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6 Ways to Improve Your e-Commerce Marketing Strategies


Every business should be online, and yes, even the small, local companies should at least have some online presence. The world of the Internet is vast, and this can be challenging for any business to flourish fully. However, it’s not impossible. While the landscape is competitive, there is room for everyone, as customers vary in every type of way. What they want and what they need are two very different factors to consider, so catering for a target market is a must. 

The downfall of many businesses trying to break into e-Commerce is trying to be everything to everyone. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Starting with the basics will see you through the initial stages of the e-Commerce market, and you can then tweak your methods to grow your slice of the pie. 

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level in e-Commerce, check out these top tips:

Trust is Everything

It’s not enough these days to just offer the lowest prices in the hope everyone bites. Consumers are changing how they shop for products and services. A significant factor of this is attributed to who they trust. Brand authenticity has never been more critical, and the age of social media just goes to prove how quickly a business can develop a positive or negative reputation. Studies also show that the millennial generation is more likely to buy from brands that uphold similar values to them and foster an authentic approach. 

The main factor about trust and authenticity is that it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re a new business, then it will take time to build and maintain. However, even an established company has to keep on track and uphold good values, as any bad press can diminish them in the blink of an eye. 

Change is Good

The Internet and consumer habits never standstill. We’ve all seen how trends change quickly, and the e-Commerce sector is no different. But change is a good thing, as it keeps your company fresh and innovative.

The important thing about the ever-changing market is to test and modify this to your own brand. There’s no point in following what everyone else is doing, as it may not work for your message. Know your audience and cater to their needs. Do testing and try out new marketing strategies to avoid spending money on the wrong type of campaign. To keep up with everything, hire the help of marketing professionals. It’s their job to keep up to date with the sector and can advise on the best methods and paths to improve your reach and conversion rate.

For example, agencies such as Nuanced Media Los Angeles can help grow different avenues alongside your traditional business, including using Amazon to leverage sales.

Use Social Media Advertising

Another place to help drive sales to your business is through social media advertising. Platforms such as Facebook are ideal for targeting specific people as they have detailed information and demographics on every user. Utilizing this method can help improve reach locally and nationally. This type of advertising can be affordable too. Using a pay-per-click style service is beneficial for companies that need to control their budget and test adverts without dipping too much into the budget. You can also tweak targets and spend accordingly, depending on your needs.

Make Customer Service a Top Priority

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

It’s all well and good having a customer service number to call or an email available on your website. Still, if people are waiting for ages for a response, they’ll look elsewhere. Customer service should be a key aspect of your business. Investing in technology and staff to support this is crucial. Anything from using chat tools on your website so customers can ask quick questions to ensure you have a support ticket system in place, so inquiries don’t get lost in the inbox can all help. Some people also like to talk to someone, so ensuring there is a telephone number and someone available to assist is essential. 

Build an Email Marketing Database

Email marketing is one of the best ways to convert customers because they are already interested in what you do. In most cases, people have signed up to your emails manually, or through the purchasing journey, so they may have already experienced your products or services. Email data can also be segmented according to the information collated. Testing email sends will also help maximize the opening rate, so use your data to determine the best times and days to push different messages. The most significant factor of email marketing is to remain relevant and don’t spam. Customers receive so much junk in their inboxes every day so try not to add to it. Make subject lines snappy and appealing to boost engagement and try to give a personal touch instead of using a bulk mailer. 

Use Selling Platforms to Boost Product Sales

If you sell products, then selling platforms could be a great tool to improve your sales. Sites such as eBay or Amazon are a great place to promote your business as they open your offering up to a host of people around the world. Each platform has its pros and cons, and they do involve fees and charges for using the services. However, they also come with a variety of useful tools and resources to make the most of the platform and improve your reach. For example, Amazon has a massive network, and you can use the fulfillment service to ship products directly to customers. This gives your company leverage with the platform, as customers trust the delivery and service from Amazon directly. 

These are just some of the best ways to harness the power of e-Commerce marketing to improve your business. To build the foundation, always get to know your customer and tailor the journey, so they have the best user and purchasing experience to ensure they return time and time again.

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