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6 Trendy Design Ideas for a New Website in 2020

web design ideas
No one can resist change. Which applies in web design too. Every year innovation of new stylish designs comes up. 2020 is also that year when we see creativity by different web design experts. As we are at the start of another decade, things must change and particularly to fit the majority. In this case, millennials. To web designers for website owners to gain massive traffic. Their websites need to fit the large group of people who are using the internet. That’s one of the reasons website trends change every year. Nonetheless, you are a web design student and have lots of assignments; you should seek help from acemyhomework. With them, you have been assured of a high-quality job that your professor will love. Apart from that, in today’s article, you will get to know six of the new trendy website ideas.

3D Elements

For the past few years, the use of 3D elements in web design has gone up tremendously. When this technique is used in web design, it brings a whole new setup that exhilarates the one viewing your website.

 Some of the 3D elements that will be used in web designing include;

  • Animated
  • Interactive
  • Static

The use of this idea will lead to the natural attraction of the one viewing your website and making them get curious about what services, products you sell, or the information on your website.

Combination of Graphics and Photos

When you look at previous years, graphic design has been growing little by little. But in the past two or three years, it has been so prevalent in web design. So, this year get ready for more alluring websites that will be using graphics together with photos. That will bring a nice visual of your website. In this case, you notice a website using graphics with either product or human images.


Another trendy website design is the use of artwork. With growing recognition of artwork around the globe. Web experts have also taken into consideration of artwork as web design. That is because it signifies creativity and can be a mode of communication to some individuals.

If you do research, many young people online are fascinated by artworks. They draw their attention. So, if your website has used this design, then be sure to sell more or get your work read by many people.


It is not the first time this web design has been used. Mid last decade use of patterns in web design was so familiar. A trend that has been overtaken with innovations. But that was not its end. 2020 will see the return of this trendy web idea. Things will not be the same as they will incorporate new pattern ideas like;

  • Chevron Patterns
  • Memphis Patterns
  • Animal Patterns
  • Flower Patters
  • Decorative Patters

They are only some of the few pattern ideas that you will see on your mobile or PC screen.

Creative Typography

For the past two- or three-years creative typography has become among popular web design ideas. That being the case, many websites are rushing to implement this web design idea. The following are categories of creative typography.
  • Bright colors typography
  • Semi-transparency typography
  • Line art and outline typography
  • Retro and vintage typography
These are a few of the many categories of creative typography you can select for your website.


These are among many trendy web design ideas in 2020. Be sure to get to see more web design ideas when you visit different websites. If you are looking forward to creating a website, be sure to look for a web design idea from this piece. It will help you to get more traffic.

Thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to share this article.

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