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5 Tips to Start a Game Reviews Website

game reviews website

Games are your life. You eat, sleep, and breathe them. Why not start a game reviews website where other people can share your excitement? You’ll probably even get people hooked on the games that you love to play, spreading the joy and community connection that comes with so many online games. Once your game reviews website gets up and running, it will have the potential to generate income too!

Create Relationships that Have Real Connection

Gaming today isn’t just about the game. It’s about creating and maintaining relationships with others who play the same game. You want to be able to talk about skills, levels, tips and tricks, and all the other things you think about while you’re living your regular life and just waiting to get back to playing each day. 

You want to create a website where people feel this connection. Does your site link to social media groups where people can connect further? What is the “feel” of your site, and how do you want your followers to see you? 

Think about the connections you are making with all people in your circle, too, not just other gamers. This includes other gaming professionals, network connections, etc. It’s important to exude the same persona across the board so that people know what to expect when they come to you and your site. 

You might also want to connect with gaming sites. If you have a better relationship with them, you will get access to discount codes, news about new games, and exclusive interviews. 

So, spend a part of your day networking and connecting with people who run gaming sites. It can seem complicated, but it is easy. 

For instance, let’s say you want to connect with the people who run the jigsaw puzzle platform I’m a puzzle. You start by visiting their website and filling in the contact form, letting them know that you run a gaming website, and ask if they would like to contribute a quote to a review you are writing. 


You could also reach out to the founders on LinkedIn. 

This way, reach out to at least ten sites every day. 

Try to focus on reaching out to new sites. It might seem better to reach out to established sites like But the people who run these sites are busy. It’s easier to build relationships with less busy people. 

Network with Public Relations Persona

Sure, this may have started as something fun, but you are still the leader—a professional. (Especially if you want to make a good deal of money.) When you’re connecting and networking with public relations people, you want them to know that they are making a good deal by working with you, that they can trust you, and that you know what you’re talking about. 

How will you stand out among the hundreds of thousands of gaming “pros” out there on the Internet? Start by finding your voice. What sets you apart? Why should people remember you? Pick out one or two unique strengths and make sure that those stand out when you’re trying to connect with people who can help you move toward the top. 

Create a Business Plan (and Tweak It When Necessary)

Creating a business isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of research. When you’re creating your business plan, make sure that you’re focusing on your niche. What is the vision for your site, and who is your target market? 

business plan

Things might need to be adjusted as you move along, too. Maybe what you thought would work initially isn’t panning out in real life. Maybe as you develop, you’ll find that what you thought was your passion opened the door to something else. 

It’s a balancing act between not throwing the baby out with the bath water right away (letting things pan out) and humbly knowing when change needs to happen. Reach out to mentors in the field and get their advice to help you determine what the best moves are.

Start Small

Starting a game review website might lead you down the slippery slope of buying “all the things” that will help you game better and look super professional if you’re making videos, etc. Although those flashy things are fun, they’re simply the icing on the cake. 

What people truly want when they come to your site is your knowledge, expertise, and personality. If you don’t have those squared away, no one will care what headset you have or the chair you’re sitting in. 

Work with what you have first, it’s enough. You could even set goals for yourself and your website, then buy some fun new toys when you reach them. Make those purchases work doubly by doing unboxings and reviews and then reaching out to the companies for affiliate marketing kickbacks!

Focus on Your Unique Strengths

New game review websites are popping up every day. You want to stand out from the rest, right? You aren’t going to do that by Internet stalking the best of the best and trying to emulate them. They’re already doing what they do… and the Internet doesn’t need any more copycats. 

What do you have that makes you unique? What is the individual offering that you can bring to the gaming universe? Focus on that and make it your specialty. 

Wrapping It Up

Starting your gaming website is an exciting venture that brings your love of gaming to a whole new level. Think about the reasons that made you want to begin, whether they are to create community, help others, make a name for yourself, or bring in some additional income. Use those goals to inspire you as you go along the journey. 

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