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Poland Leads In Rankings Against EU Countries: 5 Trends You Should Know To Future Proof Your Web Design Business

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Poznan’s Adchitects top on the ‘100 Web Design Agencies’ list in 14th place, according to The First News. The latest rankings show that Poland has many firms on the top one hundred web design companies list compared to any state in the EU. The statistics shared by The Manifest are collected based on customer testimonials and projects, and this year Poland’s Adchitects was ranked 14 globally. The Manifest describes Adchitects as a transparent company for project scopes and timelines. The team provides exemplary services and effective communication. Vicky Cheng also praises the firm for designing a website and mobile-based app for Victoria, a social platform.

Launched in 2016, the Poznan based web design company has offices in New York and has designed websites for companies like Dawn Foods and Jagermeister. Other Polish web design firms highlighted on the list are Time 4, Fireart Studio, Kreatik, and Huncwot. While providing excellent customer service is key to staying on top of your competition, you should also keep up with current industry trends. That way, you can future-proof your career in web design and provide better services by implementing up-to-date web development strategies. Below are the top 5 website development trends every web developer should know. 

Increased Cybersecurity Concerns

Cybersecurity is set to trend throughout this year as more businesses leverage the internet to stay afloat following last year’s global health crisis impact. As a result, many companies and individuals will invest a lot in cybersecurity to prevent cyber attacks. Web developers must also take extra caution when processing digital transactions, collecting personal user information, and automating routine processes. With hackers becoming smarter when breaching networks, organizations and individuals are at a higher risk of cyberthreats like phishing. 

As a web developer, you can prevent unauthorized access to clients’ networks, enhance information security, and boost customer confidence by following emerging online security trends. Implementing the right cybersecurity measures like HTTPS protocol improves company reputation and boosts business continuity management. It also enhances your trustworthiness as a web development expert, resulting in increased lead generation.  

API-First Development

An application programming interface (API) functions as an intermediate website framework connecting and integrating multiple technologies of similar or different products. In the past, web development teams would focus on the product beforehand and then pay attention to its API. In 2021, this approach will change as many developers will favor the API-first strategy. Ideally, web developers will design the application programming interface and then depend on it to set up the rest of their personal or client’s site.

Embracing the API-first model is beneficial as it empowers the creation of well-designed and consistent websites while documenting the developer’s expertise level. It also reduces the learning curve for new web developers and encourages the reuse of code. This means even learners can create successful e-commerce shops or personal sites at home. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is brainstorming a name for your website. Fortunately, you can quickly identify a perfect name for your site if you leverage services offered by naming agencies. Thanks to increased interconnectivity, the API-first trend is expected to dominate the web development space.

Single-Page Websites

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One-page websites will be a favorite option for small and large enterprises, thanks to the increased use of the internet via mobile phones. Single-page websites offer many benefits like easy navigation on smartphones, simplicity on mobile and desktop, and fast page load time. Because one-page sites minimize page load, making it faster, site owners enjoy decreased bounce rate. A single-page website also helps businesses to reach target consumers with limited content. Moreover, these sites have minimalist designs that are attractive and easy to understand. They are also inexpensive to develop and host. 

Evolution of Voice Search

Voice search technologies are key factors transforming the web development industry, and they will gain more popularity this year and in the next coming years. A 2019 report on Techcrunch reveals that by 2023, an estimated 8 billion voice assistants will be in use. These technologies enable internet users to access websites and mobile applications using voice commands. The increased use of voice search will have a significant impact on web developers.

This is because many companies will be keen to optimize their websites for voice search keywords. Optimizing sites for voice search keywords enables businesses to provide better services to multilingual customers. It also enhances customer experiences, expands website boundaries, and saves time and money. 

Motion UI Design

Besides being informative, websites should be attractive. And that’s where motion UI design comes in. Motion user interface design uses subtle, minimalist animation during the web development and design process. It adds a modern look to websites, making them aesthetically pleasing. That way, website owners can retain their target audience for extended periods on their platforms. The ability to keep customers on your site results in high conversion rates and increased credibility.

For web developers, leveraging motion UI eliminates the reliance on jQuery and Javascript throughout the web development phase. You can create intuitive user interfaces using motion UI designs to add a touch of style to websites. Interactive interfaces also allow end-users to enjoy easy navigation on websites. As a general rule of thumb, elements of motion user interface designs should be free from factors that complicate designs. Therefore, make sure your animations don’t affect the overall performance of websites. Some of the most attractive motion UI trends are animated charts, page header transitions, pop-ups, pull-down menus, and modular scrolling.  

If you are a web developer, you know that the industry is ever-evolving and prone to change thanks to advancing technologies. To stay on top of the competition, you must be well-versed with current trends, such as single-page websites, voice search, API-first approach, cybersecurity, and motion UI designs. Other trends worth watching out for are accelerated mobile pages (AMP), progressive web applications, and Artificial Intelligence. That way, you can improve your web development skills, gain access to new job opportunities, and potentially enhance your knowledge. 

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