – they look around and check out the items that they find interesting. Expect that the visitors of your website will not look at every item or piece of information that you have presented on your website. Customers usually look around, check the items they find interesting, click on that item to see more details, and check it out when they have decided to buy it. They may click on the next page, but they may click the back button quickly when they fail to see an interesting or needed item.

When planning the layout of your website, take the following into consideration:

  • customers love to scan more than read
  • users expect to see credible and quality offers and information
  • your visitors prefer aesthetically pleasing webdesign
  • most users are looking for the most practical and easy-to-follow solutions
  • You need to prioritise the things that will attract possible customers and visitors when designing your website. You can tell the team of web developers that you will hire to take the mentioned things into consideration.

2. State clearly the purpose of your website

After considering the behaviour of your customers, you also need to consider the goals you want to achieve and define the purpose of your website clearly. Every page of your website should clearly state your purpose and make sure that your visitors can understand what you want to achieve – present products, give information, entertain, and others.

That way, your visitors will not feel like that they are wasting time trying to figure out what you want them to do or think. Having a clear purpose can also help boost your reputation and credibility.

People will start to look up to you as an expert that they can rely on when it comes to that subject. That way, you will be able to gain loyal customers and continue to earn more money.

3. Design a simple yet aesthetically pleasing website

If you want to provide an amasing user experience to your potential customers, it is wise to choose a simple web design that your visitors will appreciate. Users usually find it difficult to navigate through a website with elaborate design.

Take extra care when considering the following elements of design:


German Psychiatrist that goes by name Kurt Goldstein said that different colours can evoke certain emotions or behaviours in people. He made an observation regarding the possible psychological impact of different colours on individuals. He observed that the colours yellow and red evoked forceful action in people. The colours green and blue can produce a stable, calm, or relaxing state. Consider colour psychology when selecting colours to use. Choose the ones that won’t strain the eyes. Don’t forget to include the colours that are associated with your brand.


Font and typeface are often used interchangeably. You should choose the font and typeface with letters and characters that are easy to read.


It is a must to use crisp, high-quality pictures and drawings on your website. Your visitors may lose interest when all they can see are hasy images, which are hard to comprehend.

web designer

4. Take advantage of white space

The white space makes it much easier to read the content on your website. Browsing through the entire page is a cinch with the help of the white space. Placing a white space after a line of text makes it much easier to read the sentences.

5. Make your website easy to navigate

The white space makes it much easier to read the content on your website. Browsing through the entire page is a cinch with the help of the white space. Placing a white space after a line of text makes it much easier to read the sentences.

6. Provide a continuous supply of compelling, relevant content

If your website is about plumbing, don’t post content that has something to do with hairstyle. You may lose your credibility as an expert on the subject if you post content that has nothing to do with your website. You also need to make sure that your content is timely. You may need to update some information from your past posts to keep everything current. You may need to change the gadget that has been used or the technology behind certain suggestions.

7. Make sure that your website and every web page can load fast

If your website and/or web pages take so long to load, expect to lose many visitors. Many cannot stand the waiting game and are quick to click the next link on the search page. The site should load within 2 seconds to keep the interests of your visitors. If it takes longer, people will get tired of waiting and leave. Your web developers may need to consider optimising the sizes of the images to speed up loading time.

8. Choose a responsive website

A website with a responsive design can easily fit any size of screen. The appearance of your website when you see it on your computer screen should look the same as when you look at it on your tablet or mobile phone. Nothing should appear truncated or missing. In the past, website owners needed a website design for desktops and one for mobile phones.

The web design experts should be able to give some suggestions for the web design. Keep your options open.

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