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7 Misconceptions about WordPress

Misconceptions about WordPress

WordPress is a familiar word, and people who are linked with blogging have daily interaction with it. But what is WordPress and that what role it plays in the launching of a website is not so clear in people’s heads. They know that WordPress is essential for a lunching website, but it is still an unknown for them.

It is one of the most powerful content management systems because from a small blogging page to complex business websites, all of them are being managed by WordPress. Even a person is running their little page with almost traffic of a few people has to contact WordPress for their website. And that’s why it is one of the most popular management systems for content and websites.  

WordPress is a building package and can be downloaded very easily. And once a beginner has installed, it then has to go through it stepwise, and they do not need to seek help from a programmer because it has effortless features.

Even an unknown person who has little to no knowledge of programming can use it. There other content management systems that are not comfortably used, and you always have to ask for help from a programming professional. But this is not the case with WordPress because operating it is not an issue.

In simple words, it is a tool with the help of which you can manage all the aspects of your website and can start your blogging page of your own. It will favor you in providing a website that is accessible, and you can run a business from it even on a smaller scale. People who are not developers and are not even working in software houses can build a website from WordPress and go through specific steps.

Anyone who is thinking of becoming a blogger or aspiring to be a content creator is well aware of WordPress, but not many have the right knowledge of WordPress. They have different misconceptions regarding WordPress, and some of them are:

It is Only for Bloggers


WordPress was initially introduced for bloggers, and the pat history shows that the first person to make a website through it were bloggers. But having this concept that it only belongs to them is a misconception.

Because over time, a lot of changes have been made in WordPress, and it would not be wrong to say that WordPress has evolved.

And therefore, the new growth it has adopted over time allows people of other fields to step into other than bloggers. It is now a platform of business, an educational institute, and even an e-commerce site. It serves to blog and is being used for many other purposes as educational websites; e-commerce sites are being introduced from it.

It is Not for e-Commerce Sites

WordPress is not a platform for an e-commerce website is one of the most significant false assumption people have made regarding it. Because the truth is, this is one of the beautiful display places for e-commerce websites.

It has introduced a different feature for their websites like it has introduced themes, it has given both free and paid plugins, and they are one of the fantastic features one can count. Having produced and unpaid plugins for an e-commerce website is something a businessman looks for their website, and it is available on WordPress.

Thinking that WordPress is not the right choice for e-commerce websites is a false belief, and it needs to be corrected as soon as possible because you create some super cool e-commerce websites on it.

It Has No Support

People often think that the people behind WordPress are not so active, and maybe the people working for WordPress are not insignificant numbers so that they might have slow service. But then there are many forums of WordPress where people in large numbers are doing the whole day.

And when it comes to how much they are active and how much time they take to respond is calculated in the wrong way. Because they are highly engaged, and over time, they have made a community of their own. Who is working all the time to respond to people as early as possible?

They have sufficient documentation and are not without any support. They are authentic and have a community of people working for them hard to resolve people’s queries.

It Cannot Attain Heavy Traffic


People who have technical issues usually complain that WordPress cannot handle heavy traffic, which is certainly not. Because if WordPress is managing 6 million visitors monthly, how it cannot deal with heavy  traffic. People who lack technical skills face problems, but the problem lies with their abilities but not with WordPress.

And for resolving issues like these, a professional should be hired who can guide you about handling traffic. Otherwise, WordPress is capable of dealing with heavy traffic and in a very organized way. You need the necessary skills to cope with WordPress, and then you can sustain as much traffic as possible because WordPress can do that for you.

It is Not Just a Beginner Platform

WordPress is no doubt elementary, and beginners can easily use it. The problem comes later because you need someone who knows HTML, so you have to get familiar with it if you want to avoid problems after crossing the beginner stage. In later stages, it requires your knowledge of CSS and HTML, and then it gets tough, so to save yourself from challenging situations, seek help from a professional.

Depending upon others for even minor things wastes your time, which will cause a little loss. To learn some basics of programming and software, it is not just a beginner thing.  A software house in Pakistan can help you guide HTML basics and save you from depending upon others even for your little tasks.

No SEO knowledge Requirement


In WordPress, there are plugins for SEO, and you can get access to them quickly. But plugins are not just enough because they will do the whole job. You need to have some SEO practice and information. The plugins will only ease your work, but they will not take care of everything. You should have some courses on SEO if you want to use WordPress. And without any SEO background, you cannot move forward based on plugins.

WordPress is for Not Content Creators

One of the most popular misconceptions is that only a blogger can create a website through WordPress and not other people or people in the business. It is a content management platform and, therefore, can be used for managing different content. They can be either educational, informational, or some business thing. You can create a website for all of them and can be successful.

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